Top 3 Best Mini Projectors of 2021

Using a mini projector to display a sharp, clear image is possible anywhere. Compact and portable are the two main characteristics of mini projectors. One of the main advantages of projectors is that they can cast a picture anywhere and create any size screen you need. Business presentations and entertainment can both benefit from them. Permanent or semi-permanent installation of projectors is common.

The “take-and-go” projectors are more popular nowadays. It is possible to install mini projectors permanently or semi-permanently, but for the most part, they’re not intended to be permanently installed. Projectors for mini-screens are more useful for film nights or presentations in rooms without TVs.

mini projector

Size and features should be balanced efficiently. Portability and size have already been discussed, so other things you should look for are remote control, good sound, and whether they come with extra cables or a carrying case. To add to that, you can enjoy a big-screen experience on your phone or tablet with a portable movie projector. There are many projectors that come with different specifications including nits, brightness, and lumens. The Top 3 best mini projectors of 2021 are-

  • Anker Nebule Capsule II

anker nebula


One of the reasons for choosing mini projectors is their portability, and being about the size of a soda can is one of the most portable sizes available. It has a built-in compartment, so be careful not to damage the exposed lens. A customized Android operating system is also included on the projector. In addition to the built-in operating system, the device comes with an app store for downloading movies and TV shows like Netflix.

Overall, This is a low-cost good projector

1. Design

There hasn’t been another projector built in a similar style to the Anker Nebula Capsule II. With its height and diameter of around 6 inches, it’s easy to transport anywhere.

2. Setup Process-

Nebula Capsule II comes loaded with everything you need for setup, including a remote, a charging adapter, a quick start guide, a power delivery charger, and a USB-C cable. In order to update the firmware, you will need to connect to WIFI. From the Settings menu, you can do this. You should also make sure you have the latest version of Android TV.

3. Image Quality-

This camera features automatic vertical keystone correction and autofocus, making it easy to center and align images. There are no 1080p or 4K projectors available at this price point, so 720p is adequate.

  • Apeman M4 Mini Portable Projector

apeman m4 mini projector

The Apeman M4 DLP projector maintains the portability theme. A projector can quickly display images in unusual environments, which is one of the benefits of owning one. These mini-projectors, or Pico projectors, have small, lightweight bodies and rechargeable batteries, making it possible to project HD-quality videos and video games anywhere there is darkness. The Apeman M4 Projector is one of the smallest projectors around. Apeman M4 lacks the power and features of larger projectors, but it offers a pleasing design, quality image, and a painless setup in a small package.

This is the best portable projector you can use

apeman mini projector setup

1. Design

There is something appealing about the Apeman M4 projector, with its black and silver design. A glossy black finish covers the surface area and makes it look very nice. Its buttons and ports take an equally minimalist approach, with the manual focus adjustment on one side and the power and volume buttons on the other. A small LED light appears on the surface of the device as an indicator of the battery level. They can be seen during normal use or while charging, with each one indicating 25% battery life.

2. Setup Process-

The Apeman M4 is very easy to set up since you don’t have to deal with a user interface or wireless connections. There is a 75% battery charge already included in the box of the device. With the included HDMI cable, connect any HDMI source, including a Blu-ray player, laptop, or gaming console, to immediately view the results.

3. Image Quality-

Due to the Apeman M4’s light power, it can be used in dark settings and on a white, smooth, flat surface. It is recommended for the best picture quality to have at least 50 ANSI Lumens of darkness. Apeman M4 has a native resolution of 480p but supports 1080p HD in 16:9 widescreen. Screen settings are automatically determined according to the output without the need for any adjustment.

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  • ViewSonic M1+ Smart Projector

viewsonic m1 250


Its self-contained, versatile design makes ViewSonic M1 a favorite on this list. If the projector stand is closed, the projector lens is protected by a pivoting stand. With just two pounds, it boasts an outstanding speaker system, which is consistently missed by other portable projectors. It can support crisp projection to 100 inches, and it’s small and easy to carry.

This is the best projector as per Design.

viewsonic projector setup

1. Design

One of the main benefits of this mini projector is the ability to mirror your screen wirelessly, as well as the addition of Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers. Moreover, the projector has an integrated battery that can hold a charge for six hours, as well as a guarantee for 30,000 hours of use. The truth is that this little projector has a lot to offer. In addition to its use as a lens cap, the tripod stands doubles as a stand to prevent damage during transport.

The projector’s ports are located on the right side: a microSD port, DC input, USB Type A, HDMI 1.4, and a mini-jack 3.5mm.

2. Setup Process-

Setup and control are easy with the ViewSonic M1+. It is easy to learn that when you bring the lens up, you can turn on the device by swiveling the stand. Once that was done, you could easily plug and play presentations, videos, and pictures.

3. Image Quality-

With its short throw lens, the ViewSonic M1+ is able to project a 100-inch image from 8 feet to 9 feet away, and it casts a big screen. The autofocus was the only drawback you could see, as projectors generally have a tendency to focus and then refocus.


In the end, you need to consider what you intend to do with the portable projector and where you plan to take it. Several options will fit easily in a pocket if you want something sleek. If you need something a bit bigger, brighter, or with improved visuals, you can find it here, as well.

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