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In the world of smartphone games, Clash of Clans is a big deal. It’s a free game that produces more money than most AAA blockbusters—enough to cover the cost of Super Bowl advertising. And it’s this kind of fervent fandom that breeds legions of imitators, much to the chagrin of game writers like myself who prefer to sample a diverse range of experiences. While I can see why the game’s mix of city-building and light strategy is profitable, I’ll admit that I’ve never found it very enjoyable. As a result, I had low hopes for Clash Royale, Supercell’s follow-up to Clash of Clans. Clash Royale appears to have been engineered from the ground up to be a smash-hit iPhone game, complete with all of the expected but still annoying free-to-play stumbling blocks. Much to my surprise, Clash Royale’s unique blend of contemporary strategic game features is also legitimately satisfying.

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Epic Real-Time Battle Card

Clash Royale is a multiplayer game in real-time which contains Royals, your favorite Clash characters, and many more. Collected and upgraded dozens of cards with armies, defenses, and characters both famous and beloved: princes, caballerias, infant dragons, etc. Call your adversaries and the opposing King and Princesses of the Tower win the Arena prize, crown, and glory

LAUNCH Is Just The Start

Clash Royale has grown to offer more user-friendly, consistent, and engaging experiences to supercell players.

The Clash of Titans

Clash Royale feels genetically intended to be a smash because it blends aspects from some of the most popular and profitable free games on the market, such as tower defense, MOBAs like Dota 2, and League of Legends, and collectible card games like Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. It also features the readily recognizable Clash of Clans logo.

Let’s have a look at those influences. Clash Royale, like tower defense games, is a real-time strategy game in which  players use defensive towers to fend off waves of opponents. However, because this is a multiplayer game, players do so while also sending their soldiers to destroy their opponent’s towers.

This is when the MOBA features come into play. The field is divided into two lanes, and the lane you send units down influences your strategy. You can attack both flanks equally, or you can focus your efforts on one tower and establish a direct path to the enemy base, but this may leave the opposing lane defenseless. After destroying an opponent’s tower, you can march your forces farther into enemy territory. For a game that can be played with one hand and one thumb, there’s a lot to keep track of.

The deck-building mechanic is crucial to all of Clash Royale’s mechanics. Players activate their soldiers and spells by playing a card, which ranges from ranging archers to gigantic giants to magical fireballs. Cards are dealt at random into your hand, but you must build your deck before each conflict. There is a lot to consider when it comes to deck construction. You want units that complement each other. Strong units are wonderful, but they deplete the magical energy needed to play cards. As a result, it’s also a good idea to pack in less expensive troops and balance out the deck so you’re not utterly defenseless while your energy recharges. You can strengthen your cards outside of battle. Deck construction adds a lot of depth to an already exciting casual strategic framework. It’s no surprise that a sizable community of Clash Royale aficionados is already exchanging deck suggestions. Regrettably, the deck-building premise allows the game to indulge in some of the most awful mobile gaming fantasies.

Royale with Payments

Because the action in Clash Royale is so interesting, it irks you when the game goes out of its way to discourage you from playing it. It is required to wait for treasure boxes to open to earn rewards, which are the objects that represent progress and provide motivation to keep playing. Short-duration battles can be used to gain chests. Chests, on the other hand, can take significantly longer to open, ranging from a few seconds to many hours, especially if there’s a potential of finding something valuable inside that you’re not going to get anywhere else.

These flaws worsen as you progress through the game, leveling up and unlocking new fight venues, each with its own set of new cards to obtain by chance. The grey list of rare cards missing from your deck becomes a taunt rather than a challenge. As if that wasn’t enough, the game restricts the amount of times colleagues in a clan can donate cards to each other unless they pay up. The greatest bargains are approximately 100 gems for a dollar, but with some chests requiring several dozen gems to open rapidly, it’s possible to overpay.

At the very least, it’s clear where all that money is going. In terms of mobile game production values, Clash Royale is right up there with the similarly monetized Angry Birds 2. The cartoony 3D medieval fantasy graphic style is vivid and full of joyful personality and humor, evocative of a DreamWorks film. That presentation, paired with the power of the basic gameplay, helped me forgive the game’s continual waiting while playing on an iPhone 5s.

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The Center of the Deck

As irritating as it is, it makes little sense for Clash Royale to abandon the monetization tactics that helped make its predecessor so successful. So, unlike Clash of Clans, I believe we should celebrate the fact that Clash Royale’s gameplay has grown into something great. You should try Clash Royale if you prefer card games, strategy games, or anything in between, and have patience.


Clash Royale is an innovative tower video game to destroy the most opposition towers, destroying the king’s tower instantaneously. Their games feature two and four players (1v1 or 2v2) and are designed for devastation. Three minutes later, when both players/teams have the same or no crowns, the match will continue into an extra 2 minutes, and the player who destroys the opposing tower will win instantly. If during overtime no towers are demolished, a tiebreaker happens when all towers quickly lose health and the tower with the lowest health is destroyed. There is an attraction if two towers have the same health.

They classify players by their amount of trophies. Players can live up to the sensation of using cards (or king level). The highest standard is Level 13. During the December 2018 update, players at Level 12 gained excessive experience and previously retained experience points.

Trophies in online struggles are won or lost, a player wins a battle to destroy more towers than his adversary (each tower as a ‘crown’), or to destroy the adversary’s king’s tower to generate a three-crown automatic triumph.

The 13 play areas, including Goblin Stadium, Bone Pits, Barbarian Bowl, P.E.K. K. A’s Playhouse, Spell Valley, Royal Arena, Frozen Peak, Jungle Arena, Hog mountain, Electro Valley, Spooky Town, are excluded from tutorial and workshop camps. There are also 13 play areas. A player reaches the leagues after reaching 4,000 trophies.

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My Experience

Right now, with roughly 30 people, I’m the head of a pretty good clan. Clans are a great way of playing and practicing with your friends.

Now to the gameplay. At the beginning of the game, you start with a few cards, but release them and update them as you go. When you match an opponent, you get the eight cards you select from your collection alive and fight them. Everything but the coach is in real-time. Someone is playing in the world playing against you. It can be your neighbor or another person all over the world.


  • Skillfully combines themes from several strategy game subgenres, such as card games and tower defense.
  • One-handed play that is intuitive.
  • Upbeat visuals.


  • Growth is stifled by aggressive free-to-play features.

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Clash Royale ReviewIn the world of smartphone games, Clash of Clans is a big deal. It's a free game that produces more money than most AAA blockbusters—enough to cover the cost of Super Bowl advertising. And it's this kind of fervent fandom that breeds legions of...