100 Room XII- Can You Escape?

There are not many games for people who like thrill but do not really find the same in hit and slash games. You want that element of thrill and adventure that gives you that adrenaline rush but do not feel like indulging in those action-packed adventures or shooting games. Well, your trouble is understandable and you are not the only one.

So, if you are not alone and there are others out there who suffer a similar fate when it comes to games, then what are your options? Escape games would be your one-stop destination. But there, too, are so many options. Which one should you go for? “Can you escape the 100 room XII” would be one of the top recommendations here? It has the element of suspense, adventure, and thrill and lets you exercise your brain strength to achieve your goal.

So without further ado let’s jump straight to the gameplay and the features of 100 Room XII.

can you escape the 100 rooms walkthrough

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100 Rooms XII is a puzzle and strategy game that requires you to devise ways to get out of rooms that you are trapped in using various hints that lead you to the key that opens the locked door. You need to be attentive and scan the room properly so as to get to the key as fast as you can.

When you first load the game you will be shown the various levels that you can play in the game. Each level has a different design and is set in a different milieu. There are a total of 50 levels. Only when you complete one level can you go onto the next level. The locked door opens into the next room automatically once you complete the challenge and find the key.

100 rooms level 1

The rooms are all set in a different scenario. One could be set in a salon while the other could be a room from a mansion. They are all decorated to fit the set background. You need to attentively scan the rooms in order to guess where the items that lead you to the keys can be hidden. As you are searching for the keys the game will give you other items that will help you move forward in the game. Those are the missing puzzle pieces. These missing items that ultimately lead you to the keys can be anything starting from random items of everyday use or other side puzzles, completing which will lead you to more hidden clues.

To find the clues, and therefore the key fast you need to be patient and attentive. After the completion of two to three levels, you will soon get the hang of it. Even though the game would not make it easier for you to pass the levels, you will learn how and where to search for the clues, aiding faster completion of the game. On fulfilling objectives set by the game, you can even enjoy daily rewards of hints which would further help you in your key escape adventure.

can you escape the rooms walkthrough


Before you install the game, it is better to know what you are getting yourself into. To help you out here are some of the stand-out features of the game that make it worth your time.

  • Interface

When you load the game you will automatically get how simple and easy to use the interface of the game is. Its simple and straightforward gameplay lists it as a good option for children while the intelligence factor attracts adults as well. Its simple interface makes it a worthwhile option for a range of age groups.

escape room game

  • Hints

The puzzles are quite good and require some serious brain racking sometimes. It is not always possible to get hold of the items on your own. The game offers you some hints to aid your speed or to give you a head start sometimes. There are a total of 5 hints that the game offers you initially and you can access them for free. As the game carries on you can either win your daily rewards and earn hints or buy them from the shop.

escape game

  • Gameplay

The gameplay of 100 Rooms XII is pretty straightforward. It does not require you to jump or glide or master any such moves that become essential to the completion of the game. All you need to do is to load the game, scan the room you are put into, and play on. The only skill you need to master here would be patience and strategy. You need to intricately scan every corner of the rooms so as to guess correctly where the clues could be hidden.

  • Audio and Graphics

The audio and video of the game set a certain mood. The soundtrack accompanying the game is light suspense music that goes well with your aim in the game. The graphics add to the sense of suspense as well as realism. Each and every part of the rooms, be it the bedsheets or the limbs of chairs, is etched to the most intricate of details. It enhances the gameplay and calls for a more immersive gaming experience.

escape room online game

Pros and Cons of 100 Room XII

The game has some perks that make it a great option for many, but there are some issues that it struggles with as well. This section categorizes the pros and cons of the game for you.


  • There is an actual challenge to overcome.
  • The puzzles require proper attention and thinking.
  • The hints give you a boost when you get stuck at times.
  • Each room has a different mood and different setup.
  • Each level offers you a higher challenge to overcome while keeping the primary agenda of the game the same.


  • The game is a free version and therefore is consistent with frustrating and undesired ad popups.
  • Once the five free hints expire you will still require more hints here and there to keep moving forward in the game and therefore will have to purchase more hints.
puzzle game

Here we reach the end of the review. It is of course not possible to get a grasp on the entirety of the game from just theoretical explanations and descriptions of the game. So, what say? Want to give it a shot? It is just a click away

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100 Room XII- Can You Escape?There are not many games for people who like thrill but do not really find the same in hit and slash games. You want that element of thrill and adventure that gives you that adrenaline rush but do not feel like indulging in those...