Sonic Dash Game Review

Sonic Dash is a 2013 infinite Hardlight mobile runner game published by Sega’s Japanese game studio. This is the second Sonic game of Hardlight the Hedgehog, the first one being the Sonic Jump of 2012. The game was launched for iOS in March 2013, Android in November 2013, and Windows Phone and Windows in December 2014, with an arcaded version of Sonic Dash Extreme in November 2015. It was originally released as a premium app, but a month after its iOS debut it was free to play.


Sonic Dash is aimed at preventing obstacles and opponents while collecting rings. In mission mode, players must attain their goals. Players can participate in higher-level leaderboards. Rings that can be acquired by playing or purchased in the app offer access to enhancements and other characters.

Hardlight, a Sega-owned English development company, began the development of Sonic Dash after the completion of Sonic Jump. Sega Sammy Holdings and COO Haruki Satomi selected the game to be developed. As the game was mixed with the review, Sonic Dash earned 400 million downloads. Hardlight persistently maintains the game with updates, extra features, and characters. Sequelae were also made of Sonic Boom and Sonic Forces.

Playing the Game


Sonic Dash and Rayman Jungle Run are perennial runners like Temple Run (2011). (2012). The player leads Sonic or another character through the collected stages and prevents creatures and blockades. Unlike before games in the series, Sonic continues automatically just as the Sonic and Secret Rings. Players can share and fight for positions of leadership.

The game has 3D graphics, including a set level in an environment that is based on the Sonic Heroes Seaside Hill level.  Rings can be collected or purchased overall levels with red star rings via microtransactions. Accumulated rings and red star rings may be utilized for the acquisition, upgrade, or unlocking of further playable characters. The game also has a task system, which allows players to aim when playing the game.

The game offers different playable characters in the Sonic Universe. Characters are released via the purchase of red star rings or real cash.  After the start of the game, new characters and features were introduced for future improvements. The Sonic Lost World’s Deadly Six has issued an update on 31 October 2013, containing a Boss’ fight against Zazz.  Similar meetings with Dr. Eggman are included in the following update

As part of temporary cross-promotional events, various characters from other non-Sega franchises were added, and only for a limited period of time. These include the red, chuck, and bomb of Angry Birds from June 2015; the Sanrio characters of Hello Kitty and My Melodie from December 2016 from Chococat and Badtz-Maru, Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and the mascot of Bongo from May 2021 from February 2014. The Android version of the game also has an exclusive Android robot character. The 2020 Sonic content was added to the IDW Comic series, the Hedgehog Film Series, and the feature “Zone Builder.”



On March 7, 2013, Sonic Dash was released for the first time for US$1.99 and in the UK for £1.49. Since 29 March 2013, it is available free of charge for Android, and 26 November 2013 for Google Play. (While later released on 11 March 2014 in the Amazon App Store). The Android version was released with iOS, which currently has all of its features, except for the Game Center, while Google Play Games Services is being used by the Android version rather than the Game Center.

Sonic Dash was published on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 on 3 December 2014. It features all versions of Android and iOS except game playback and Google Play Games/Game Center.



The idyllic premises of Sonic Dash can be very fun to run. Sonic runs at an adequately breakneck speed through the environment and swipe controls are actually maintained. But the game plays too safe – nothing has been done here before. It’s too safe. In conjunction with its pay-to-win board environment, Sonic Dash is a unique experience.

My Experience

Sonic is rapid enough to break the sound barrier according to the story of the games, but it is certainly not fast enough to justify the whole “slow down time,” as it is in the film.

This is important to understand because all Sonic’s power is derived from this speed. He is not efficient enough to break down badniks, destroy barriers or jump high without increasing his momentum.

The game is based on the endless runner genre, but it does away with the dreadful slanting mechanism that makes it easier for players to move. Sonic may be injured if he collides with spiked enemies or runs through objects.


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Sonic Dash Game ReviewSonic Dash is a 2013 infinite Hardlight mobile runner game published by Sega's Japanese game studio. This is the second Sonic game of Hardlight the Hedgehog, the first one being the Sonic Jump of 2012. The game was launched for iOS in March 2013,...