Shadow Fight 3- Keeping Up With the Legacy

If you are a fighting game fanatic, it is obvious that you know about the new Shadow Fight 3. It keeps up with the legacy left behind by its predecessors and even adds to it in certain ways. You may have known about it for some time now, but were probably not so sure about giving it a try. Well, you are not to blame. You need to be clear on what the game is, what the major changes in the game are, and what the drawbacks of it are before you go on to install it. If you were looking for that, then this review is just what you needed. So sit tight and start reading.


Shadow Fight 3 is the new installment in the popular Shadow Fight video game series. It follows a similar style of gameplay but is quite different in certain places too. In this section, we trace the plotline of the game.

The game opens years after Shadow Fight 2 and picks up from where the game had left off. The player starts the game as a new recruit of the Shadow Squad. The Shadow Squad is a part of the Legion and has stemmed out of it now. They make up a group of people who are not afraid to use shadow energy, albeit for good.

shadow fight sarge

When the player first loads the game, the game offers a preview of the plot, providing some context for the player to act upon. The preview shows the three factions fighting in the milieu of the courtyard of a broken temple. Their aim is to gain possession over the artifact- the sphere within which the shadow energy is kept trapped. While the fight progresses, the sphere breaks and the shadow energy escapes, giving the required boost to the events in the game.

Shadow Fight3 poster

The three factions have three different mindsets when it comes to the usage of shadow energy. The Legion believes that it is harmful and needs to be restrained. The Dynasty faction believes that the shadow energy has immense potential, provided it is used in the proper manner. The Heralds are quite different from these two. It is a darker and much stronger faction that has emerged. The Heralds know much more about the mysterious shadow energy than the other two factions, making them vulnerable towards the Heralds.

Shadow, the ultimate boss in the game resides in the last stage. He is the strongest and needs to be defeated by the player so as to restore the old order and balance in the universe and end the dispute regarding the possession and use of shadow energy amongst the clans once and for all. Weapons and armors you collect throughout your journey will come especially handy at this juncture. You can also pursue side quests to gain more currency and weapons using which you could customize your character and also optimize the abilities of the character.

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When you first load the game, the game opens in its first fraction- Legion. There is a total of three factions- Legion, Dynasty, and Heralds. The player becomes a part of all these three factions in the pattern they are written in, at the same time mastering the fighting styles of the clans so as to defeat the bosses. These bosses need to be defeated in order for the player to move forward. Shadow is the ultimate boss that the player needs to defeat in the final stage.

shadow fight3 fighting

As the game progresses, the main objective of the player’s character is to get hold of Shadow, fight and defeat him. As Shadow dies, he returns to his human form. The player is trained in each of the stages, equipping the character for what is to come. There are different armors and weapons that you get to collect on your way, while you are still completing your training.

shadow fight3 avatar

There are various items that you can collect on the way. These items will help you customize your character better, providing more strength and variations while attacking. Along with items, you will also have opportunities to earn coins and diamonds. These would be your gaming currency and you could buy other items with these. Diamonds are the more valuable ones. You can collect the coins once you finish each level. The statistics of your gameplay will be exhibited on the screen after you complete each task.

shadow fight3 points


There are quite a few things that are new in this new installment. Except for the basic gameplay, movements, and game currency, there is not much similarity found between Shadow Fight 3 and its predecessors. Here are some of the features of the game that makes the game stand apart. Have a look.

  • 3D Graphics

The best and one of the most primary changes that the developers have introduced in the game this time is in the graphics department. The game no longer goes for 2D figures amidst a 3D background. In Shadow Fight 3, all visuals are 3 dimensional in nature. The characters are well built, with necessary detailing that offers lifelike built to the characters.

shadow fight3 graphics

  • Customize your Character

This particular installment allows the gamers to customize the character they are playing in their own way. There is a lot you can change about the character starting from hairstyle, complexion, and much more. As you progress in the game, you can also customize your character using equipment that you may have earned or bought along the journey.

shadow fight3 character customization

  • Win Equipment

As already stated earlier, the game offers you various opportunities to earn equipment such as armors and weapons to help you better your fighting skills in the game. You can either collect these on achieving various objectives or buy these separately. Completing side missions could also help you out in this regard.

shadow fight3 game win equipment

  • Engaging Plot

The storyline of the game is an impressive and engaging one. You need to keep up with the plot and the twists and turns that it offers. Just when you feel you have got it all figured out, some twist or objective may come up, immediately changing the fate of your character and the game.

shadow fight3 engaging plot

Pros and Cons of the Game


  • The training sessions prepare you for the upcoming challenges in the game.
  • The interface is pretty simple to understand.
  • The realistic visuals add to the aspect of realism essential to RPGs.
  • The plot is an interesting one.


  • It takes a lot of time for the game to load.
  • The plot can be a bit difficult to keep up with at times, even though very rarely.

If you like RPGs and fighting games this one here deserves a fair shot from you. Its engaging gameplay is guaranteed to offer you impressive gaming sessions that would be worth the space and time it takes up! Here is where you can try it out.

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Shadow Fight 3- Keeping Up With the LegacyIf you are a fighting game fanatic, it is obvious that you know about the new Shadow Fight 3. It keeps up with the legacy left behind by its predecessors and even adds to it in certain ways. You may have known about it...