Amazon Music Review – The Variety at Hand

Everyone loves to listen to music and life without music would be a mistake. Many people prefer to listen to different varieties of music such as Jazz, Rock, Metal, Country, Electronic Music, Regional, etc. Amazon Prime Music plays an important role in this context because it streams music at high quality and those users who can afford to subscribe can easily being able to upgrade for a small price. The demand and the popularity of Amazon Prime Music have grown high. My all-time favorite music streaming application is Amazon Music where it has the option to create your playlist and if you are subscribed, then you can listen to offline music as well without any hesitation. It was launched in September 2019 and had already accrued more than 55 million listeners. It delivers FLAC lossless audio at 24 bit / 192 Khz. It can offer more than 75 million songs in HD quality, and it provides podcasts on various topics at a reasonable price. It is like an all-rounder for streaming audio.

amazon music review

amazon music

Subscription costs

Individual Plan

All the music lovers must buy a plan before they began listening to music and without a subscription during the middle interval of music, ads would pop up and this is done only for the advertising and marketing strategy. It is practiced in every music streaming app. It offers music unlimited industry-standard plan at a $9.99 per month premium and it is ad-free. Those who are already amazon prime subscribers are eligible to receive a small discount of $2. It would drop the plan to $7.99 from $9.99 monthly. Annually it would cost around $79.9. But unfortunately, this plan is not included in Amazon Prime membership, and in that case, you must pay extra.

Family Plan

Let’s talk about the family plan subscription. It would cost $14.99 per month which would cost $149 per year and in that family plan, and six members of your family by using the same id and password can stream music with no ads. This plan can set a benchmark target for its rivalries including Spotify and Apple music. Streaming more than multiple devices requires up-gradation of the plan but you must pay an additional $3.99.

Student Plan

Students who are a part of Amazon prime music subscribers are eligible to receive more discounts and it would cost them $ 6.49 per month by offering a discount of $0.99 and which means $ 58 per year. It does not have the option to record music.

amazon music subscriptions

Dj Alexa

As we had already heard about Alexa who is the virtual assistant of Amazon and devices certified with Amazon has the feature to configure using your voice. Similarly, in the case of Amazon music, we can command the Echo by using the smart Alexa technology to control music and it becomes DJ Alexa. You can ask DJ Alexa to change music, or you can ask Alexa to play the next track, you can also control volume level. Amazon DJ Alexa has this option to search songs by using its lyrics, fire up playlists and you can search for music so that it can match your moods.

amazon dj Alexa

Pros and cons of amazon prime music


  • Cool scrolling lyrics
  • Ultra HD audio quality listening experience
  • Podcasts
  • Option of creating a music library
  • 90 – days free trial


  • Lack of Base Audio
  • Subscription is necessary to listen to music
  • It covers only a small selection of music
  • Bugs is there during loading apps

Music Experience

Amazon Music subscribers can listen to more than 7 million songs in the Ultra HD Quality in 3730 kbps at 193 Khz and in HD quality it is 850 kbps at 44.1 Khz. If you want to listen to music in HD audio, an individual needs to have a device ready and a stable internet connection that can provide at least more than 1.5 Mbps. Its tracks sound a quite good condition though the improvements are mostly subtle. But it does not support Dolby Atmos. For example, Apple Music offers songs for their customers which can support Dolby.

amazon music experience


Amazon music has also launched podcasts where you can be able to find your favorite TV shows and you can be able to learn some news, tips, discoveries anything. It also offers you news which is related to finance topics, or it could be related to the world economy as well to ensure that we should be keep updated towards our surroundings and from the economy as well. It offers you to learn some foreign language courses as well just like Spotify and Apple Music used to provide for their clients and it provides option stream Radio as well.

amazon music podcasts

The Verdict

Amazon prime music is a nice music streaming platform where you can listen to various varieties of music based on your preference and the subscription plans are quite decent and average from my point of view. But I do still find that there are flaws that Amazon Music needs to work upon and sometimes I found it does takes time to load the app and music quality is good but does not give the thumping bass sound effect that Spotify provides and already Apple is famous for its spatial audio so there is no doubt about it. Apart from that, it seems good.

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Amazon Music Review – The Variety at HandEveryone loves to listen to music and life without music would be a mistake. Many people prefer to listen to different varieties of music such as Jazz, Rock, Metal, Country, Electronic Music, Regional, etc. Amazon Prime Music plays an important role in this context...