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Can you watch free movies and tv shows with IMDb TV? The answer is yes, and in this IMDb TV review, I will show you how to find things to watch on the IMDB tv app, explain its connection with amazon prime video including how to get it as a fire stick channel and everything else you need to know about how to watch IMDb TV.

If you are thinking about cutting the cord of cable and switch to a free tv streaming service. This IMDb service is for you. I will start with what it is, cover how it works, what commercials are like and I will even share a little about a few other things you can use to save money each month on your tv cost.

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What is IMDb TV?

So let’s dive in by answering a common question people have about this streaming tv app ‘ what is IMDb TV’? well, IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database. It started in the 90s as a kind of Wikipedia of the entertainment industry. users uploaded costing and budget information about every movie and to show ever produced.

Amazon bought it in 1998 and integrated it into its Amazon Prime Video collection. If you overwatch tv shows or movies through prime video then you have probably used the casting information many times to learn more about the actress and something you are watching. I love it and find it frustrating that no other streaming service out there offers the ability to narrow down and get lots of great information about who’s on-screen. There are production insights for review and ratings on more than six million shows and movies. It’s pretty awesome but IMDb get even better in 2019 when it launched a tv app to complement its robust website offering. Today it has a channel on Amazon. If you are a fill stick user, you can find IMDB tv in the free section of the fire stick menu or the skinny bar on the home screen. IMDb TV app is available for download in the Apple and Google Play stores, as well as, on all the major streaming devices. So, you can watch IMDb TV on Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and of course fire devices. You can also watch it on your computer, tablet, or phone as well as on an Xbox One and Samsung, LG, and android smart TVs. You can watch it anywhere. It’s really easy to access.

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What it’s like?

Now let’s move on to what it’s like to find something to watch on IMDb. IMDb TV has a nice selection to watch of hit movies and popular tv shows as well as, documentaries and original series. The movies and tv shows on IMDb TV are pretty good, there are some quality titles like Star Trek, Snow piercer, the Big Lebowski, and Obsessed. There are popular tv shows too like, Chicago fire, Madman, and 3rd Rock and I like how they organize our content like Netflix, they have categories to help you quickly find things to watch.

Across the top, you’ll see recently added movies followed by recently added tv, most popular movies, popular tv series, movie of the week, IMDb originals, hidden gems, comedies, action, date night documentaries, and more. What IMDb likes to hang its hat on is the Hollywood hits it carries and when you browse through its titles, you can see that’s true. Just looking at their what to watch section shows that they have popular titles like Shit’s creek and hits like the Black swan and when you don’t have a clue on what to watch then IMDb has a series called literally what to watch to help you decide.  Just the fact that it has its own like the Corner Gas Service and original movie casting calls that you can’t find elsewhere is nice again it’s all free.

One thing to know about IMDB tv is that its content does change frequently. So, if you find something you want to watch then I suggest you watch it as soon as possible because it might not be there in a week due to it being a literal database of information.

There are some cool features with content unique to this streaming service. For instance, let’s say I want to watch Snow Piercer, I can click on that title and I’ll see the option to watch a trailer, watch the full movie and see other ways to watch it.

Here these options are all free but you can browse for any title on the IMDb website and quickly see ways to watch it whether it’s paid or free. That’s a pretty convenient feature. I also like that for any title, you can see user ratings cast and crew and even trivia. There are also video interviews with cast members for different movies that you can easily watch along with a title, it’s pretty neat.

Now, you’ll have to create an account to watch titles on IMDb TV. However, the account is free. You’ll only need an email address to create one. Once you have an account, you can favorite titles and ad them to your watch list. Which is a great way to earmark things you may want to watch at a later date without forgetting about them or having to search for them later. You can also create reviews of things you watch, which is a nice feature.

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What about the ads?

Since all those features are being given to you for free, you’re going to have to endure some IMDb TV ads. So, let’s talk about what the commercials are like on the streaming service. IMDb TV is not too bad when it comes to ads. It runs fewer ads than any other free tv apps. In a 100 minute film, it ran about seven commercial breaks of roughly a minute each.

I would probably give this app 4.3 on a scale of 5 because of all its unique features which differentiate them from its rivals.

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IMDb TV ReviewCan you watch free movies and tv shows with IMDb TV? The answer is yes, and in this IMDb TV review, I will show you how to find things to watch on the IMDB tv app, explain its connection with amazon prime video including...