Duolingo App Review – The Most Popular Foreign Language Learning Platform

Duolingo is mainly a website and a mobile application that is made for learning the American language and also made for digital language skill-learning. It is made also to learn through assessment exams. One of the most unique features of this company is that the company applies a freemium model. This means that the user can use this website and their app without any charges. However, Duolingo also offers its premium services free of cost.

Till June 2021, Duolingo is offering 106 various language courses and in 40 languages.

There are more than 500 million registered users in Duolingo, and there are over 40 million monthly active Duolingo users, which made it the famous language-learning app all over the world.

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On public scoreboards, users can compete with their friends or notice the way by which those people gather up in incidentally selected groups of up to 30 users against the rest of the world. The system-level which is used in Duolingo is XP which is known as experience points. This is a number system that defines the skill level of a user. There are also badges available in Duolingo which represent the achievements that the users earn for completing a particular level or challenge. This company is continuously putting efforts to improve its platform. Duolingo is also making courses that aim to teach every learner up to the level of B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages.

The process to study in Duolingo merges to different processes such as hearing every pronunciation, reading every sentence, audio recording, forming a phrase by joining words, to match various images to words.

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Duolingo for Schools

Duolingo provides a feature called “Duolingo for Schools“. This is a feature specially designed to allow teachers to track the progress of students. According to the report of 2012, an efficacy study presumed that Duolingo utilization for the study of Spanish was much more effective than that of learning languages in the classroom alone. However, for advanced language learning, Duolingo was a little less effective. One of the major reasons is that the grammar-translation procedure. This is used primarily by Duolingo and is mainly applicable for simple words and phrases rather than complex words. Simple words can be converted or translated into more of an exact process from one language to another language. This is more beneficial in the method of Duolingo.

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Duolingo Stories

In the year 2019, Duolingo set in motion a new feature known as Duolingo Stories. This feature is mainly made to improve learners reading skills as well as listening skills through their pre-defined short stories. At present there are stories available in French, Portuguese, German, Spanish and Italian courses for the speakers of English along with that more languages are incorporated for development.

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Models of the Business

In Duolingo, the features are free of cost. However, within a certain interval or period, a periodic advertisement comes for both mobile applications as well as for its web browser. Here a user can remove that advertisement by paying a certain subscription fee. This feature is known as Duolingo. There are included benefits which are skipping the level, unlimited gain of hearts as well as quiz progression.

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Revenue Generation

The revenue of Duolingo as of the year 2016 is 1 million dollars. In the year 2017, it raised to 13 million dollars. In 2018 the revenue became 36 million dollars and in 2019 it hit the revenue of 86 million dollars. In September 2017, according to the report of Forbes, it was seen that Duolingo generated their 50% revenue by ads. 48% generated from in-APP purchase and 2% from Duolingo English exam. Till July 2019 it was seen that only 1.75% of Duolingo users subscribe for their ad-free version of this app. In the year April 2020, Duolingo reached 1 million subscribers who paid. By the end of 2020 Duolingo had 1.6 million subscribers who paid.

In the year 2021, Duolingo set off as a publicly-traded company. They use the NASDAQ symbol DUOL.

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Duolingo uses the services which are Amazon web services retinue of products, which includes Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon Elastic compute, which contains nearly about 200 virtual instances, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (EC2), Amazon Simple Storage (S3) as well as Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). The backend of the server backend is written in Python programming language. A component known as Session Generator was reworded in Scala by the year 2017.

The front end was written in Backbone.js as well as Mustache but now primarily it is written in React as well as Redux. Duolingo gives a single web page application for computer users on desktop as well as also smartphone apps also on Android as well as iOS APP Store platforms (both for play store as well as Amazon App store). 20% of their traffic is earned from PC or Desktop users and 80% of traffic is earned from their mobile app users.


Duo lingo’s design is made with a green cartoon owl that is named Duo that has been taken from an Internet meme where the mascot will stalk every user if they do not keep an updated track. Acknowledging the meme, Duolingo released a video On 1 April 2019 Duolingo released a new video which is a new feature known as; “Duolingo Push“.

In the year November 2019, Saturday Night Live travesty Duolingo in a skit where parents tried learning to talk with their child by using a fabricated course on an app known as “Duolingo for Talking to Children“.

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Talking about the App, it is a needful and impactful learning application where a user can very easily learn any foreign language. We all know that pictorial representation helps us to remember words more precisely than that of writing only. Duolingo helps a user to remember each word by those pictures and video format.

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Duolingo App Review – The Most Popular Foreign Language Learning PlatformDuolingo is mainly a website and a mobile application that is made for learning the American language and also made for digital language skill-learning. It is made also to learn through assessment exams. One of the most unique features of this company is that the...