Review of SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FLIP3: Fairly Priced and Fantastic

A Phone looks the same for more than a decade now. The Galaxy Z Flip3 android 5G Smartphone is a little of a screwball. Its overall looks like an integrated makeup mirror, and it folds kind of a clamshell. You will be expectedly greeted with a familiar 6.7-inch touch screen catchy display which makes this device more provocative and switches users’ intention towards this device from average smartphones available in the market. This Galaxy Z Flip3 smart device is different in its performance and looks from other devices.

The launch price of this device is just $999.99, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Smartphone price is $450 less than its precursor. Although this smart device is not meant inexpensive, the price of this device is in the line with other high-end Android smartphones. It can highly compete with those high-end smartphones too, a great thanks to its smooth and vibrant 120Hz display, more viable water-resistant construction, and its beefy processor.

Key Features:

  • Foldable 6.7-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz, 302 PPI secondary screen with 1.9-inch Super AMOLED
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset
    • 5G, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, Wi-Fi 6E
    • 12MP ultra-wide angle rear dual cameras, 10MP front camera, 12MP wide-angle capturing camera
    • 3,300 mAh battery, wireless and fast wired charging, reverse wireless charging
    • 8GB of RAM
  • 128/256GB of storage
    • Built-in Dolby stereo effect speakers, IPX8 waterproof

Reviews that were collected on the performance of this Samsung smart 5G Galaxy Z Flip3 are much laudable. This is the most attractive and fun-based android Smartphone that has been tested in this years. It may sound that it is a piece of technical device that entirely makes me smile and happy. Besides offering a worthwhile uplift over its predecessor for the lower price point, this Samsung Z Flip3 does something more than no other Smartphone does ever have. The catchy fold feature makes this bar phone smaller in size and easier to keep in your pocket. The review of these features to unfold this device is heavily accepted by the users. Here we have segregated the performance of this device on basis of dual displays, design, user experience, performance, and cameras. So it will be fairly easy to identify and decide that is it the right android Smartphone to buy.


The biggest change that has been implemented in the Flip3 over its predecessors, it has a 4-inch cover screen (that included the overall part also). It is approx four times larger, which makes this smart device easier to sight all the messages and notifications without opening up the phone. You can tap once on the device outside the screen will display the time and double-tap to wake the screen, so you can get a glimpse of your notifications such as the upcoming calendar events and weather. This device can even be used as a viewfinder for capturing your selfies. What is not possible to do is to reply to your text messages using from outside the display.

The Samsung Flip3 has a 6.7-inch main AMOLED screen supported by a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate that provides smooth and fluid-looking onscreen animations to the users. The screen gives a brighter display view. In most smartphones, watching something becomes very difficult in direct sunlight but Flip3 has no issues regarding watching videos and reading articles in direct sunlight. The colors look punchy and vibrant, black shades are deep, and even though the Flip’s aspect ratio is 9:22 which is taller than most smartphones. If you still have questions regarding the folded display then it is better to know that there is no visible effect when it works as unfolded. Finding a notch at the top of the iPhone is more frustrating compared to the Samsung Flip3 crease.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Smartphone is eye-catching in its design that comes in seven different colors. This device comes with an accurate combination of size and thickness which makes it more attractive.

Although the design of this Galaxy Z Flip3 is very similar to the earlier versions of Z Flip. The body and hinge of this Smartphone are made from new aluminum alloys and it provides scratched or damaged-proved glass.


Under the brand of Samsung, this device comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chipset, 128GB of storage, and 8GB of RAM. This new Samsung Smartphone is as crabby as any other flagship Smartphone, even the cost of the Galaxy Z Fold3 is some hundred dollars more.

It is available with a 5G networking system although it has disadvantages too, such as there is no microSD card slot for spare storage, and does not have any headphone jack. Fortunately, this device comes with Dolby stereo speakers that make its sound system louder and provides a great video-watching experience.

Honestly, the device’s battery life is solid but not colossal. The performance of the battery depends on the habits of users. You must plug in the device around 10 hours before your first use. If you compare this to Z Flip3 with the Ultra iPhone 12 Pro Max & S21, it can be said that their battery is subpar, although it doesn’t mean that the Z Flip3’s battery life gets exhausted faster or is bad in performance.


This Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 camera performance is great and it has plenty of capability to capture wide-angle photos. Both the device like Z Fold3 and Z Flip3, it comes with 12MP ultra-wide angle rear dual cameras, 12MP main camera, and 10MP selfie camera, 12MP wide-angle capturing camera.


The Galaxy Z Fold3 runs on Android 11 and has one UI interface; this device software gives a feeling of the polished interface. The Samsung Z Fold3 Smartphone has some features of a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for fast device unlocking. Even the galaxy Z Flip3 Smartphone folds in half but this gives a premium feeling like any other smartphone can while using them.

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Review of SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FLIP3: Fairly Priced and FantasticA Phone looks the same for more than a decade now. The Galaxy Z Flip3 android 5G Smartphone is a little of a screwball. Its overall looks like an integrated makeup mirror, and it folds kind of a clamshell. You will be expectedly greeted...