Opera Browser Review

Opera is a unique and innovative browser that has created a long history in the era of the evolution of web browsers across the world. As compared to other web browsers which have several restrictions and firewalls are there due to which it denies access for clients. But in the case of the Opera browser, it is not the case and that highlights the beauty of this browser. Let us talk about Opera in more detail. Opera is the Norwegian web-based designed browser that allows it to distinguish itself from the other browsers based on other features and user interfaces. I have been using Opera for the last 2 years and I have to say that this browser is awesome and gives a terrific performance. It has got an in-built ad-block located in the extreme right of the IP address section, a battery icon saver that can tell how much amount of battery power is left, a turbo compression scheme, and finally the VPN network which stands for Virtual Private Network. There are some other premium services as well it provides for clients and it is owned by the Chinese Consortium.

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Installation and System Requirements

 The installation of Opera Browser is simple, but it is snappy as compared to the other browsers. In this process, the client must download sub installer from the main website of the opera home page. Once you download it into your system that just clicks the right-hand mouse button and runs as administrator. There will be a dialog box that asks to set the browser as default or not. The entire process of installation takes place inside the C drive or if you want you can choose the different path location based on your preferences. The next thing that comes is the system requirements and compatibility. Opera can easily run Windows XP or 7 or vista or 8.1 or 10, Mac OS X Lion, and some other Linux-based operating system. I would suggest using the latest version of OS or the above version of opera to run the browser smoothly. For windows, you can use either 32 bit or 64-bit architecture windows so it should not be the major issue. It would take a maximum space of 136 MB on a hard disk drive.

opera browser installation

Pros and Cons of OPERA


  • It can deliver fast performance
  • Gesture Navigation is user friendly
  • Inbuilt Adblocker and VPN
  • Turbo modes enhance performance
  • Customization


  • The social sharing tool is missing
  • Some sites are unrecognizable
  • Inbuilt extensions are not easy to trace
  • Companies do not prefer to use opera for security
  • Lack of Reliability


Let’s talk about the interface of Opera which is quite pleasing to catch the attention of the clients. It has got square tabs which have rounded corners in the middle between Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge’s round ones. There is also a tab review feature is there which is accessible from the down point right of the title bar. By clicking on this feature, it will show you a dropdown list of all tabs. The next feature is the Speed Dial home page tiles. The last feature is the menu button that is located at the top-left edge of the browser just like in other browsers it is located at the top-right edge of the browser in hamburger shape. But unfortunately, I am disappointed about the reading mode is still missing unlike from Microsoft Edge and Firefox this feature is present. It has the option that you can create many subfolders or bookmarks as you want.

opera browser interface

Video Pop-Out

Opera Browser has an interesting option known as video pop out that allows any clients to play video in a separate desktop window which is perfect. In other words, the two tasks can be able to handle simultaneously.

It allows you an option of a little double box arrow and if you click on it, you can be able to detach and resize the window on the desktop.

opera browser video popout

Inbuilt Ad Blocking

Opera browser allows you to block ads if you want. It is not always on by default. The option is there in settings where you must turn it on. The advantage of Inbuilt Ad blocking is that it boosts the browsing speed and reduces third-party tracking. In my case when I saw plenty of display ads, opera blocks major sources of ads which is not there in other browsers like Firefox or Chrome. But I don’t have the option to block the ads or if any clients want to disable ads the option is there. It is the opera that decides to block the ads. It can block more than 72 ads without any hesitation.

opera browser inbuilt adblocker

VPN Service

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is one of such networks that no one can be able to hack or access as because it is completely encrypted, and its coding is difficult to break. If the VPN option is there present, and it is turned on, then no hackers or advertisers, or government agencies can track its IP Address. You can surf and download anything you like based on individual preferences. VPN services are freely available but if you want to upgrade it, it is chargeable around $ 5 to $10 per month. You can install Opera and you can enjoy the beauty of VPN on any device. Any client must choose the server location by choosing the wise decision such as Germany, Netherlands, Canada, America, and China.

opera browser vpn

The Verdict

In my frank opinion, I would say that Opera Browser is a cool and fast browser where you can do a lot of tasks and at the same time it allows you to explore many features such as VPN, Ad-block, turbo, etc. For those who want to browse and surf in a secure manner, then I would not recommend them to use Opera, but if you want to do some more exciting and deep work, then Opera Browser is the best browser. It does have some bugs but I think by applying software updates, the problem can be resolve.


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Opera Browser ReviewOpera is a unique and innovative browser that has created a long history in the era of the evolution of web browsers across the world. As compared to other web browsers which have several restrictions and firewalls are there due to which it denies...