Vlogging Cameras That Will Get You The Views

Vlogs have now become one of the most talked-about topics right now. They are ruling the Internet world at the moment. A vlog is nothing but an amalgamation of the two words video and blog. A vlog, therefore, is a blog in form of a video.

Adam Kontras was the first person who came up with this concept of video blogging. He has been credited with creating the first-ever vlog that the world saw. This guy had set off on a cross-country road trip the parcel his dream to Los Angeles. He wanted to be in show business. During this journey, the first-ever vlog was created.

Now it has been quite a few years since this concept of video blogging had made its debut in the market. Social media influencers and YouTubers are now constantly making these vlogs.

However, only some become popular. So what do you think makes all the difference?

Well of course there is the factor of creative and original content. Then again, another very important factor that you need to keep in mind is the kind of camera use while vlogging. You need to understand that while you are making a video blog you are constantly on the move. The camera should be efficient enough to catch every one of your movements.

So the next question arises- how would you know which camera to go for? We are here to help you out with that decision. We’re going to discuss some of the best models of cameras out there that can help you in your vlogging. So sit tight and read on.

What do you need minus the camera?

Now another thing that you need to understand is that it is not always about the camera. You need to have access to certain other articles as well to make a good vlog. Before we go onto the list of cameras and their features here is a list of the other stuff that you might need during your vlogging sessions.

  • Tripod

This of course is a common arrangement for any kind of professional shooting. A tripod is a must. Make sure that it is sturdy enough to hold your camera in place but compact enough for you to handle and carry it around.

  • Stabilizer

A stabilizer is something that keeps your camera in position, sort of like a tripod. The difference between a stabilizer and a tripod is that if you are using a gimbal for and as a stabilizer then you can rotate the camera to fit your shot as well. With a stabilizer, you can shoot on the go as well.

  • External microphone

You will find various cameras with a built-in microphone. However, on more occasions, these microphones are not that viable an option. They tend to take up all sorts of sounds from the background, therefore, compromising with your audio a lot. Also, they suffer quite a lot from buffering. An external microphone would therefore be a good option.

  • External recorder

Same with the recorder as well just as it was in the case of the microphone. The recorder of the camera is not bad and neither is the memory. However, having an external recorder can improve your video quality to great extent. Also, they have more storage and a larger monitor as well.

Top 5 Camera Choices for Vlogging

This is the section you were all waiting for. Here we discussed the top five choices when it comes to choosing a camera for vlogging purposes in 2021.

1. Fujifilm X-S10 (Rating 4.3/5)

Fujifilm X-S10

If your sole purpose is vlogging then this is your best option in the market. It is super-efficient and brilliant all around. It is compact in size and has a sturdy built. Its vari-angle touchscreen and in-body image stabilization make it of the best options when it comes to video blogs. However, it is not the cheapest option.



2. Sony A6400 (Rating 4.2/5)

Sony A6400

It is a mirrorless type camera with amazing resolution and image quality. Its 4K video performance and sophisticated autofocus are just a few of the great things about this model. The only drawback of this model is that its design and features such as delete that screen and such are becoming a bit back-dated right now.



3. Panasonic Lumix G100 (Rating 4.1/5)

Panasonic Lumix G100

It is very small but provides you a lot of features. It has great video quality and clicks good stills as well. It is equipped with audio recording capabilities and is great for vlogging. It lacks in-body stabilization though, unlike the previous model that we discussed. Also, its 4K video crop is not something that many bloggers look forward to.



4. Canon EOS M6 Mark II (Rating 4.2/5)

Canon EOS M6 Mark II

Canon is one of the most well-known names in the world of cameras. It has a massive megapixel count and is versatile as well as lightweight, which means that it is very easy to carry around. The tilting touch screen is another advantage for the user. However, it lacks a built-in viewfinder and has relatively fewer lens options.



5. Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III (Rating 4.3/5)

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III

Just as the name suggests, this is one of the sturdiest models out there. It offers you 4K videos, great stabilization, and a flip-out screen. Its phase-detect AF is commendable as well. It lacks a 4K 60p capability though but manages to produce crisp and smooth videos.



Here is the list that you were looking for. A special mention or rather an inclusion would be the all-new Insta360 One X2 camera. As the name suggests, you can create 360 videos with this device. It provides great and dynamic clips, offers endless space for creativity, and obviously looks great. However, it might be overkill for most users and editing takes a bit of time. The 360 images and videos do make it seem worth it all though.

So there you go. The choice is yours to make. Choose the one that suits you the best and get vlogging.

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