The 4 Best Laptop Power Banks To Solve Your Power Outlet Anxiety

If you regularly travel for work, a portable battery pack always comes in handy. This provides you with continual power even when you are not plugged in. Best laptop chargers feature several functions, such as being lightweight, delivering good power outputs, and having multiple functions. Having a laptop allows you to stay connected all the time, but at times your battery may not be so sure. Having a laptop allows you to stay connected all the time, but at times your battery may not be so sure. It’s important to find a laptop power bank that’s worth buying so that you don’t have to fear the above-mentioned concerns. A good one can be difficult to choose. Thankfully, there are many options available at a range of prices.

1. Anker Powercore Iii Elite


If your laptop only requires charging via USB C, a power bank that is designed for the purpose can save you weight and space in your bag. Among the many models available, Anker PowerCore III Elite 25600 is the best option for a number of reasons. This model offers a little more capacity than most other models without adding weight.

25600 mAh is the battery capacity of the product. There are also built-in technologies to prevent overheating of the battery and overcharging of compatible devices. With a capacity of 25,600mAh, it holds around 20% more energy than most of the other batteries on this list.

This power bank from Anker is a large power bank with USB Type-C Power Delivery, making it ideal for charging MacBooks and other USB-C devices. This device comes with two USB-C ports so that you can charge two devices at once at high speed and at 87W. Two USB-A ports offer a combined output of 78W, so you can even charge four devices at once.

2. Nimble Champ Pro Portable Battery Pack


This powerful yet ultra-compact charger is perfect for your everyday carry kit. You can charge two Apple and/or Android devices simultaneously, and the charger does so in a quick, efficient manner – up to 80% in 30 minutes. The CHAMP Pro also lets you charge laptops and tablets, so it makes a great trip essential. In today’s world, the Nimble CHAMP Pro laptop battery pack is worth your attention for its eco-friendliness. This device’s housing is made from more than 70% recycled plastic. Alternatively, the packaging is made from recycled, biodegradable paper.

CHAMP Pro has a USB-C port capable of supplying 60 watts of power, so it can easily charge most laptops. The 20,000 mAh battery pack is sufficient for charging a notebook and additional devices at the same time. As it is powered by a high-density battery, it is surprisingly flat and lightweight.

This portable charger for smartphones and other USB devices from Nimble can power your smartphone. Furthermore, the product is equipped with a full USB connector for charging two devices at once. Your device can be powered for several days by the 20,000 mAh rechargeable battery. You can simultaneously charge two devices via two USB outputs (USB-A and USB-C). The warranty lasts for two years.

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3. Ravpower Pd Pioneer 80w


A portable laptop battery with an AC outlet isn’t easy to come by, especially one that costs less than $100. The RAVPower PD Pioneer, a portable battery that delivers sustained power of 80W and is reliable and affordable. 20,000mAh is sufficient to charge almost any laptop you’ll use outside your home.

The USB C port can also be used for charging, but with a maximum power of 30W, larger laptops would be better suited to the smaller port. Moreover, you’ll find a USB-A port that can charge almost all phones, tablets, cameras, and other USB devices quickly.

It has a fan to keep the inside cool when it’s being used, but other than a few LEDs that show the remaining charge, it doesn’t come with any extra features. Additionally, a strong padded case and USB C cable are included with the battery.

The RAVPower PD Pioneer is hard to beat if you just want to keep your laptop charged when you’re out of the house without spending too much.

4. Maxoak K2


Even 20,000mAh portable batteries aren’t enough to retain the charge of your laptop all day if you’re away from a wall outlet all day. MAXOAK laptop power banks provide solutions like a big battery with an even bigger capacity.  Even the most power-hungry laptops should be able to run from this battery for many hours without needing to plug in the switchboard. There are two DC sockets on the power bank, one that operates at 12v and one that operates at 20v; the second can produce up to 130W.

Additionally, you’ll find four USB-A plugs, both of which provide reasonable charging speeds. Neither of these, however, offers truly fast charging, but any of the top two do provide some sort of fast charge. It is best to recharge the battery overnight, as its large capacity requires 6-8 hours of wall charging. At least you can power your devices and the battery together using one wall outlet.

Power banks like this one are best for older, non-Apple laptops, as it does not cover Magsafe or USB C.


Modern life cannot function without the power bank because it is used to charge our electronic devices when we are outside. Depending on the manufacturer, the charging duration of the power banks is found to be different, mainly due to the protective circuit. In addition, the practical deliverable capacity is much lower than the rated capacity of 5000mAh power banks. It is possible to find commercially available large capacity power banks with multiple features the user should choose those with a reputable brand for better protection and performance.

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