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It was never easy to figure out an unknown location or where you would like to go. Since we have taken the map from the handkerchief of a car, unloaded it, and trying to decode the place, we have come a long way. Your smartphone is now a map and a GPS device. For a long time, Google Maps was at the forefront of the trend, one of the first navigation tools. Over the years, Google Maps have developed to incorporate vital elements such as the ability to organize a train journey, take a virtual walk through an area, receive voiced directions, and learn about entertainment in your area. Google Maps is a broader browsing software that is our editor’s choice.

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Where can you find Google Maps

Google Maps‘ power is their ubiquity. Google Maps and other Google apps are already loaded on most Android smartphones. Google Maps are accessible for iOS and iPadOS devices and are roughly the same on both platforms.

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The Whole Town

I’ve tested Google Maps on a Google Pixel 3a phone. Google Maps welcomes you to a very colorful and contrasted map in the surrounding vicinity. In the most important streets, it is extremely readable with white, in highways shiny yellow, in parks green, in waterways blue, and in homes grey or drab. Once you have the location service enabled, you will be shown a blue dot showing the raw direction to face. Maps are quite important in moving about your area.

You have narrated turn-by-turn navigation on Android and iOS with several helpful map tools. If you are not owning a smartphone, you can only access Google Maps via any web browser (something you cannot do with Apple Maps until you have an Apple MapKit JS framework like the Duckduckgo search engine). Google Maps is free of charge on all platforms.

The search bar is located at the top. This enables you to enter the name of a city, city, company, or street supported by a Google search function. You can input for example “CVS,” “pharmacy,” or his street address to get a list of the closest locations if you are looking for a local CVS Pharmacy. You can swipe through them in handy cards. Each card features its location name, location address, location distance, calling icon, and address icon to quickly locate a way to the location of your card.

Google has included indicators that point to frequent categories of search under the search box. These include gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and motels or more specialist facilities like parks and fitness centers. Is the gas tank of your car low? Aid is just one tap away from Google Map.

The Layers icon changes the displayed map. The topography and elevation show three maps: the standard version, the satellite version that collects pictures from Google’s orbiting eyes, and the terrain view. (Terrain It’s wonderful if you’re a frequent walker.) The menu of Layers includes map overlays, useful live, public, bicycle routes, and a 3D overlay with multifunctional constructions.

Google Street View is a way to get onto any important route and take a 360-degree view of the panorama. Street View is quite helpful if you have to match a landmark to your current location. Having said that, some of Street View’s images are terribly out of date and show pictures from years ago. On the top, Street View also allows you to visit selected buildings virtually, so you can view the design of a shop without leaving the sofa. The Street View feature lately was added by Apple Maps with its amazing Look Around yet Google Maps’ internal mapping is lacking. The Waze, owned by Google, does not include a street view capability.

The database, which keeps the catalog ahead of the package, collects facts, monuments, images, and reviews from Google. Google, particularly in smaller cities, cannot be equaled in terms of navigation and travel schedules. I looked anywhere in my town and instantly popped up in some surrounding towns. I know that Google Maps search was not able to hide even a hidden speakeasy bar. Waze uses similar data but is focused on making no contributions to persons walking or cycling around its city. In large towns, Apple Maps are amazing, but for smaller towns, it’s up to Google.

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Add The Context Of Your Life

Maps enable you to get extensive search massive information. The data are well collected in the following sections.

Firstly, exploring, everything related to local haunts. More information is revealed for the intrepid explorer when looking for a given location. You’ll get ideas for excellent brunch and bar spots or historic monuments when you’re in Los Angeles, for example. Crowded photographs of area landscapes and exhibits, useful directions, and consumer reviews are also presented.

The Go tab comprises the places that are often visited and shows estimated traffic conditions and arrival times. It also offers suggested journeys based on recent searches. You have places you’ve tagged in the Saved Section, including your friends and family’s houses, bucket list places, and your favorite eateries. If you want to contribute to Google’s extensive information collection, you can review companies or upload location images in the Contributes section.

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Follow The Instructions

You just need to search your destination in the search bar when you are ready for your travel. You can start from your current location by GPS, or from a different address you are looking for. With a maximum of 10 pauses each trip, you can add several stops along your path.

Google Maps shows you approximate transportation time after choosing if you drive, take public transport, walk, ride a bike or fly. The route shows current color traffic: blue for smooth sailing, yellow for short delays, and red for buffer traffic. There are also other possibilities to routes for traffic. Apple Maps offers the same information, save from being a little smaller than Google Maps. You may also download offline instructions from Google Maps, which are especially useful when the signal is spotted on your cell phone.

Maps offer vocalized turn-by-turn directions once you are on the road. The digital browser can be stopped, vocal commands can be redirected with Google Assistant to your route or searched to add stations. In 2019, Google also offered an additional realism option; the app overlays the camera image instructions while you’re on foot and allow maps to access your camera. It isn’t needed by anyone, but it’s a function now only available on Google Maps.

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Just Between You & Me

Compared to Apple Maps, Google Maps fails in one area: privacy. Maps are connected to Google’s wider cloud, and the location history is disabled by default. The software will not save or customize the maps in incognito mode using your Google data or search history. However, investigations have shown that Google Services still collects your location data, even if you have a privacy setting to prohibit it. The data has no unique identification, but Google still has information about you.

If you want Google to stop following you, you must do some work. However, Apple has more concerns about privacy, and Apple Maps keeps more information about the device than your cloud addresses.

My Experience

Google Maps is the most comprehensive program on the market. It can provide quick guidance, predictions on transit, and even advice on what to do when you arrive. If Google doesn’t function, you need a few hoops to opt-out if you are a confidential individual.

Google Maps is an easy choice if you have an Android phone. On iOS, Apple Maps have got a lot better, but Google’s app is still the leading application for navigating in some circumstances, especially in smaller towns. Wave is a great choice for drivers, on the other hand. However, Google Maps is the best overall mapping service for switches, hikers, cyclists, and urban explorers as well as the editorial selection in this category.

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  • Robust maps, featuring Google Earth and Street View possibilities
  • Real-time traffic statistics gathered from the public
  • Directions for driving, taking public transportation, walking, and biking are all provided in detail.
  • Provides internal building layouts.
  • Version for the web
  • Allows you to save directions for offline use.


  • Google’s ambiguous privacy pledge
  • Some Street View photos that are no longer current

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Google Maps' ReviewIt was never easy to figure out an unknown location or where you would like to go. Since we have taken the map from the handkerchief of a car, unloaded it, and trying to decode the place, we have come a long way. Your...