Angry Birds Friends Review

Not only a game on Android, Angry Bird now is a brand. It’s another Android game that most players and those who never played it are difficult to locate. I am confident you will soon start having a nice time if you are one of them. It’s a delightful game. Some birds have specific characteristics and are highly irritated. These birds are suitable for dismantling obstacles and releasing certain other species. See this game’s qualities.

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A trendy game from the Angry Birds brand of the Rovio Entertainment Corporation. The game has begun in the United States, Finland, the Danes as well as in Poland. Don’t you like angry birds? Who doesn’t like Angry Birds? The game, we all know about from our childhood. Of course, Rovio lost away with too many commercials and terrible spin-offs, but with the sometimes excellent game, they are fantastic at jumping back again. Do you want Angry Birds Day to be considered a decent game? Well, we’d say, it isn’t that terrible. It’s not as good as it was. But the game is aiming to get back to its roots in Angry Birds.

Back to its Roots

Starting from the Angry Birds Journey analysis, the game follows the idea of a comfy and easy shot game. You have to take your birds in kamikaze, overturn them, i.e. remove green pigs, and rescue the birds in jail. Pay attention: you have only a few birds and you must strategy to attack the susceptible places of the buildings to maximize damage to birds. You can use your birds to attack your enemies quite ruthlessly when playing.

On each level, you confront three structures, each with several pigs. One thing that we miss is the tap to enable special features for earlier games, but power is enabled in this game on its own. The game has a stamina system to break your game if you play the game continually longer. In the beginning, you had boundless stamina.

Not too awful games. All in all. The older games are easier, however. You have a lot of birds with varying skills thus after assessing situations you can deploy different birds to make every level harder. The game has an upgrade system that lets you pick up some goods when you buy enough XP.

Smart and Colorful Graphics

However, like other games, the game is extremely colorful and cartoonist, not awful. The audio and the music are not enough awful. The graphics are not awful or funny. While the soundtrack is a repetitive touch, you rarely notice it when you are in the play but don’t look like a few of the prior franchise matches. The pigs’ sight is one of the things we don’t like. Probably she could make some progress because she seems overly blocked and not as complicated as she used to be.

It is easy to understand the principles of the previous Angry Birds Games and follow them. You pull the slope back and try to pull the pig. The interface is sleek and easy to understand and the fundamentals of the game are taught and what to do when you play the game.

angry birds review

Purchases by the Genuine Adversary

The game is full of shopping in the app. You can buy real-money packages with reserve, in-game currency, and other materials in the game and start. With real money. With real money. These in-app purchasers removed certain gamers who intended to have Angry Birds play a continuous purchase game until every level was completed. Rovio was hungry, and the problem could not have arisen if the original game of Angry Birds had not been such a great hit. Rovio certainly succeeded and decided to increase his revenues

End Judgement

The game is quite fun and a step in Rovio‘s correct direction. Angry Birds Journey is a game that has genuine potential to it, but it should be improved, following a bunch of matches not particularly enjoyed by the community. We feel that in-app purchases have been the major problem with the game. Most individuals who would be willing to pay for the game probably would be glad to pay for the game one time instead of earning IAPs up to 99$. In addition, Angry Birds Journey is a pretty fantastic game; one you may always play to relax and talk to.

Major Characteristics

  • Provides a range of 15 tough episodes.
  • Offers amazing levels of more than 680.
  • No internet access to play is required.
  • Provides plenty of power-ups to boost your birds.
  • Mighty League involves where other friends can be challenged
  • Funny sound and impressive graphics.
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My Experience

That is not what we are referring to. Angry Birds Reloaded is a fun game available only on Apple Arcade. Nonetheless, it is based on and inspired by Angry Birds Classic. We hope you will give it a try because you may appreciate it, but we are also working on other projects.

The game, like many others, is highly colorful and cartoonish, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The audio and music aren’t bad enough. The graphics are neither bad nor hilarious. While the soundtrack is a tad repetitive, you don’t notice it when you’re in the midst of a match unlike any other in the series. One of our pet peeves is the pigs’ ability to see. She is likely to make progress because she appears to be stalled and not as complicated as she once was.

angry birds game review

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Angry Birds Friends ReviewNot only a game on Android, Angry Bird now is a brand. It's another Android game that most players and those who never played it are difficult to locate. I am confident you will soon start having a nice time if you are one...