The Forgotten Hill: Disillusion- Daunting and Haunting

Forgotten Hill: Disillusion, is developed by FM Studio. It is the fifth major narrative title, but the sixth overall. The Forgotten Hill games have a singular plot that holds all the installments in the series together. Unifying themes, recognizable people, and an overarching plot are all present in each of the games in the series. Though much of it is superficial and a player does not require an in-depth understanding of the plot to enjoy the game. The players can take up from wherever they want to and still enjoy the full essence of the game.

forgotten hill disllusion


The game takes up after a year since the events of Forgotten Hill: First Steps. Mr. Larson had safely fled Forgotten Hill, only to have his claims about the village dismissed as impossible, leading him to believe he’d gone insane

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However, awful things continued to happen in Forgotten Hill, pushing him to revisit the village to learn more to find closure and an answer to this madness. In particular, by visiting the “Forgotten Hill: Museum & Library.” On entering the facility, a man is staffing the ticket office. He asks Mr. Larson if he wants a ticket. Mr. Larson stores the ticket in a Research Folder as soon as he receives it.

orgotten hill museum and library

When we enter the library, the door is closed and secured behind us. According to a scroll that stands to the left of the entry, the library is the “primary and oldest portion” of the museum, and Professor Jonah Thompson is in charge of this area.

The game thereafter poses before various puzzles that require some serious brainstorming. Along the way, you meet Jonah and trick him to move further in the game. There are various smaller segments in the library building between which you need to keep jumping to and fro to discover the exit and the exit ticket that will grant you the exit into the next exhibition of the installment in the series.

forgotten hill sorry message


The game starts by giving a brief description of the events that have happened to and with Mr. Larson in the Forgotten Hill, the research he has done regarding the same, and so on. This familiarizes the player with the plot of the game and its objective.

forgotten hill gameplay

As you enter the building you first need to get a ticket to enter the library. This is where the real game starts. The gameplay is pretty similar to that of any other escape room game. However, there is a little more spice to this game.

While most escape the room games offer distinct levels which comprise singular rooms, this Forgotten Hill game is different. Even though there are distinct rooms in the game, you will never find all the solutions in a single room. All these rooms are interconnected.

forgotten hill library picture


As you progress in the game, you will find keys that open new doors to rooms that contain new clues

forgotten hill secrete key

Your objective is to find the exit ticket. But it is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes it will take you forever to guess which two or more things could be related, and how you could use them to move further in the game. Throughout the game, there are collectibles, various items that you can gather, which will help you clear different secondary objectives in the game.

forgotten hill gameplay picture

For instance, the caretaker of the building, Jonah, asks you to bring him wine and a tasty snack, and you mix a little something in his wine that makes him fall asleep, following which you can get the key to another room from under his palm. The snack, which you need to make from scratch has its ingredients scattered all over the building in different rooms. The wine is located in another room. The glass in which you need to serve the wine is in another room. The corkscrew that you need to open the wine bottle is something that is right in front of you but it might take you quite a while to figure it out. Again, the secret to how the corkscrew works are located someplace else.

forgotten hill gameplay puzzle

It is therefore a whirlwind of puzzles and some serious brain-racking.

Another great (albeit sometimes frustrating) feature of the game is that the game does not provide you with any hints. This makes the game more enjoyable and secures a certain joy once you end the game.

forgotten hill features

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There are some great features in the game that makes playing the game yet more interesting for the player. If you are thinking about giving the game a shot then here are some of the things that might help you make up your mind.

  • Graphics

The graphics of the game helps to bring out the eeriness in the game. Be it the guard or the statues in the hallway or the flickering lights, all of it brings out the haunting essence of the game.

hill gameplay

  • Audio

While the graphics bring out the uncanny prospect of the game, the accompanying audio enhances the same all the more. Playing the game to the full volume would take you a long way speaking in terms of engaging gameplay.

  • Challenges and clues

The challenges and clues hidden throughout the story make it a daunting task to find your way out of the library. The hidden clues, the books that you collect along the way, the map- all of these act as stepping stones in moving forward in the game. But it is never easy to get hold of them, and harder still to make use of them in the correct manner.

game lock clues

  • Narrative

The plot is a recurring one. However, the narrative makes it easier for the players to catch up with the plot of a particular installment in the series even if they have not played the previous games.

forgotten hill stories

Pros and Cons of the Game


  • The game is challenging and the lack of hints makes the game yet more interesting.
  • The visuals and audio bring out the eeriness essential to the game.
  • The clues make you ransack heaven and earth for the solution.


  • The absence of hints might make you feel stuck at times.


The game is an absolute must-try. You could also go on to try the other games in the series. But for now, it’s a good time to start with this one. Install the game today at play for free.

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The Forgotten Hill: Disillusion- Daunting and HauntingForgotten Hill: Disillusion, is developed by FM Studio. It is the fifth major narrative title, but the sixth overall. The Forgotten Hill games have a singular plot that holds all the installments in the series together. Unifying themes, recognizable people, and an overarching plot...