Avoid This, And You’ll No Longer Have to Worry About Page Bans

Some business owners are so engrossed in ranking up higher in the SERP that they forget good SEO campaign rules. These owners often resort to a manipulative technique that redirects page rankings in their favor. This so-called manipulative SEO practice is called Black Hat SEO.

If you want to ramp up your business’s online presence, you may have already wondered about these types of practices. You may have sifted through various Black Hat SEO services and found yourself constantly intrigued with its promises of higher page ranking and page views.

Contrary to what other people say, Black Hat SEO practices can jeopardize your site ranking and potentially harm your site in multiple ways. Luckily, there are good ways to prevent these situations, and you can always confide in an agency like online marketing gurus digital marketing agency for professional SEO consultations.

If you don’t want this to happen, avoid the following whenever you plan to create an SEO campaign.


Keyword Stuffing

Before the algorithmic update, Google has not listed specifications on how a site should run its content or follow the conventions of keyword placements. Because of this, many webmasters in the past are abusing the placement of keywords of their content to a point where there is the redundant placement of keywords and search terms.

Keyword stuffing is the redundant placement of keywords that impedes the quality of content. Users generally don’t want to see this since it gives off an impression that the content being shown to them only promotes the site and does not value readership and insightful use of information.

Instead of following keyword stuffing to rank higher in the SERP, you can always count on various white hat SEO service providers like online marketing gurus digital marketing agency. They can help you get through with some complicated content creation inquiries.

Content Automation

Content automation is the use of digital software or programs to automate the creation of articles and content. It is disadvantageous because it hampers the process of producing compelling articles since the paraphrasing and automatic generation of words and sentences make no sense when read by a human person.

Content automation generally disregards personalized content creation and will go through with an objective article. The problem with this is that it can make all generated content sound too technical with less relevance to the target audience. It also contains a “spammy” nature that people can’t relate to.

Article Spinning

Another bad SEO practice that you should always avoid is called article spinning. From the word itself, the technique generates new content by paraphrasing or rewriting some parts of an article that already existed. The problem with this is that it does not incite creativity, and it can lead to a monotonous content flow which would greatly hurt your site’s reputation.

Article spinning is highly discouraged since it generally does not create relevant ideas or content that can amplify the value of readership.

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