LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier Mask – A Review

In today’s world, the covid pandemic has made masks and sanitisers the new normal for everyone. Every other person has a complaint about wearing a mask all the time, some people are suffocated by wearing the traditional mask and some of the people are absolutely not suitable for the normal masks. Specially the aged people or the people who have breathing problems or lung disorders also find it difficult to breathe and too stuffy to use the regular cloth mask but they use the medicated disposable mask which is not environment friendly though. LG has come up with a solution for the problem and a unique idea of the new LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier Mask which will help people who suffer difficulties in breathing through a cloth mask.


Firstly this mask is designed differently and when the user will go out wearing it will surely come to notice others as it has a unique design as it’s completely white in colour and it is bulky. It is much heavier than the other masks which are around a weight of 126 grams. This is a very important point to note before going for using this mask.


LG has always been known for its gadgets and now it has introduced an innovative tech mask for elderly people and people with breathing problems. It is unique in its own way because of the technology which has been used to make this mask. Two projecting rectangular bits are there on the sides that use the H13 HEPA which is a filter used to filter all the unwanted dust, viruses, airborne particles, allergens, or bacteria. The filter which is attached needs a replacement every month and its need to purchase which can cost around $30 and is available on LG’s shop on Shopee, Lazada, and so on. There are two fans right after the filters, these kinds of 3-speed fans help for effortless breathing for the people and also increases the intake of the air for a comfortable respiration system. Here is not the end there’s also one sensor present in the mask which helps to detect whether the user is exhaling or inhaling and also maintains the fan’s speed according to the needs of the user. The mask has an on and off button on its right side which the user can turn on and turn off whenever they want to and it also has a switch that helps to maintain the speed at 3 different speeds which are high, medium, and low according to the user preference.


Inside the LG mask, it has a faceguard that is made of silicon that helps to avoid air leakage between the mask and the face of the user and it acts as a seal almost to protect the user from the polluted air of the surrounding environment. This is how when the user is breathing through the mask the air is completely filtered and completely clean no matter from whichever place the user is inhaling. To avoid damages to the electronics of the mask and the fans of the mask they provide an inner cover that is replaceable that absorbs and filters moisture. 10 of these are available in the box itself at the time of purchasing the mask and it should be replaced if it gets dirty. If the user out of the replacements can also purchase it from the LG shop, 30 pieces can cost around $20. With the mask, the user will also get a replaceable neck strap for security purposes. Not only these they are also providing replaceable ear straps for the mask. Though it is heavier than the other regular masks it is found that it was comfortable to the users by using the mask with the ear loops only. The neck strap is usually not required by the user but it would be a great help especially for the people who go out for exercising or running.

Charging system

On the left side of the mask, the USB-C port is present for charging and it has a built-in 820mAh battery which is rechargeable. Once the mask is charged it can last up to 8hours for the low fan speed setting and can last for 2 hours if the fan speed setting is high.

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In case the user paying more attention to hygiene should purchase a separate wearable air purifier case for charging which costs around $199. In this LG is providing UV LED lights inside the charging case that will automatically charge the mask, sanitize it, and also will dry the moisture which has been accumulated to the HEPA filters and all these can be done at once. It is not mandatory to buy the case as the mask can be charged through any USB-C cable but it is meant for the protective user who is concerned about maintaining hygiene.


The LG PuriCare masks will give the users the feel as if they are breathing without any mask when the switch is turned on. With fans turned on There will be no problem in airflow even if it is at a low fan speed setting. Once people start using these masks they can never go back to using the traditional cloth or surgical mask. People with spectacles always face difficulty when the were the regular mask, the spect gets foggy and in this case, nothing as such can happen as it gives you fresh, cool and filtered air every time the user is inhaling.. it can be said as it is the most comfortable mask of the world that helps the user to breathe easily and freely.


The mask comes with few cons as well such as the voice of the user will be incredibly muffled while wearing the mask. So the user needs to be louder than usual to reach out to other people. Another disappointment is the price of the mask, it is not at all a cheap mask, moreover, it is one of the expensive masks available in the market which cost $299. It is specially meant for people who suffer from asthma or any other breathing difficulties for elders.

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LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier Mask – A ReviewIn today’s world, the covid pandemic has made masks and sanitisers the new normal for everyone. Every other person has a complaint about wearing a mask all the time, some people are suffocated by wearing the traditional mask and some of the people are absolutely...