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‘Episode’ is a storytelling platform and application for mobile devices, and it’s free. As opposed to the consuming media of TV and films, Episode delivers Hollywood-caliber storylines developed from the bottom up just for mobile. How the narrative unfolds depends on your decisions.

The “Episode” has had almost 10 billion episodes seen to date. Interested to know more about the game? Here is a review of the game that might help you. We have it all sorted out here for you. The various sections of the review deal with the various aspects of the game including what the game is about, its features, gameplay, and so on. So if you want to know more about this fun game, you know what to do.


What is the game about?

You may create your own avatar and play your unique game in Episodes. Playing Episodes allows you to experience the lives of the many characters you build and modify from the comfort of your couch! The game’s currencies make it all the more hard and entertaining to play.

Episodes is an interactive game. It is a strategy and simulation game that offers you a variety of storylines to choose from.

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Once you are done choosing a story for yourself you can then go on to customize your character. You can customize the character as per your wish. To customize your character in a better way through you would need more gaming currencies.

The game currencies are what make the game and the twists and turn more fun. Sometimes you might not be able to choose your desired path because of a shortage of in-game currencies. Be responsible regarding where and how you use your currencies.

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The game provides you with two key currency standards. They’re valuable stones and coins, and they’re worth a lot of money. We should learn a little bit about them.

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  • Gems:

When you collect Gems, you’ll be able to read a wide variety of stories. As a player, you may choose from a variety of different perspectives, such as feeling, awe, and so on.

  • Coins:

Your character’s clothing may be upgraded with the use of valuable stones and coins. That will also help you progress in the game, because the stronger your character’s group, the higher your chances of success in the game.

Many of you might be thinking as to why we suggested this game as a strategy game. Well, that is because you need to strategize your further actions. Your actions would affect your final position in the game. The path your character chooses to take (or rather the path you make your character take) would subsequently change the storyline thereafter. So choose wisely!

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The gameplay of Episodes is pretty straightforward. You would not have to be exceptionally well-acquainted with the mechanisms of online games to find your way through the game.

At the very beginning of the game, the interface asks you the genre of your preference so as to offer you plotlines or stories that would suit your taste.  Once you are done with choosing your preference the game will give you a story and acquaint you with the character you are to play.

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There are parts of the story that will occur in its own flow. However, there are some crucial conversations that the player will have to figure out themselves. For instance, how you want to handle a particular situation or what you want to do in a particular situation is all on you.

In such cases, the in-game currencies will be playing a major part sometimes. The most appropriate choice might require you to spend gems and coins.

As you go further ahead in the game, you could pass hurdles and various objectives as posed to you by the game and earn currencies. Then spending the gaming currencies would be upon you. However, unless you reach a certain stage in the game, you might have to buy the currencies (if you want to do it right that is).

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This section deals with the highlights of the game. These features make the game more fun to play. Have a look.

  • Graphics

An essential element of an interactive simulation game would be the graphics. The visuals of the game make the gaming experience worthwhile. They are as good as real characters, real in their conversations and appearances.

  • Storyline

The storyline is the main attraction in this game. However, the fun thing here is that there is no fixed storyline. The plot is a lucid network of consecutive events and which episode occurs next in your character’s life depends on the kind of responses you choose in a given situation.

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  • Simple interface

As already stated earlier, you do not have to be an expert in online games so as to excel in this game. The interface of the game is super friendly and instructs you regarding the exact steps that you would need to make to move further in the game.

  • Interactive

The game is interactive. The player does not get bored as there is always something or the other going on in the character’s life that will keep the player on the toes. There is not much space for the player to get too comfortable with the proceedings in the game. The gamer needs to be aware enough so as not to fall for a false footing.

Pros and cons of the game



  • Not a good choice for children, as some sequences in the game, might contain adult content.
  • The requirement of gems or coins all the time might obstruct you from enjoying the game to its full potential.


The Episodes game is a great choice if you are just looking for a bit of fun. It is nothing serious and does not have intense gameplay or plot that would clog up your brain at times. It’s all smooth flowing here. Download and play the game to see for yourself for free from the Play Store.

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Episodes- A Simple & Fun Game'Episode' is a storytelling platform and application for mobile devices, and it's free. As opposed to the consuming media of TV and films, Episode delivers Hollywood-caliber storylines developed from the bottom up just for mobile. How the narrative unfolds depends on your decisions. The “Episode”...