Tsuki Adventures – Nothing Quite Like Anything You May Have Played Before

The title is no clickbait. The game we are going to talk about today really is not quite like anything you may have played earlier. It is a fun game that follows the journey of the friendly neighborhood bunny, Tsuki, his life, what he does in a day, and so on. It is a great choice if you are bored and just want to browse through your phone a bit. The game offers dynamic gameplay that ensures an engaging gaming experience. If you are wondering whether or not to indulge in the game, here is a review of the game based on a first-hand experience that discusses all about the game starting from the plot, gameplay, and more. So sit tight and start reading.


Tsuki is the friendly neighborhood bunny, stuck in not such a friendly patch of life. Tsuki wakes up, attains office, runs up and down the office, meeting the demands of Tsuki’s boss, and comes home at the end of the day, stressed out. Tsuki is stuck in this endless loop of a thankless job and busy city life when the bunny receives a letter from Grandpa.

dear tsuki

Tsuki’s Grandpa has recently passed away, leaving behind for Tsuki a letter and the carrot farm. In the letter, Grandpa urges Tsuki to shift to the village, and start taking care of the carrot farm. Tsuki has not been to the farm in quite a long time but does not think twice about the opportunity. The bunny packs the bags submits the resignation letter and leaves for the Mushroom Village.

The game then follows the bunny’s everyday life there in this relaxing passive adventure game. Tsuki wakes up, goes about with his daily chores, and carries on a peaceful life away from the hustle-bustle of polluted city life.

On first loading the game you will get a glimpse of the busy hectic life that Tsuki endures daily in the city. As Tsuki receives Grandpa’s letter and submits the resignation letter, the scenery of the game shifts to that of a peaceful village. This is the Mushroom Village. Here, Yori, an old resident of Mushroom village comes to visit Tsuki. Yori advises Tsuki to visit the local shop once, exchange pleasantries with the owner, and buy goods that Tsuki might be needing later on and that would be the first major activity in the game.

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Now, you might be thinking, what is the role of the player in the game? Where and how is the player to function? That is the unique part of the game. The player has a rather passive, and yet an essential part to play in the game. The player collects various items along the journey and responds to the conversations with the villagers for Tsuki by choosing an appropriate option from the predesigned dialog boxes.

tsuki gameplay

The items that the player collects are all stored in Tsuki’s backpack. There are also a variety of other things that you can collect, such as toys and tickets.

tsuki gameplay stage

The currency of transactions in the game is the carrots that Tsuki harvests. There is a specific time after which the carrots are ready to be harvested. When the given time is completed the player needs to tap on the carrots to harvest them.

tsuki game ready to play

You can take a break, leave the game and then again check up on what the cute bunny had been up to while you were gone. Remember that Tsuki is a character of its own. Even though the bunny might require you to assist it now and then, Tsuki is not entirely dependent on the player for carrying on with its life. While you are gone, Tsuki can and will move about in the Mushroom Village, take part in various activities, using the items and tickets that you might have collected earlier. While you are away you will also receive consistent notifications about when your carrots are ready to be harvested. You can come back harvest the carrots and check out on Tsuki as well.

tsuki gameplay items

There are also daily rewards that you can win and you can gain more carrots by watching ads and fulfilling other smaller activities on the side. There is also a diary that our bunny maintains. On completion of or occurrence of certain activities in the game, Tsuki enters a new entry in the diary.

tsuki game new diary entry


Let us dissect the game a bit further and look at its salient characteristics with more precision. Give it a read then.

  • Graphics and Soundtrack

The main attraction of the game is its soothing and peaceful nature. The graphics and soundtrack both complement the relaxing mood of the game. The animation is pretty cute, with bubbly animals busy in their everyday activities across the Mushroom Village. The soundtrack is fun and aid in creating a dynamic movement in the game.

  • Gameplay

The gameplay is simple enough. The Tsuki adventures set a comfortable pace for the players to keep up with. It might become a bit slow at times when there isn’t much to do on the player’s part, but you can always leave, take a break and come back to check up on Tsuki after a while.  You will be sent a notification when the stipulated time is over and it is time for you to harvest your carrots.

dear tsuki gameplay start
  • Interface

The game has a very discreet layout. Everything that the player needs to know is all there on the screen. The items that the player collects that Tsuki can use later on are all packed inside Tsuki’s backpack. You can also take a look at the toys you collect and the diary entries that Tsuki enters in the game. All of these things are enlisted on the left-hand side of the screen in a vertical list.

  • Gaming Experience

There are various subtleties in the game that guarantee a very impressive, immersive, and engaging gameplay. Even though Tsuki is not a conventional RPG, little details such as the diary entries and the conversations in the game make the player feel more included in Tsuki’s journey.

Pros and Cons of the Game

Here is the gist of the game. This section deals with the pros and cons of the game, therefore jotting down a brief overview of the same.


  • The game is relaxing and offers a break.
  • It has a comfortable pace.
  • The game is fairly easy to understand and play.
  • The gameplay is engaging and offers a good gaming experience.
  • The plot is unique and fun.


  • The player has no active role to play.
  • The relaxing gameplay tends to get boring at times.
  • There are not many (or any) real challenges to overcome.

The gameplay is as simple and easy-going as the plot. There is no slashing and gliding of action games, neither the brain-racking of brain teasers and puzzles. It is a laidback game that lets you take a break from the stress of everyday life too. Enjoy the rustic countryside of Japan and the life there at.

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Tsuki Adventures - Nothing Quite Like Anything You May Have Played BeforeThe title is no clickbait. The game we are going to talk about today really is not quite like anything you may have played earlier. It is a fun game that follows the journey of the friendly neighborhood bunny, Tsuki, his life, what he...