Top Essential Accessories For Vloggers

YouTube sensations, or video vloggers, are becoming more popular by the day. Climbing to the top is apparently everyone’s goal. Getting your vlogging career up and running, and looking good, is going to require some basic gear. Whether you’re just getting started with your vlog or you’re ready to take things to the next level could be as easy as you think. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to improve your vlog. Make your videos look more professional almost immediately by adding a few budget-friendly vlog accessories.


It is obvious that these quick-fix accessories only work if you have experimented with your vlog camera and learned from expert vloggers. The art of vlogging requires patience, practice, and persistence. In return for your hard work, there are some simple kit accessories that can make your vlog look much better.

DSLR Camera

For those in need of a second upgrade, the Sony a6600 is the perfect combination of image quality, image stabilization, and price. It’s most suitable for vloggers who already know how to do their workflow, have a monetized channel, and who know that better video quality will push them further. That camera shoots 4K and slow-motion video has a flip-up screen. APS-C sensors are larger than those found on cameras like the ZV-1 and are much larger than those found on phones and action cameras. Consequently, it should perform better in low-light situations, provide a greater dynamic range, and produce images that appear more professional in general. When compared with the ZV-1, the battery life of the a6600 is far better. Sony estimates a recording time of over two hours per battery. Of course, you can always get another battery


Travel Tripod

Your camera does not need to be set up by books or anything else. A travel tripod is a great place to start if you’ve committed to your vlog channel. You’ll need a tripod to support your camera. You can use Joby Gorillapod as tripods or selfie sticks, with a flexible base that mounts just about anywhere. This tripod would be better suited to people who have heavier cameras. Make sure you stash the Gorillapod with your water bottle in your backpack so that it becomes part of your equipment on upcoming trips. It is easy to use and will soon become part of your photographic toolset.


On-Camera Microphone

Your vlog channel can succeed or fail based on the quality of the audio. If you provide high-quality audio to your viewers, they are likely to stay and learn more about you and your interests. If it delivers poor, cracking, or muffled audio, you better believe they’ll leave immediately. A camera microphone like the widely praised RODE Video MicGo is well worth the price. An affordable mic that will amplify your audio in seconds, with a windjammer to help you maintain quality outdoors.



The price of DSLR and mirrorless camera gimbals is rarely within the budget-friendly range. The smooth-moving footage can still be replicated with a gimbal built specifically for smartphones. These days, smartphones are capable of taking excellent video clips. As a beginner, consider replicating those cinematic shots with the iPhone 4K footage, then integrating it with your DSLR footage in post.


Prime Lens

Even though high-quality prime lenses are more expensive, investing in one will transform your vlog footage instantly. The footage from a prime lens is incredibly sharp, with beautiful backgrounds that put you, the vlogger, in the center of focus. It’s a great idea to purchase a wide-angle lens for your camera; this will allow you to record walking vlogs, talking vlogs, and scenery shots, as well as low-light video.


Sony FE 20mm F/1.8 lens and 24mm F/1.4 from Sony are recommended.

Complementary Action Camera

Having a GoPro on hand can be extremely useful for travel vloggers. The wide-angle camera is not just great for taking underwater videos and capturing the view of any sports activity you might do, it’s also great for taking wide-angle photos. Furthermore, it’s so light and small that you may forget you have it. GoPro is the latest and greatest camera on the market, so you hear about it, see some incredible footage, and buy one to record amazing photos and vlog your entire trip. The action camera can be an amazing tool, but you must use it for what it is designed for. That is why they offer a low-cost action camera with 4K video.

action camera

Drone Camera

Thus, it is the one piece of gear that is optional. You will need a drone if you work in the travel or lifestyle space. If you are in the food, personal development, or finance industry, a drone won’t be of much use to you. There have been many brands that have come and gone. DJI is the world’s leading drone manufacturer.

drone camera

You should consider two models from the- Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic Mini


Backpacks make carrying all these items effortless since they allow you to store them all in one place. This just makes the entire process easier and more convenient, and the best part is that you will be able to protect your camera and all your other accessories. The fact is that you can keep your equipment safe by investing in a good backpack.



It’s a good idea to check them out for yourself, as they’re great accessories for any vlogger. The key is to find the model that fits your needs and requirements from a wide variety of options and models. The experience itself can be worth the effort, and these equipment pieces definitely help bring in good results.

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