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Google Meet is a competent but not amazing video conferencing solution provided through Google Workspace. While it includes all of the necessary video conferencing functions, it isn’t as robust as its competitors and isn’t appropriate for customers that need a solution that can manage more than 250 people.

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Who is Google Meet aimed at?

Google Meet is great for businesses and individuals in any industry who hold video meetings regularly, manage teams remotely, or work from home.

It’s a great option for businesses looking for a low-cost video conferencing service, as well as existing G Suite users looking for a dependable and secure video conferencing solution without the frills.

Those looking for a professional-level video conferencing service will have to look elsewhere, as Google Meet‘s enterprise edition has a meeting participant maximum of 250.

Because Google Meet‘s functionality is limited, anyone looking for a more powerful and feature-rich alternative should check into other video conferencing applications.

The Characteristics of Google Meet

Google Meet is included as a standard service with any G Suite membership tier, and the capabilities provided vary depending on the plan tier you select.

Google Meet, on the other hand, is now available to everyone with a basic Google account until September 30, 2020. Users can host meetings with up to 100 guests in this free edition, and there is no time limit on meeting duration.

Let’s take a deeper look at the major features of Google Meet.

Various Screen Layouts

Google Meet has three different video layouts: sidebar, spotlight, and tiled. Google Meet recently expanded the number of participants visible via a tiled pattern from four to sixteen to remain competitive.

The capacity to view multiple people at once might stimulate participation during remote work and project planning, especially during larger meetings and conference calls. This application may assist you in keeping track of several presenters and encouraging greater collaboration among meeting attendees.

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Screen Sharing

Users can quickly share their screen with other guests during a meeting and choose exactly what to display. If you don’t want to share your entire screen, you can use Google Meet to share a single browser window, application, or document.

Using the screen-sharing feature, you may easily share videos with other participants.

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Captions in Real-time

Because, well, Google, the solution features real-time captioning during video conferencing. With a single click of the “Turn on captions” button, any participant can enable live captioning.

This is a fantastic tool for accessibility, and it also lends itself nicely to meeting records, making it easier for anyone viewing the video recording later to follow along.

Noise Reduction

Clients of Google Meet Enterprise and G Suite for Education will be able to employ a new noise-canceling function to assist filter out background disturbances in participant recordings, according to Google.

The feature will first be available solely through the internet client, but it will eventually be extended to mobile devices.

The Simplicity with Which Google Meet Can Be Used

Starting and joining a meeting with Google Meet is a breeze. Open a browser and go to meet.google.com, where you can join an existing meeting or start one from scratch.

When you create a meeting, you’ll be given a unique meeting URL, a dial-in phone number, and a meeting PIN to share with the people who will be attending.

Members of G Suite will also notice that their calendars, meetings, and information from the suite’s other applications are synchronized with Google Meet, removing the need to jump between apps to ensure you’re meeting-ready.

You can pick how to enter a call before you start or join it: camera on/off and mute on/off. When there are fewer than ten people in the video conference, Google Meet automatically switches the primary screen to focus on who is speaking, which is a useful feature when there aren’t many people in the video conference but can be stressful when there are more than ten people.

Pricing for Google Meet

All G Suite users have access to Google Meet. The Business Starter plan is $6 per user per month, the Business Standard plan is $12 per month, and the Business Plus plan is $18 per month. All options come with a 14-day free trial.

However, anyone with a Google account, not only G Suite customers, can use a slightly limited version of Google Meet for free.

Google Meet‘s free edition includes the following features:

  • Participants in a free gathering may number up to 100. (participants must be Google users)
  • Meeting call-ins are only accepted via the internet (no phone call-ins)
  • There are no time constraints (video calls will have a 60-minute limit after September 30, 2020)

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Google Meet’s Assistance

G Suite administrators can contact customer service by phone, email, or chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and phone and email help are available in 14 languages.

The G Suite help site also contains a wealth of support information, FAQs, and comprehensive advice on how to use the suite, all organized in an easy-to-navigate fashion.

Google’s Advantages Converge

The most notable advantage of Google Meet is that customers get access to all of the other G Suite products, which are completely complementary to one another (from project management apps to collaboration).

Customers who just hold video conferences on occasion or who do not require an advanced solution will appreciate having a video conferencing option at their disposal without spending any extra money.

Pricing-wise, the fact that a G Suite subscription includes so much more than just a video conferencing capability makes the solution a steal. We do not, however, recommend getting G Suite solely for Google Meet because significantly more advanced video options are available at comparable pricing.

Google Meet, as predicted, offers a high level of encryption. Meeting IDs is a 25-character string, and the solution stops external attendees from arriving 15 minutes early.

A Useful, But Limited, Video Conferencing Solution

Google Meet’s features are now quite basic, but I believe Google will seek to expand its feature offering in the coming months in response to the rising demand for remote working tools, including video conferencing solutions.

It’s a straightforward, user-friendly program with basic video-conferencing capabilities, as you’d expect from a tool that’s part of a bigger suite of apps rather than a single specialized solution. The solution isn’t especially noteworthy, but it does the job.

Finally, it is a good video conference option for people who already use G Suite, and its free edition is a nice option for people who need lightweight, easy-to-learn, and pleasantly simple-to-use software.

To Use Google Meet, One Does Not Need To Install The Google Meet App; Instead, The Video Option Is Available In The Gmail App

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Google Meet ReviewGoogle Meet is a competent but not amazing video conferencing solution provided through Google Workspace. While it includes all of the necessary video conferencing functions, it isn't as robust as its competitors and isn't appropriate for customers that need a solution that can manage...