Empire of the Vampire- a New Age Gothic Literature

Gothicism is a literary genre characterized by dark surroundings, supernatural themes, and exoticism. Writers of the gothic genre are known for using a variety of genre elements to create their stories. Gothic literature is a combination of the romance and horror realms, blending in the two genres in proportion. Gothic may also refer to something that is crude, uncouth, and backward in time, as if from the Middle Ages. In this genre, the dark, spooky, and mysterious aspects frequently incorporate elements of fear, horror, and macabre as well as the unusual. The Gothic is known for its use of motifs and themes such as power, isolation, and confinement.

The Empire of Vampires explores all these traditional aspects of a Gothic literary piece and yet manages to maintain a brand new and fresh narrative. Not for once would the readers stop midway through a page and feel “oh wait, I think I have across something like this before in some other piece too!”. This would be a worthy complement to your reading list this year especially if you are a fan of books that efficiently blend in fiction, love, and philosophical prospects. Here is a review that might back up my last sentence a bit more. Give it a read.


It’s been a long time since the world had seen the sun. This conflict has been going on for over three decades, and the vampires are still tearing down our civilization while they create their own. Only a few embers of hope remain among the gloom.

Gabriel de León, a silversaint, that is a part of a holy fraternity, is tasked with guarding the church and the realm from the forces of darkness. Even the Silver Order, however, was unable to stave back the onslaught as the light faded, and as of now, Gabriel is the only one left.

Again, the lone silversaint finds himself captive by the same demons he promised to exterminate. A tale of epic conflicts and forbidden romance, of lost faith and allies, gained, and the search for humankind’s last surviving hope: the Search for the Holy Grail.

Empire of Vampire


Empire of the Vampire, the next epic from acclaimed writer Jay Kristoff, is sure to enthrall readers everywhere.

Empire of the Vampire is a perfect addition to the shelves of every fantasy novel fan. The story is set in a realm where civilizations have not seen a sunrise for almost 30 years. Vampires are not restricted to the dark anymore. As several vampire groups battle it out for control of the last surviving human settlements, the fate of mankind looks grimmer than it had ever seemed for our protagonist Gabriel de León, as he is to tell his vampire abductor the narrative of his glorious past. De Leon is the only one remaining from his kind, a silversaint belonging to the sacred Silver Order, who might have intel on the theories concerning the Holy Grail—the final chance for mankind to survive the danger of the vampire kingdom.

It aspires to be a fresh cult classic because of its fresh yet classic gothic perspective on vampires, and it’s the first of a new series. Everything about it is exciting and action-packed from beginning to end. It presents a fascinating (and scary) universe that will be developed further in future volumes.

Although the plot jumps about a lot chronologically — something that the author jokes about throughout the novel — this contributes to the book’s storytelling style and also serves to develop our primary character, Gabriel. A reference to Interview with a Vampire may be found in the story’s structure, in which Gabriel tells Jean-Francois about his good times and bad to the vampire scholar who is researching the life of the silversaint. Although we know Gabriel must have lived to relate his story, the author expertly entertains the reader while also building an unsettling tone throughout the story.

We first meet Gabriel as a Silver Order novice, full of faith and eager to become a hero. Then we are thrust into the current day, where we find a weary, disillusioned Gabriel who is constantly questioning his faith.

As Gabriel’s spiritual journey unfolds, it becomes obvious that he someone on the verge of collapse. He muses on fights fought and compromises made, formidable foes and enticing forbidden romance, and circumstances when there is no proper way ahead. Gabriel’s faith is gradually eroding. However, the author goes a step ahead and, rather than focusing just on the position that religion is being destroyed, initiates a discussion about the multifaceted nature of faith and its different perceptions by different people.

Also, Kristoff ponders what it means to be free of the weight of responsibilities, as he paints his creatures in all their gory detail. When you think about what it means to be eternal and to have the assurance of being such for all time, your outlook on life changes. Kristoff tackles this idea head-on, depicting what it might seem like to him. His vampires are lethal, displaying a complete lack of morality by participating in the most heinous crimes. They are also less attractive than the typical modern vampire. The writer has infused a lot of gloom in Empire, yet a strand of hope runs through everything despite the monsters being uncondemned.


The tale doesn’t get too depressing because of the undercurrent of hope and faith that keeps up a sense of optimism through the pages. Empire manages to be both funny and frightful at the same time, and it rewards viewers with a slew of memorable moments. To balance Gabriel’s aloofness, add an interesting cast of secondary characters and an eccentric talking sword for some thought-provoking conversations about mankind. This book has it all. Also, there’s a little smut sprinkled throughout.

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Empire of the Vampire- a New Age Gothic LiteratureGothicism is a literary genre characterized by dark surroundings, supernatural themes, and exoticism. Writers of the gothic genre are known for using a variety of genre elements to create their stories. Gothic literature is a combination of the romance and horror realms, blending in...