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This game is like a classic hack and slashes RPG type of game. It’s going to be using that classic old-school style graphics as well. So don’t expect anything mind-blowing. When it comes to graphical aspects of this game it’s not going to look like Genshin Impact or Grand Cross.

gate of mobius

Now keep in mind this will be a two-hand game. You cannot play this with just one hand because you have to move around, jump and use skills as you would do in a normal hacker slash RPG.

If you first start the game it will ask you which region you want to jump into. Before that, provide a suitable name for the character and choose the gender, but you can purchase the second character too and still play with it. The default character names are Jack and Gretel.

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Now one feature of the game is a summons where you can purchase different items to make your character look good. Here, you have the legend summon, the gear summons, and the ads summon. Now, what’s interesting is two of these three banners are 100% free to play because the actual gear summon is using gold, which I do appreciate that and the gears separate from the main banner.

Now you do not summon for characters in the game, you summon for costume, skills, and materials. Now, ads summon which you can do five per day and these will also get you some really good useful resources including your diamonds which you’re going to be using in the main banner. The legend summon banner and you’ll also get some other materials that are useful for equipment, skills, and character upgrades. You will also get fire runes for upgrading skills and equipment.

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The art style is going to be perspective because the art style is always based on your perspective. I am looking for more higher-end quality or at least very superior gameplay to make up for the lack of animation and art quality. So we’re going to see if this game gameplay can give us something or some kind of suspense here. So far it’s very basic, very plain. As a glamorous-looking thing in the world. It’s very simple or plain. As we’ve said, you have your quest as well. Here you have your daily quest which doesn’t look like there are too many really. To be honest, it’s not too bad, to be honest. You have your events in which you participate to earn special rewards.

Shop Section

Now, let’s go to the shop section. There are three sections costume, special, and fantasy crystal. They also have a paid starter pack here for 4.99$. In these, you get a thousand of these diamonds and then a whole bunch of other resources and three-star skills. For 21$ you get a multi-summon plus all other various things and it’d look like it includes the Gretel and Jack as well so you get both of them. But the pack doesn’t tell you how many times can you purchase. I am assuming it should be limited to one time only.


So, till now the co-op features are the best aspect of the game for me because I am a big fan of co-op games where you are playing live with other players, not some AI-generated player. Now, these graphics remind me of old-school MMOs from 2000 to 2008. The gameplay is very simple but sometimes it’s just being simple is not a bad thing but in these cases, it seems like it’s going to be a very bare-bones game. I am not too sure how innovative they could get with events and stuff.

So, if you guys are looking for a game that has auto functionality, then this game is not going to have that for you so, that might be somewhat of a negative to some of you out there that are looking for more of a game that you can just let it play mostly itself with you know a little to no setup required on one of those like more laid back casual side games. This is not going to be something like that, there going to be more hands-on play all day, but again it’s just going to depend on the type of player you are.

Now, I will say, so far If I was to give this game a score based on what I have seen so far and have played, I would probably give this game 2.5 out of 5 or 3 if I am being very nice because I know what kind of playstyle they’re trying to target here or you can even watch ads to get additional rewards at the end of the fight as well.

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So, I feel like this is probably going to be a game that’s going to be more or less free to play friendly because of the way they built like you know two of their three types of banners are very free to play. You get the five ad banners looks like you get ads that you can watch at the end of fights.

So, it’s going to be very time-consuming. You play with just two different characters at this moment. Everything is very basic but very hands-on so, it’s going to be a game that you’re not going to have a lot of exciting things to do but you’ll have to play a lot all day long. So, this is not going to be a quick pick it up and put it down and expect to progress throughout the story to level up your character through all the various progression systems it has available, even though most of them are fairly basic, they still do exist. So, I think the only thing that makes this game worth playing is that you could play co-op because it does have a lobby. It does feature more manual-style gameplay so, if you’re tired of playing a lot of idols, there you go but again that could also be negative depending on what side of the spectrum you’re on there with that.

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Gate of MobiusOverview This game is like a classic hack and slashes RPG type of game. It’s going to be using that classic old-school style graphics as well. So don’t expect anything mind-blowing. When it comes to graphical aspects of this game it's not going to look...