War Robots Game Review

Pixonic, a Russian game firm, created and marketed War Robots as a mobile app game. In the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena mode, it’s a third-person shooter game with real-time PvP fights & visuals. In a realistic battlefield, players command BattleTech-like robots.

war robots

The battle has begun, pilot! Are you ready for surprising strikes, complex tactical maneuvers, and the various ingenious tactics your opponents have in store for you? Destroy opposing robots, capture all beacons, and upgrade your armaments to improve the fighting strength, speed, and durability of your combat robot. Demonstrate your mettle in each map by adopting a range of strategies and tactics to emerge triumphant in the fight.

The well-known iOS and Android successes are now available on Steam! Fight other Pilots from all around the world and join millions of other players!


Most of his time the gamer spends on war robots. It is the key feature of the game, and it keeps the player back. So? By pressing on the main screen the huge orange “To fight” button, we start on one of the game maps. You can choose a robot in the game, and after a countdown, the fight starts.

The most common choice is the robots with long-range weaponsrockets or lasers. Maps are a mile square for games. There is no war fog in the game and enemy robots can be caught promptly using missile views. You can already see what I mean – the firing starts right away. The gamers quickly crawled over the battlefield under missile fire. They covered each other, fought individually, and captured beacons.

There is a strategic aspect — lighthouse control — apart from the tactical rattling of robots. The map contains five-light signs, and if three of these are monitored, the opposite slider begins to melt. It’s difficult to win by killing robots. The player may be in the hangar with up to 5 robot slots and when the robot has been destroyed the player can resume with another one.

Two basic game modes are Domination and Beacon Rush. The robot appears at its basis in the Domination following its destruction. It can be found in one of Beacon Rush‘s captured beacons. In the second phase, combat is speedier and vicious. For this reason, more competent players favor this mode.

war robots game

Map Design

War Maps Robots are mainly industrial or ruinous environments. There’s only one map with a city center, although it seems somewhat strange. Ironically, we can only see on this map how huge our five-floor robots are.

The beacon control is an important precondition to victory in this game. Therefore the corresponding design of the map is necessary. I admire the way Pixonic does his job! The maps are realistic but simultaneously symmetrical. Most maps have “conservative” designs with a center beacon. To dominate the struggle takes 3 out of 5 beacons. A team that is right next to the landing location, fighting mostly for the center light, takes two lightning lights. A traditional curve of the floor is placed in the middle of the map — a sudden loss of “their” light.

The maps are divided into open and closed maps, a key feature of them. On the open maps, there is a significant chance to see robots for medium and long-range arms. Melee arms robots are edging the edges of the shelters and labyrinths in closed situations. The map design encourages players to have different types of weapons. Pixonic is now developing new maps with an uncommon symmetry, thus the players are not in favor of this situation. The Valley Map has three lamps, including a central lamp in the labyrinth of ruins, and two light bulbs on the periphery of the map. This allows robots for long and near distances


For me, the main worry is an easy way to play action games. The easy way to developing GTA was used by War Robots. The right finger and legs are turned and the right finger is turned. War Robots are incredibly fortunate to play human robots. Robots are highly organic and very effortlessly operated. During the fight, you do not have to think of walking and shooting. The primary focus of the player is to shoot.

The crosshair problem was correct in the game. The target sticks closely to the adversary on mobile shooters, or you try and focus. In War Robots, a fine combination of these features is achieved. A red goal box shows important information on the distance from the target and is more readily targeted following opponents. When you remove the target from the adversary after starting the firing, it will be pretty flat. This is generally enough to change the fire line. For casual players who don’t like hunting pixels, different weapons with homes or substantial damages are present in the location.

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My Experience

For a player to enhance their pilot level, experiential points are required. After each fight, a set number of points for experience are provided according to certain elements of the game:

  • Several wrecked robots
  • Damage handled
  • Amount of captured beacons
  • Quantity of critical hits

From the blue bar on the right of your existing pilot level, you will experience it. When the bar is full, your next level will be 50 gold and 50 000 silver. The player currently has a maximum of 30.

To get higher pilot levels, open new robots and equipment, as many points of expertise as feasible are necessary by battle. All robots and appliances have a level of the pilot to obtain to be acquired.


Active struggles and lightning will significantly increase your experience of avoiding war and ‘camping,’ gold or silver,’ which allows you to fire for protection but will not provide you many things of experience, gold or silver.

However, do not forget that combating various enemy robots and infrastructure on all levels is also useful. Whatever your level, it doesn’t matter.

hacking war robots


  • Tactical 6v6 PVP
  • 45 combat robots with varied abilities
  • There are around 50 different types of weapons, such as ballistic missiles, energy cannons, and plasma cannons.
  • Which option will you choose?
  • There are a total of 12 maps to combat on!
  • There is an infinite number of robot and weapon combinations that can be deployed. Create a fighting machine that is appropriate for your playing style.
  • Create your clan and lead it to incredible wins.
  • Participate in thrilling PvP battles against opponents from all over the world;
  • Completing military obligations in exchange for benefits allows you to earn the title of Best Pilot.


  • Windows 7 is the operating system.
  • 5 GHz processor
  • 2 GB RAM is the amount of memory that needs to be installed on a computer.
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000 or a video card with DX11 compatibility, with 2GB VRAM
  • Version 10 of DirectX
  • 1500 MB of storage space is available.


  • Windows 10 is the operating system.
  • Processor speed: 3.2 GHz
  • 8 GB RAM is the amount of memory that needs to be installed on a computer.
  • NVIDIA GTX 960 graphics card
  • Version 11 of DirectX
  • Use Broadband Internet
  • Check whether 2 GB of storage space is available.

Depending on the age of your account, you will earn an event coin starting bonus. Use them to open Special Delivery containers to be eligible for the following expensive prizes:

  • Orochi is a brand-new robot.
  • Weapons manufactured in small amounts
  • Shell and Orochi did the painting.

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War Robots Game ReviewPixonic, a Russian game firm, created and marketed War Robots as a mobile app game. In the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena mode, it’s a third-person shooter game with real-time PvP fights & visuals. In a realistic battlefield, players command BattleTech-like robots. The battle has...