Top Furniture Rental Apps For The Typical American

U.S. furniture rental applications have taken off and are used for a variety of purposes: home staging, furniture rental, event setups, and much more. But this tendency is more nuanced than it appears. Why are furniture rental applications so popular today? And what does this signify for our future?

Why are furniture rental apps so popular in the United States?

Prior to purchasing their first house, the typical American moves around 11 times. People relocate because of school or temporary employment, or maybe because they are experimenting with other areas before settling down. The desire to rent furniture is only more logical.

Why rent furniture rather than buy it?

The initial cost of buying furniture is always much greater than renting it. However, if you plan to own property in the future, then it would be worthwhile to buy items like couches and recliners for yourself. The disadvantage of buying furniture at this point in time is that you’re likely to pay more than the item’s fair market price. On the other hand, a rental agreement can sometimes cover a greater distance than what an item will hold its value over time if not taken care of properly.

There are plenty of reasons to rent furniture rather than buying it. For starters, you can get exactly what you want without spending a large chunk of change. And if you’re not completely sure about the item, then you can always return it for a full refund.

How to settle for a piece of furniture for rent?

Rent-to-own and rent-to-return are the two most common choices when renting furniture. How to choose the best one for you is dependent on a variety of factors.

  • How you live
  • Where you’ll be going in the future
  • Whether or if you truly like the rental goods

Those who can’t afford to buy an item outright often opt to rent it instead. Paying in monthly installments over time, this option lets you pay for your purchase over time. The item can be returned if settlement becomes problematic at any time.

When it comes down to it, renting to return functions just like any other rental. Once the lease period is up, you give back all the items and toll then pledge to make all the payments on time. You give back the products once your allotted lease span is over. Someone whose circumstances are likely to alter in the near future should consider this option. So, your next move will be cheaper and easier because you’ll be carrying less stuff with you to the new place.

A set monthly payment will be required if you buy or rent furniture.

Best Furniture Rental Apps

Furniture for rent and housewares are offered by a number of well-known chains of stores. Here are some of their applications that you could use.

  • CORT

CORT, a well-known firm in the United States, offers furniture for every area of the house. Student discounts on furniture rentals might help you save even more time and money.


By renting furniture that has been previously rented from CORT’s nationwide network of furniture rental locations, you may save up to 70% off the market price of new products. Showrooms allow customers to view items before making a final purchasing decision. Ordering and receiving items can also be done over the internet, from your house, or wherever you are.

  • Feather

Your own style is taken into consideration when Feather begins the rental procedure. Next, a number of furniture options will be offered to you based on your tastes, your budget, and how much leg space you have. There is also an assembly service available for individuals who aren’t handy with a screwdriver or other tools.


When your subscription ends, you have several options because it is a subscription-based business. A new lease may be signed or a new set of furniture can be exchanged. You can buy what you already possess or return everything.

Along with the major rooms of a home, there are also packages available. It’s also possible to buy individual pieces of furniture from well-known companies like West Elm or Pottery Barn.

  • Brook

A wide range of furniture, accessories, and gadgets are available for rent at Brook, including a variety of essentials. Each room has a different theme. To make your house feel less transitory, there is even artwork offered for purchase.


Consider starting with just one piece of furniture. As a result, Brook makes suggestions for complementary pieces depending on your needs. For a given space, you may build your own bundle of furniture components.

This is based on your rental period and how many things you wish to rent. Delivery usually takes two days.

  • Oliver Space

For bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms Oliver Space, a new startup furniture rental firm, offers a variety of furniture packages. Renters may use the room builder tool to digitally test out different pieces or accessories to discover what fits best in the area by utilizing the room builder tool. Themes like “Beach Getaway” or “Cocktails & Charcuterie” might provide you ideas for blending. Choose between short- or long-term rentals at a discount.

oliver space

Current service areas include Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, as well as Seattle and Dallas.

  • Aaron’s

Aaron’s also rents out devices and equipment for the house. If you’re in the market for gaming systems or TV sets, here is the place to go. As a result, it’s easy to find what you want.


This national chain of rent-to-own stores offers bundles, special discounts, and promotions in addition to its regular pricing. Upon completion of your payments, you will be able to take possession of your things, as well as pay off your amount in full at any time.

  • The Everest

As a result, The Everest is a great option for tenants who are looking for a more vintage ambiance in their bedrooms, guest rooms, and dining areas. Alternatively, you may create your own. Their services are exclusively available in New York City.

A wholesome fact about the firm is that their furniture is donated to Habitat for Humanity when it reaches the end of its lease span.

the everest

Finding the right furniture for your new house comes after you’ve selected a furniture rental company. A local search in the region where you’re relocating is also crucial to find out if there are any alternative possibilities. Local retailers may provide attractive bargains in order to compete with larger firms.

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