Lost Lands 6- An Experience like None Other

F2P games are everywhere. The Google Play store is filled with various games from this genre. The main struggle though is to find a gem of a game from the collection. Lost Lands 6 is one such game. If time travel and good gameplay are two of your must-haves when it comes to a good and engaging gaming experience then you are at luck. Lost Lands 6 is all that and much more as well. In this review, we are going to take a look at the plot of the game, its gameplay, and some of its stand-out features. If you want to get a quick scan of the game you can also take a look at the pros and cons section.

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Lost Lands 6 is a new installment in the series of Lost Lands games. In this particular installment, Susan takes up the journey to correct mistakes committed by her grandfather. Not many people get the chance to undo the mistakes that they have committed. Here Susan gets a chance to do that.

The evil sorceress Cassandra has broken free and is now capturing the bravest and strongest of men out there, turning them into her arachnoids.

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Arachnoids are spider-like creatures with monstrous strength and appearances. The player needs to stop the sorceress before she can commit damages that cannot be undone. The plane needs to travel back in time, excavate the secrets of the sorceress who was buried alive and why such a fate had fallen upon her.

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The player needs to travel back to a time that existed hundreds of centuries ago. You, therefore, need to be extra cautious that no time paradoxes take place. Even the smallest of changes can affect time and result in huge consequences in the present.

The aim of the player is to unravel the secrets to the existence and activities of Cassandra, nullify the same, and all along keep in mind not to indulge in rash decisions even if impulsively.


When the game first loads the player is given a brief overview of what is going on. The game opens with the player’s character running from the deadly grasps of an arachnoid. She reaches a house, knocks on the door, and is saved by her partner, who is also to accompany the character of the player in the journey.

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The game thereafter follows the journey of these two as they try to unravel the mystery behind the arachnoids and their creator. As the game unfolds, the player is to visit various locations which contain various clues that would eventually lead the player to all that Susan was searching for.

The various locations will contain clues that would lead you to further clues, that would eventually lead you to the main objective of the game. The gameplay is sort of like that of escape room games but instead of finding keys and escaping out of distinct rooms, here, the clues that the player gets hold of would lead the characters in the game further in the plot.

lost land secret creation

The objectives also keep on changing. While at one point you could be searching for items that would help you kill an arachnoid, the next moment you could be searching for the grave of Maron so that you could find more information on the evil sorceress.

You could also get hints regarding where the next clue is hidden. The conversations between the characters, the consistent storytelling, and the amazing graphics make the simple gameplay of Lost Lands 6 an engaging and dynamic one.

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Now let us move on to some of the stand-out features of the game period here is a list of the features of the game that makes it stand apart from other F2P games.

  • Plot

The immersive and impressive storytelling of the game is one of the best features that it offers. The plot gives mileage to the game. It gives you context and makes the game stand apart from other such games where hidden clues lead to the point of culmination in the game. The twists and turns in the game are rather rare and integral to the development of the plot.

lost land feature plot

  • Gameplay

Even though the gameplay is quite simple and in theory might sound a bit flat, the new turns and events in the game keep it interesting. The primary objective of the game might be the same. However, subtleties such as the changing locations and newer challenges add a certain dynamic dimension to the otherwise linear gameplay.

  • Graphics

The graphics are very realistic. This touch of realism makes the game even more enjoyable. It makes the events more realistic and makes you feel like a part of the world of the game. The supreme graphics of the game complements the immersive and engaging gaming experience that the plot ensures.

lost land graphics

  • Challenges

The game poses before the players some real challenges. There are no such distinct levels in the game period the game is a fluid network of interconnected events. In all these events the players need to overcome challenges of all sorts. You need to be attentive and closely observe your surroundings so as to emerge victorious. The player has a very active role to play in the game.

  • Tutorials

There are also tutorials that you can watch before you start playing the game. These tutorials could help you become better at the game from the very beginning. There is a full tutorial that you can watch or get a grasp of just the features of the game.

lost land gameplay tutorial

Pros and Cons of the Game


  • The gameplay is simple but immersive.
  • The challenges and clues need some serious brain-racking.
  • Great graphics call for great gaming sessions.
  • Hints offered by the game aid your progress when you are stuck at a juncture. They would cost you one coin each.


  • The detailing in the storytelling may get boring at times, but there is a skip button that the player can use.
  • There are only 5 free hints that you can avail initially, after which you need to start buying them.
  • The plot may get a bit confusing at times.

If you are into adventure games with complex plots that would exercise your brain then this would be the right choice for you. The interface is pretty user-friendly, thereby making the game a beginner-friendly option as well. If this is the kind of gaming experience you like to opt for, then here is where you can get it on- Google Play store. Give it a shot!

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Lost Lands 6- An Experience like None OtherF2P games are everywhere. The Google Play store is filled with various games from this genre. The main struggle though is to find a gem of a game from the collection. Lost Lands 6 is one such game. If time travel and good gameplay...