Like a Dino!- Simple, Cute and Fun

Only a little break can be found in our fast paces daily grind. That moment might not be long enough to get a decent nap but just a bit longer than you would require to have a cup of beverage. Playing a lovely and peaceful music game like Like A Dino! will be perfect for you at that time.

About the Game

Like a Dino! is a harmonic progression game with a basic tempo, short playtime, and “soft” visuals. You’ll be herbivorous, the cutest looking dinosaur with a long neck, with a gorgeous green coloration. The only thing you have to do is grab the joints that fall from the ceiling and elevate the neck of the dino following the rhythm of the music in the background.  The dino will develop and get more points as well as coins in the game as each plank that falls will be picked up in time by you.

What’s even cuter is that the “falling” pace of these songs is synced up with the music. So, in addition to watching the image to capture the appropriate stop, you can also play to the music of the game to predict the directions as well as the pace and quantity of drops of the joints according to the game. You’ll be successful in this game if you use a mix of dexterity on the left and right screen touches, as well as juggling and listening to the music.

like a dino

The game appeals to everyone starting from 6 years old to 60 years old!


The neck of the dinosaur will grow longer if it consumes a lot of food. Later, you’ll only be able to make out his goofy head and an excessively lengthy section of his neck. Rather than paying attention to the neck length at this stage, focus on moving in tune and assembling the most joints you can manage. Simple and soft hand-drawn lines are used in Like A Dino!’s 2D visuals. You’ll play as a green dinosaur, which has a tiny head and a portion of its neck that will keep growing longer. You can control the dinosaur by just moving and dragging it on the screen right and left.

like a dino game

As the game progresses, you’ll experience an increase in the number of broken joints. You’ll be flitting right and left across the screen all the time. It all comes down to the emphasis is on hand dexterity and speed.

As the rules are so basic, you’d think the game would include a twist of some type. Regardless of how long you’ve been raising the dinosaur or how long its neck is, or how many stages you’ve finished, you’ll lose a life if you don’t obtain even a single neck joint. The lives of the players are shown in the screen’s upper-center region. The game doesn’t finish until you’ve used up all of your lives. Unfortunately, you will never run out of lives if you regularly consume the game’s special colored food. As a result, if you do see it, do make full use of it.

What’s more, you do not have to fight any of those heavy battles or compete with others. You can just play the game at your own pace and time, and all over, just enjoy your time. The only competition you need to beat is yourself. You just need to be faster and more precise with each passing level. You also get to choose your favorite music from the music store that the game has. Then you could play the game to your favorite rhythms. This is the best part about Like a Dino! being a music game.

like a dino online

You may also play the game with just one hand as you relax, listen to soothing music, and synchronize your hand movements to the beat to feed the dinos. There’s no strain or effort involved. Just like a Dino!, of course, is made to spend hours resting your thoughts.


Till now we have been looking at the game under a broad spectrum, discussing what the game was about and the tips that would help you play the game better. But here we discuss the elements that make the game a potential option for your take-a-break moments. The list that follows shows all the things that make the game worth it.

dino game online
  • Simple gameplay

The gameplay is pretty easy to understand. The game, therefore, appeals to a wide range of audiences. Anyone with the minimum idea about handling a smartphone will be able to grasp the basics of the game in no time.

  • Challenging gameplay

Well, yes the game does have simple gameplay, and it’s easy to grasp, but never be under the impression that it is easy to master. With each plank that comes the dino’s way, the players are required to up their speed and accuracy, or they come back to naught.

new dino game
  • Music of your choice

The game is a rhythm game and bubbly music follows the proceedings of the game in the background. However, you can also choose the music of your choice from the game’s store and play to the beats of that.

  • Cute graphics

The graphics would be one of the major attractions of the game. They are super adorable and make the game more fun to play. They also contribute to the engagement factor of the gameplay.

like a dino high score

Pros and cons of the game


  • Bright and adorable graphics.
  • Swift and simple gameplay.
  • Rhythmic background audio.
  • Music store to choose your favorite track from.
  • Challenging to master the gameplay.


  • The game might become boring and frustrating at times, but then again it is not a game meant to be played for long hours, it is just a recreational game that is to fill up the void of your break times.


All in all the game is absolutely amazing! Well, in a way you could say that it is a modern-day snake xenia. But the colored graphics make it way more fun! Want to give it shot? Here you go!

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Google Play Store

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Like a Dino!- Simple, Cute and FunOnly a little break can be found in our fast paces daily grind. That moment might not be long enough to get a decent nap but just a bit longer than you would require to have a cup of beverage. Playing a lovely and...