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8 BALL POOL, an Android game with Miniclip.com released on 01/23/2013. The genre of the game: Game of sport. In this review article, we have provided summed up suggestions about TOP players leveling, developers’ answers to gamers’ questions, instructions to official website novices, and our secrets about the game going on.

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8 ball pool online

8 Ball Pool is a mobile billboard simulation game that is funded and controlled. Pool 8 is a real-life US billiard kind and one of the most popular games in the world. There will be professional championships and amateur championships. The game is played in the middle of the two long sides of the table and on the borders of the table, with a typical 6 packing table. 16 balls are on the ball, while the rest are chopped by a white ball (cue ball). The colors are stripped with 7 balls, 7 solid, and 1 black with 8 balls.

8 Ball Pool matches are held in game rooms, where users compete in multiplayer meetings to earn cash that may be spent on indicators and other equipment. Each chamber has its own set of rules, awards, and admission fees, many of which are comparable. Players can also gain experience points to level up and unlock additional tables, replicates (talking to the opponent while competing), and other features.

The competition’s goal is for the player to pocket all of the balls in one group after breaking the pyramid (colored or striped). Finally, a black ball must be scored. The athlete who meets all of the standards of the room wins. If you score an “eight,” and your opponent pockets the final ball in his group, he wins.

8 ball online

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The gameplay is ideal for a pool game. Simply tap where you want the white ball to go and then drag the marker right to where you want the ball to be. Taping the white ball in the lower right corner of the ball might have a big influence if the next shot is lined up. When you’re ready to shoot, simply move the pool marker back into the lower portion of the screen to see how difficult your ball is to shoot. All of this adds up to a fantastic pool experience that is almost as exciting as the real thing.

How to earn currency for the game:

  • Daily Spin – You get up to 50 000 coins, scratch cards, and a happy 8 Cue with the ‘Spin and Win’ game. You must enter the roulette wheel and turn the wheel every day to do this.
  • Free Coins – Every 30 minutes you can collect 25 free coins by clicking a button on the home screen. Free coins are not restricted during the day.
  • Scratch cards are a sort of instant lottery where multiple places on the card need to be erased. The maximum payout is 250,000 coins.
  • Hi-Lo is a mini-game where bets from 2 to 8 bucks can be placed to win up to 1,000,000 coins. Matches for winning.
  • You can easily buy coins and dollars for real money at the shop. The costs of the package begin at $1.99.

mini 8 ball pool

8 ball pool game

Game Rank Classifications

8 ball pool ranks of the players have been classified 3 ways:

Points, levels, and grades of experience. How are they computed?

  • Experience Points – You play 1v1 for each match, as well as receive experience points at tournaments. You gain or lose, but winning gives you more experience than losing.
  • The number of experiential points you have is decided by the level and is represented in the star in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Rank – Your rank is determined by the level. See the table below for the division of ranks.

As you level up, you’ll open up additional tournaments and matches that players with higher ratings only have. In these events, there is an increase in stakes, an increase in the buy-in, a larger prize pool, and greater competition.

Click on your photo profile on the upper left corner to check all your statistics: experience, level, and rank, as well as some additional statistics about your game, like the number of games you played and won.

hack 8 ball pool game

My Experience

On the visuals, there is not much to say. Don’t expect a comprehensive 3D experience, as I think the gameplay would be less fun and harder to play. The sound is similar in a pool game, with merely the ball’s sounds and sometimes crowd cheer. In addition to internet play, the developer contains a few game types that you will open as you move through the stages. There is a practical mode right now but you will not have a local pass and play option until you reach level 5.

There are two sorts of timers on the scoreboard when you play a tournament:

  • Hit time – Hit time -Time and power of your cue are the time it takes to hit the cue ball. The hit timer also relies on how many balls you scored in the current meeting. This timepiece is positioned near your avatar’s edge. If time runs out, your adversary’s move is passed on.
  • Total time for match-This is the total time every player has to play the game and is located at the left-hand side of the XP bar. When your turn arrives, the timepiece in the circle begins to reckon down. Time stops when you hit the sword. If the time is running out, you will lose it, regardless of the number of balls you pocket.
  • Coin and dollar. Coins and dollars. As said, 8 ball pools have two currencies, coins and cash (dollars).
  • Coins are the main money of the game, with your coins used for matches, pool signals, conversation packs, and tabletops.
  • Cash – acquired mostly through shop purchases, for each new level and particular results.

8 ball pool game online


  • I’ve just been playing the best pool game
  • Excellent gameplay
  • It is addictive to play online


  • In this game, I have nothing wrong to say

8 Ball Pool: Beginners Tips

  • Enter an original name for the account.

You should have seen and loved the game and should not use “Guest35245228” as the standard name for yourself. With time, you will be recognized by your original nickname when you level up to some heights. And no one will remember you if you stay under a guest account. Some players didn’t receive a name for themselves instantly, and then they sought to transfer the process to another account when they found out that they had made a mistake. However, this cannot be done since both accounts are immediately deleted by the developer and nothing is left.

  • Make sure you generate an ID for Miniclip –

Go to miniclip.com’s official website, to do this. Then you must log in, select a nickname, an avatar, and connect the gaming account to that account. It’s a warning. The website has a wide range and you need to choose your cartoon avatars. But it can be tailored to your needs.

  • Facebook Registration –

The system often asks for permission to send a message to a messenger about your triumph, achievement, and other events, allows you to create a temporary Facebook account, especially for your game. The messenger can provide you with a complete picture of the avatar.

 pool game download


This is as near as you get to the real thing for everyone who loves a good pool game now and then. Online mode is addictive and the pass and play option is ideal for a game between you and a friend. The graphics and sound are nothing extraordinary, but it keeps the playing pure. The app has a capacity of just over 50 MB, for both iPad, iPhone & android.

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8 Ball Pool Game Review8 BALL POOL, an Android game with Miniclip.com released on 01/23/2013. The genre of the game: Game of sport. In this review article, we have provided summed up suggestions about TOP players leveling, developers' answers to gamers' questions, instructions to official website novices, and...