Best Photo Printers 2021- What Should You Be Looking For?

Our smartphones have made a lot of things easier and much simpler to deal with. One of those things would be clicking pictures and marveling at them later on. Earlier looking at pictures was almost a celebration. Families would gather around albums and revisit old memories.

Those pictures have now been limited to those small pixelated screens. Now, it is of course a good thing that we can now so easily access your memories. However, it would be lying if we said that we do not miss those prints at all. Occasionally a good picture comes our way and we want to print it out.

It might not be that incidental for people who are professional photographers. Professional photographers or people who are passionate about photography are always in need of a good printer. A printer that would do justice to their excellent clicks.

Not just photographers though, printers are something that almost every other person requires, maybe on a daily basis, or maybe occasionally.

If you are new at buying printers, we have the perfect guide waiting for you. We have and listed some of the criteria that you must check out while buying a printer followed by a list of the top printers that you could invest in. Ready? Then scroll through the next few lines and get all your questions regarding buying the perfect printer answered.

Things To Look For In The Perfect Printer

If you are looking for a home printer that will fit your budget as well as offer you top-notch service, then it might seem a bit difficult at first. However, once you set your priorities straight, the process becomes easier. All you need to do is to sort out the things that you should be looking for in a decent home printer. To help you out with that we have listed some of such things that a good printer should bring to the table. Read on.

  • The first thing that you need to check would be the price. The price range can vary wildly in the case of printers. One thing that users often forget is the budget must also include the ongoing price of replacement ink. Whichever option you opt to go for, make sure to go through the reviews first so as not to waste the money.
  • The next thing you should be concerned about would be the type of ink cleared you to need to figure out the kind of ink you need in your printer. There are basically three kinds of ink cartridge configurations. Inkwells would be the most comfortable and economical option to go with. You can also invest in a laser printer if you feel it to be a suitable choice. Which configuration you choose to go for depends on what you would use the printer for.
  • The print quality of course is one of the most important aspects that you need to keep in mind. Laser printers, of course, would be the best option if you are thinking about quality. But if you are going for a home printer then inkjet would be the more viable choice. To get an idea about the print quality of a printer you need to consider the design of its printhead, its driver, the quality of ink it uses, and of course its DPI (dots per inch).
  • Another thing that you need to consider would be the print speed. It is measured in pages per minute. Choose a printer that is fast enough or you would have to sit through long frustrating hours while the printer prints the pictures.
  • The next thing you need to consider would be the compactness of the design of the printer. You should consider where you would be installing the printer and decide whether or not you would want wireless connectivity. You should also take a look at the paper formats that the printer accepts. All these would be depended on why you are buying the printer.

Best Printer Choices 2021

To make your job yet simpler for you, we have brought together a list of some of the top-selling printers in 2021. You can also check them out in the links given below. Here you go.

1. Canon Pixma TS9120 (Rating 4.1/5)

Canon Pixma TS9120


Category: All-in-one inkjet printer

Print speed: Black: 15 ISO ppm

Color: 10 ISO ppm

Paper capacity: 100 sheets

Paper size: up to A4

Weight: 6.6 kg


It is one of our top choices and quite a popular printer in the market. It has six color individual pics and Bluetooth, cloud, and social media printing.


Its only disadvantage is that it uses small ink cartridges.




2. HP Laserjet Pro M15w Printer (Rating 3.9/5)

HP Laserjet Pro M15w Printer


It is small and affordable. It does not take up much of your room. But despite all that, it provides you with great quality prints.


The fact that it has no display does seem to break the deal for some. But if you are OK with it, then this would be your best choice out there.



3. Epson Expression Photo XP-970 (Rating 4.1/5)

Epson Expression Photo XP-970


Max print- sizeA3

Print resolution: 5760 x 1440 dpi

Connectivity: USB, wireless

Weight: 8.7kg


This would be your best option if you are looking for a printer for photos. It has a built-in scanner. It can provide you with great quality prints. Its touch screen interface is one of the things that attract users towards it.


This printer does not have any such real disadvantages, to be honest. However, one thing that these printers could improve would be their color range.



4. Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer (Rating 4/5 )

Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer


Max print size: 2×3 inch

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Weight: 204g


If you have to print on the go often come on then this would make a great option for you. It has quite a low price range and is available in five different colors. It also offers you various pre-print options.


This pocket printer however has one little drawback. It needs to be regularly charged and recharged. This, however, is not really a disadvantage as such, but something that requires much consistent attention.



We have tried to keep our suggestions as affordable as possible. Now, if you want good quality, you need to loosen the pocket a bit. However, do not jump up your budget to extravagant levels. Stick to the guide and you shall be fine.

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