The Healthifyme App- Achieve The Body Of Your Dreams

The dream of being fit and healthy is something everyone wants, but it hasn’t been practical for everyone. Many people struggle to achieve their health goals because of the lack of motivation and guidance. HealthifyMe was created to address this problem. In addition to helping users follow their diet and exercise routine. HealthifyMe interactive app offers expert advice and connects them with other fitness enthusiasts to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Customers of HealthifyMe can choose from a variety of premium options that can help them achieve their fitness goals.

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What Is The Healthifyme App And What Are Its Features?

With HealthifyMe you can monitor your food and exercise intake and lose weight through your smartphones or computers. In the premium version, HealthifyMe offers nutritionists, fitness experts, and yoga instructors who can help users with their goals. HealthifyMe is a digital wellness and health platform that offers services like calorie tracking, individualized fitness, and nutrition coaching. This app combines lifestyle tracking with a motivational approach for both Android and iOS devices.

The first time Ria AI interacted with HealthifyMe’s users was in October 2017, when the company launched a pilot scheme for a portion of its paid subscribers. Now all HealthifyMe‘s one million paying users can use the service. The cost of subscription plans for HealthifyMe varies based on the features selected. HealthifyMe has both a B2C and a B2B2C model, though the majority of the company’s revenue comes from the B2C model. The company’s services are distributed through corporate clients and healthcare institutions in a B2B2C model.

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Premium subscription customers have access to in-house certified nutritionists, fitness trainers, and yoga instructors. Additionally, HealthifyMe’s app syncs with activity trackers, allowing you to track your activities while using these apps. It has been a while since HealthifyMe hit the scene. In recent years, however, the app has become a more comprehensive platform with new features.

  1. Signing up and gaining access to the app will reveal a busy-looking and little bit confusing app. Starting with an initial free trial, you can even continue using the service for free, but you will only receive expert consultation if you pay for the service.
  2. Depending on your current health situation and goals, nutritionists and fitness coaches with relevant medical expertise will be assigned to you. It may be that you have diabetes and want to bring your sugar levels down and get off medication; you may be obese and want to lose weight, or you may just want that extra push to stay on track. Diet and exercise plans are created by coaches after they review your profile and request information. HealthifyMe provides an advantage since it encourages you to take charge and stay in charge to reach your goals.
  3. Once you start your plan, you log or track relevant parameters, like your calories consumed and burned, how many glasses of water you consume, etc. Using the RIA assistant, you can track things by voice command. In addition, you can ask relevant questions to Google Assistant and get answers in its familiar voice. But unlimited questions are expensive Rs. 999 per month in fact. Ria can, however, make personalized suggestions to each user with the same frequency as a human coach. However, coaching is only paid by qualified coaches, which is why users must pay for the special plans they take.
  4. Prepare yourself for tons of notifications and scheduled phone calls. Your coach will be available 24/7 in accordance with the plan you have chosen. Alternatively, if you’re not comfortable with that many intrusions into your day, you can tweak the notification settings for this app on your phone and turn off the more unwanted ones. As you will be notified of when you need to drink water in the whole day. Snap is one of the more recent features of the app, which lets you track calories as you eat with a photo.
  5. All food items are included in this app, even the lesser-known ones. By using the Hindi term for the item in English, you can invariably log the number of calories for the item according to the approximate quantity in your log. A diet plan is designed to accommodate the needs and preferences of the users without being too restrictive or impossible to achieve.

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The company specializes in improving eating habits, fitness, and weight by working with top corporates and healthcare partners. HealthifyMe operates on a freemium model. It was founded by Tushar Vashisht, Mathew Cherian, and Sachin Shenoy in 2012. HealthifyMe operates on a freemium model. Besides its free plan, HealthifyMe has several paid subscription plans with a variety of features. With over 16 million users and a 4.4 overall rating on Google Play, HealthifyMe is a leading health and fitness app. The Smart Plan offer from HealthifyMe costs Rs. 999 per month and includes personalized diet recommendations, meal recommendations, and daily reports.

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The Healthifyme App- Achieve The Body Of Your DreamsThe dream of being fit and healthy is something everyone wants, but it hasn't been practical for everyone. Many people struggle to achieve their health goals because of the lack of motivation and guidance. HealthifyMe was created to address this problem. In addition to...