The Card Thief- Exciting and Engaging

Card games would have to be one of the oldest genres of games. Right from the times of desktops card games have been able to keep us hooked onto them. But change is the only constant, remember? So, it was high time a new twist was introduced in the world of card games. But then again, old is gold. Arnold Rauers got the perfect solution to this paradox of proverbs. The Card Thief brings to card game enthusiasts a game that has an entirely new outlook on the game but does not miss out on the antics of its origins either. Numbers and figures play an equally important role in this game as they would in any other original card game. Enough speculation about the game. You would not be able to figure out the game from such one-liners anyway. So here you go- a vivid and unbiased review of the game, its plot, why you should play the game or should not.

card thief


There is no such well-distinguished plot. If you had to give it a name though you could probably say it was an escape game.

card thief game

The plot follows the card thief (the player) as the character tries to escape the walls of the castle. The different cards the card thief steals (or rather collects) throughout his quest of escaping the castle are going to help the player in the journey.

The game attempts to put together the classic genre of stealth with the vibrancy of card games. At each level, the game requires the player to undertake a heist. In each heist will be new difficulties and new cards. The equipment cards will help you to move forward.

thief card game

Pretty simple a plotline, right? Well, hold your judgment till you see how the gameplay jinxes up this simple plot.


The game starts with a kind of tutorial. The first few stages teach the player the intricacies of the game, which false step would lead to the user losing a level, and so on. Through some of the initial steps, the interface of the game teaches you how to play the game and how to play in a way that will help you to excel in the game.

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There are different cards in the game. On every level, those cards are arranged in decks of 9 cards. Amongst these 9 cards, one of the cards shows the card thief. The other cards show the hallways of the castle and the guards as they are situated, and others such as the chest card.

card thief android

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The card thief has stealth points. If you have zero stealth points and you get caught by one of the guards, you will be caught by the guard and restart the game from that level.

When your lessons are going on you will have to reach the exit card at each level. However, once the game starts, your journey will continue with each level and into the next one, till you complete each heist (there are a total of 4 heists). All you need to do to move through the hallways in the castle is to connect the cards according to the hallways that you desire to take as your route.

You need to keep in mind that light and shadow play very vital roles in the game. The hallways are guarded by guards alright, but what makes the game more interesting would be the torches that lit the hallways. You need to think smart and extinguish torches and make the hallways go dark so that the guards do not catch you sneaking by.

card thief guide

The guards have their front side and the backside. The way they are facing and have their eyes fixed is shown by a little arrow on that side of the card. The other side would be their backside. If you manage to sneak by from behind the guards you are safe.

Each level has a different layout of the cards and the hallways. The positions of the guards and the torches also keep changing accordingly.

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Throughout you get to collect equipment cards which will help you get past unavoidable situations, to get past guards. However, you can use these equipment cards only once. At a time you can have only three equipment cards. Also, you need to use the equipment cards before you are about to start the game. Once you are middle of the level you can no longer use the equipment cards. You need to keep in mind that the number of the equipment card is the same as the card whose hurdle you are about to neutralize.

card thief review 2

You also get to collect stealth points and gems. These stealth points help you to get past guards and the gems are as good as the in-game currencies. You can use them throughout the 4 heists as you face tougher enemies and obstacles.


This is an extended section of the gameplay that tells you all the awesome features that the game offers you. Here you see all that makes the game stand apart from the other card games.

  • Interesting Quests

There are a total of 4 different heists. Each of these heists has different enemies and obstacles to overcome. It keeps the freshness alive in the game. There is also a map that you can take a look at from the home page that gives you a concise look at the heists.

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  • Tactics and Stealth

With each new level, you are faced with new obstacles and newer decks of cards. You need to tactically use your equipment cards and see extinguishing which torch in which hallway would help you end the game more efficiently and with the maximum points.

  • Short Playtime

Each game has about 2-3 minutes of playing time. The short playtime period keeps the game short and swift and makes sit a good choice if you are looking for a game to pass your time that would not have much of an intense or hard-to-follow plot.

  • Graphics

The graphics of the game is smart. It does not focus on realism. It rather focuses on the vibe. The dark graphics enhance the vibe integral to stealth games.

Pros and Cons of the Game


  • Short playtime.
  • Easy to follow and understand.
  • A tutorial that acquaints the player with the intricacies of the game.
  • Simple but interesting gameplay.


  • Might get boring after a point. But you can always take a short break and come back to catch up on where you left off.
  • There are not many features to explore in the game.


Looking for a break from all those intense plots and yet want something fun to play? The Card Thief offers you a simple plot that is easy to follow and has interesting and challenging gameplay. Give it a shot today:

Download the App:

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Google Play Store

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The Card Thief- Exciting and EngagingCard games would have to be one of the oldest genres of games. Right from the times of desktops card games have been able to keep us hooked onto them. But change is the only constant, remember? So, it was high time a new...