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The world was torched in 2017 in player battlefields (PUBG). It sold millions and produced the royal frenzy at present that we are experiencing before we left Steam Early Access. This FPS monster did not come to mobile phones for too long.

You and up to 99 people will play PUBG as a mercenary who parachutes on the Island. After landing, they compete in the latter-day competition for weapons, ammo, arms, and other supplies. The game map starts huge, but progressively decreases as the electric storm passes around the island and gradually draws players into smaller circles.

pubg battleground of india

This is a simple concept with lots of space for complexity. You land on an island with 99 others and your fist alone. You land. You land. Find and stay in the circle with a weapon. The second one is the winner. Is it worth playing? Our goal is to learn information about this mobile PUBG review.


Nearly all the PUBG mobile version features are included with a few exclusions. This game is just an island of Eastern Europe which is strange, abandoned, and 8 km x 8 km from Erangel, the original PUBG map. From the abandoned military power station to the burning nuclear power facility, the entire computer version is moveable.

When PUBG exited Early Access initially, all weapons, equipment, and vehicles are also available here. There are no weapons, the second map of the game, Miramar, is added.

The game is free of charge. As a visitor or as Facebook to play, you can log in. Gameplay and daily login awards will gain your account experience and fighting points that you may spend on bodies that include a random item of your character’s apparel. Contrary to the PC version, you do not start with clothing although it does not take too long to get at least a pair of pants.

It works pretty quickly in a team, duet, or alone however many PC versions are lacking. The creation of a private match seems not currently viable. There is an option of a “room” menu, however, the chat room looks to have been utilized, and it does not appear to be working yet.

However, connecting problems were pretty regular, I never had to wait for a squad to match. At the beginning of each team, I played with at least one guy who was disconnected. When I played I never faced any connection problems, however, at least one member of the team was not responsive in most games.

The game contains a voice chat, which functions, although most users feel like a phone is used to speak with a microphone. If the microphone is as usual on the bottom, the players can reject the mic, which can give a little extra noise.

pubg bgmi gameplay

Game Play

When PUBG Mobile recreates the ground of the island, allowing you to use all the weapons to drive all the cars in the original game, all will collapse if you don’t have game control.

Mobile PUBG controls aren’t more accurate or better than the PC version. Duh.

To move your camera, you can utilize virtual stickers to fire your gun with a big button to the right. It’s a bit shy at the beginning, but after a few games, it looks fluid.

The game gives a range of controls so all appears to be a bit better and the inconvenience of buttons gets rid of. A floating shot button that moves where you last press the thumb will make shooting easier, rather than turning your hand to the location in which the gun fires. In a game that reduces certain difficult administration, objects are automatically collected, categorized, and equipped. The game also has gyroscopic control options that I never liked.

With small upgrades like automatic pickups, playability increases a lot.

Even with these settings, the game is still a little troubled. This maladministration affects the success of gambling and strategy. In the PC version, snipers can be fairly prevalent. Erangel is a rather huge open plan with long expanses of land and even hills. A decent perspective to pick people isn’t difficult to find. This is facilitated by the mouse and keyboard accuracy.

PUBG Mobile fights to focus more on mid to near commits. It’s hard to hit someone somewhat consistently at a distance in this game. It’s even harder if you account for the decline. With their larger reticles, automatic weapons and shotguns seem particularly strong.

Driving and shooting late in the game is a better strategy.

Vehicles also have a larger combat role in general. Cars in PUBG’s PC version get more responsible as the territory shrinks – huge, loud, and difficult to miss. They’re easy to overlook in PUBG Mobile. A fast-moving goal, like a jeep, can easily go around the circle and pick up players even at the end of the game, especially if someone with a gun is in the passenger seat.

pubg spotlight

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What makes PUBG a graphically stunning game on PC is mostly missing from the Mobile edition. For good reason, the lighting and particle effects that sell the game’s aesthetic have been substantially eliminated. These kinds of tasks can be very taxing on the hardware. The ultimate result is a completely awful reproduction. The terrain, characters, and weapons all appear to be the same as in the PC version, but with muddier, lower-resolution visuals.

When you arrive on the island, the game has difficulty operating.

The game ran fairly well on my LG G6, but there were a few hiccups. I wouldn’t recommend attempting to play on anything older than that. I attempted to launch the game on the game’s bare-bones iOS device, the iPhone 5s, but it crashed every time before reaching the main menu. I’m sure Android phones of a similar age would struggle just as much.

Regular gameplay functioned flawlessly the vast majority of the time. It’s hardly unexpected that when parachuting down to the island, there were always huge frame rate drops. It vanished as soon as I landed because the game no longer required rendering the entire island.

The audio is abysmal. Hearing the direction and level of noises like gunshots and footfall is critical in most versions of PUBG for detecting an enemy’s location. This information is significantly more difficult to express on a smartphone. Footsteps were fairly audible, and they all sounded the same to me. Whatever they were doing sounded the same until they were about 15 or 20 feet away from me. Everything sounded terrible.

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You don’t have to be as calculating to succeed in PUBG Mobile. Part of this is due to the inclusion of bots in early levels, which allow you to familiarise yourself with the game’s controls without being completely exposed to its generally harsh difficulty. Even said, the game’s poor controls allow for a more relaxed, less tense experience. That, in my opinion, is a travesty.

The intensity of progressively making your way to the center of the map while alternating between cat and mouse, never knowing where the next enemy would appear, is what makes PUBG fantastic on PC. It’s a completely different shooting experience than other games, and PUBG Mobile falls short in many ways.

PUBG Mobile is enjoyable, but it lacks the suspense of its PC counterpart. The stakes are lower, and it lacks many of the features that distinguish the PC version of the game – in short, it feels hollow.

 PUBG has gotten numerous upgrades and changes since its first release. PUBG Mobile has been given a similar makeover, with several significant enhancements, including the new Sanhok map. Visit our official patch notes website to remain up to date on the newest patches. Also, be warned that in some locations, PUBG Mobile Lite, a version of the game that may work on lower-end or older handsets, is available.

If you’re looking for a new mobile shooter, you couldn’t do much worse than PUBG Mobile. The game contains everything you require, it is functional, and it is free. If you’re expecting the same strategic, nail-biting experience as the PC version, you might be disappointed.

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PUBG Game ReviewThe world was torched in 2017 in player battlefields (PUBG). It sold millions and produced the royal frenzy at present that we are experiencing before we left Steam Early Access. This FPS monster did not come to mobile phones for too long. You and up...