Ookla Speed Test Review

Do you know that your ISP keeps its promise concerning claimed speed? Most people know how fast they connect to their Internet, but many of them don’t know if they have an ISP.

ookla speed test

Ookla’s test technique aims to provide a precise measurement of a user’s true network efficacy. In this regard, our Web, Desktop, and mobile Speedtest Platforms now support multi-server testing. Simultaneous testing of many servers lowers the need for a single server to overload a connection and assess a user’s maximum download capacity.

Would you like to know whether the connection is as quick as we announced? An international speed test is an ideal way to monitor download rates and Speedtest.net is one of the best tests available. Are they confident or must you find another way?

Methodology of Review

This review would not be very valuable if we didn’t know we were provided with trustworthy and consistent information. Five times on the same connection, the Speedtest.net test was done to reduce the hardware’s risk of contaminating results with multiple devices (desktop, laptop, smartphone). All other active applications are also stopped and all browser plugins are disabled. With these protective measures, we have developed a reproducible test environment for checking the Speedtest.net speeds.

We used a connection of 150 Mbps with our announced download rates to do our speed test. We noticed that the speeds indicated in competitive service tests are not only up to and across our ISP. With their exceptional consistency and dependability, the Speedtest.net speed test demonstrated this.

Let’s get results! Let’s get the results! Let’s get results! Let’s get the results! The Speedtest.net test lasted an average of 4.3 seconds, while the entire test took around 39.6 seconds. The mobile version is slightly faster than the desktop version (test 4 and 5). (Tests 1-3).

Every five times the test was 11 ms and the average download and upload speeds were 181.1 Mbps and 6.1 Mbps. These findings were not only consistent with our assumptions but also homogeneous, with almost minimal variability between tests.

We took some desktop and mobile test version screenshots, which can be seen below if you prefer the Speedtest.net interface.

speedtest ookla

Ookla Speed Test Pros & Cons


A great deal to enjoy is the Speedtest.net test, starting with the excellent consistency of the results. To check the accuracy of your desktop or one of your mobile applications you can always rely on our speed test. We are also very much in favor of the information that our test offers: jitter, loss of packets, test location, ISP identification, internal IP, external IP, and a test site’s latitude and longitude.

Another important feature of Speedtest.net is that you provide a complete history of your test results on your website. You can obtain the results from every Speedtest.net test, with the time, date, placement, and more details at any time. The iOS and Android apps are smart and easy to use.


  • This website has one of the most visually appealing interfaces among speed test websites.
  • It’s simple to distribute via email and social media.
  • Examine test results from all over the world.
  • App versions are available for the majority of major mobile platforms.
  • The usage of a wide number of test locations spread across the globe improves the accuracy of the results.
  • A speedometer-style display is common.
  • The nearest test location is found automatically.


  • Speedtest.net has very little downside, nevertheless, the amount of ads on the screen is specifically one characteristic that we don’t like. You can view enormous advertisements on your mobile app screenshots and ads are also filled in on the periphery of the desktop. It is also very good if you ran the test on a secure website, in addition to the uncertain HTTP protocol.
  • For dial-up users, heavy visuals are more of a hassle than an advantage.
  • Locations for testing are primarily located in North America and Europe.

Speedtest.net Conclusion of Speed Test

In brief, a speed test that is more dependable than Speedtest.net gives is impossible to discover. The statistics are really solid, the design is attractive and pleasant, and there is a lot of information to offer if you want to know more than just traditional ping speeds, downloads, and hovers. It is a glass on the cake that they offer to save such detailed information on your trial history.

We believe that Speedtest.net is one of the larger tests available on the Internet, whether you have a PC or a mobile phone. It’s also available for mobile apps (Android & iOS), for desktop (Windows & Mac), a browser extension for Chrome, for TV app (Apple TV), CLI (Command Line Interface), and VPN.

test my internet speed

My Experience

To establish the speed between your device and a test server, Speedtest uses the Internet connection for your device. Various factors can influence the speed recorded in a test: The capacity of devices (telephone, tablet, PC, etc.) with Wi-Fi and mobile radio may vary substantially.

Ookla offers a consistent and reliable system-wide test experience. Speedtest offers a consistent, precise test experience, with consumers relying on a variety of device kinds on the market today.

Ookla offers a reliable consistent device-wide test experience. Speedtest gives a consistent and reliable test experience that consumers have confidence in the many device kinds on the market today. All our applications are subject to our stringent approach.

As Google’s data privacy standards for Android continue to grow, having specialized software like Speedtest with an easy-to-use user interface and clear user permissions for location data gathering becomes increasingly important.

Speedtest provides consumers with an accurate, consistent test experience across a wide range of currently accessible device kinds. Our severe procedures apply to all of our applicants.

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Ookla Speed Test ReviewDo you know that your ISP keeps its promise concerning claimed speed? Most people know how fast they connect to their Internet, but many of them don't know if they have an ISP. Ookla's test technique aims to provide a precise measurement of a user's...