Paramount+ Review

There are so many options that it’s really easy to feel overwhelmed. But there’s a new entrant that is different from every other streaming service out there and it just might be the one cord-cutters users have been waiting for. In this paramount + review, we will cover what makes it unique, what is the subscription cost, what you can watch, and also, we will help you decide whether or not it’s worth it for you.

What is Paramount+?

It’s a streaming service that is separate from cable TV. Like all the other major streaming services, Paramount+ is available through Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire device, Samsung and LG smart TV, and numerous other devices. What is different about this streaming service is that it combines live TV and on-demand content at a pretty low price point. So, it doesn’t have all the live TV from multiple networks that a cable alternative like Filo or Sling TV does but it does have four live TV CBS channels unlike an on-demand-only streaming service like Disney +, Discovery+, or Netflix. It used to be called CBS all access but when Viacom and CBS merged, the service was rebranded to Paramount+.  I’ll get into exactly what you can watch on it but before that let me tell you it offers 30,000 TV shows and 2500 movies along with original series, live sports, news, and CBS shows.

What does Paramount+ Cost?

There are two Paramount+ subscription plans. A limited commercial option for 4.99$/month or 49.99$/year and a commercial-free option now called the premium plan for 9.99$/month or 99.99$/year. For the limited commercial plan, there is no live TV and no commercial plan i.e. premium with live TV. Premium plan includes four channels of live TV and it’s important to the role that even the ad-free option will still have ads on those live channels. Let’s talk more about what live content is included in each plan. At 4.99$, you’ll get some live sports in and news content as well as all the on-demand and original content but if you want everything on your local CBS station, CBS News, CBS Sports HQ, and ET live, you’ll have to stick with the cheaper option.

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What can you watch on Paramount+?

Over on the right, you can click on your profiles. Paramount+ allows you to create up to six accounts. You can manage your account make some profiles kid-friendly and this is a nice feature. There’s a lot of SpongeBob and other Nickelodeon and Nick JR content on the app. You can create a profile for your kids and enable controls that filter content to older kids which includes shows rated. That is a nice feature, they also make it easy for you to get back to the screen at any time by clicking on the Paramount+ icon in the top left. Now let’s talk a little more about brands that are on Paramount+. They have CBS, BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Smithsonian channels shows. They also do a nice job of organizing content to make it easy for you to find something to watch. Under those brands you’ll see categories like trending shows, recently added shows, trending movies, what’s on-air right now on CBS, CBS News, CBS sports, or ET live. Then they throw in something for Star Trek fans, now, if you like Star Trek the way I love Star Wars then you will love this feature. All the star trek content you could want is here, which includes old shows, movies, and new original content.

Then there’s sport and it’s worth discussing a little bit here. If you like Soccer, you can watch games from the Champions League and European League, and Women’s League all right on paramount+ for just $5/month. That’s a lot cheaper than other Soccer-forward live TV streaming services because CBS carries a lot of sports content. You can also watch the Masters, NFL game, and Hockey here along with other games and shows, so it is a nice option.

The next important point is original content. For many people, the original content is what they value most and see it as the standard by which they judge a streaming service and whether or not they want to sign up for it. Paramount+ launched with 36 original series and movies which is pretty impressive given, we were in a pandemic that crippled the entertainment industry when it launched. It says it will have up to 50 original series by the end of its second year. Some other shows include the Good Fight Card which is a new SpongeBob series and the Equalizer with Queen later. Which many people are interested in and if you keep scrolling past the original content you’ll see over more content categories like comedies, dramas, news, reality TV shows, and even daytime TV. You can also get all these categories from the left-hand menu so they make it easy to filter and find what you want to watch.

When you click on the show title you’ll see that shows the page where you can select a season and on the episode and if there are any access extra like clips outtakes and other things. But one thing that’s super important to know before you sign up for Paramount+ is that like I said earlier you won’t get every episode of every show ever made for example MTV Unplugged has only a handful of episodes despite being years upon years of production but every episode of Survivor is there. Your best bet, if there’s a specific show you want to watch is to sign up for the free trial and see how many episodes and seasons they have. Still, it could be worth it especially if it has the shows you want or if you like movies, this is a great service for movie buffs as you can browse hundreds of action, comedies, documentaries, thriller, drama, and kids movies.

Is it right for you?

As is true of any streaming service, it comes down to two things “what do you want to watch?” and “how much do you want to spend to watch it” If you like CBS content, then Paramount+ could be great for you as it is just like CBS, all-access with more movies and original content and if you like Star Trek the way I like Star Wars, it may just be worth it for you, just for that franchise. One other thing to remember is that if there are just a few series you want to watch on the Paramount+ but don’t see yourself watching it all year round then sign up on the series you are interested in drops its new season. Watch all the episodes and then pause or cancel the year service. Resume it again when you are ready to start watching again unlike cable you can start and stop your service when you want and this is a great idea and an excellent way to keep your streaming budget in check.

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Paramount+ ReviewThere are so many options that it's really easy to feel overwhelmed. But there’s a new entrant that is different from every other streaming service out there and it just might be the one cord-cutters users have been waiting for. In this paramount +...