Walmart Photo Review – An Excellent Option for Photo Printing

We know that Walmart is a multinational retail corporation whose main headquarters is located in the United States. It is very well known for offering its products and services at a lower cost. Similarly, in terms of Walmart photos, it is excellent in taking photos and the quality is awesome. It is the least expensive as compared to other competitors who charge an extra amount of money in printing photos. I have been using Walmart photos for a year and I haven’t found any issues at all. It can fulfill the requirements of users about their preference of photos quality. Walmart photo usually offer three options for their customers such as home delivery where it costs 15 cents and your printed photo will be delivered at home, site to a store where it would cost 9 cents, and the size of the photos will be in 4 by 6-inch print photo and last is the one-hour option which will costs 25 cents, and it is a little bit expensive. The size of this photo print will be 4 by 6. Walmart photo uses a special type of printer which uses some special technology to enhance the quality of photos.

walmart photos

Gifts and Cards

Walmart photos also have this option to print your favorite photographs on different types of objects that you desire and if you order it will deliver at home. You can print photos on any commonplace cards, mugs, blankets, phone cases, bags, clothes, and any jewelry. The choices and preferences that Walmart photos offer are average and decent as compared to York photo and Shutterfly provides various choices and preferences. The features and varieties of printing photos are unlimited that you will find in Walmart photos. If there is anyone interested in making a design-oriented embellish holiday card, they must lower its pricing strategies by incurring a minimum amount of costs.

Single-sided holiday card photos 5 by 7-inch cost around 38 cents but you can also get the folding card 5 by 7-inch card for $1.28 for one quantity. Walmart photos have the option to offer premium options facilities like linen stock, foil printing as well

wallmart gift cardWalmart gift

Pros and Cons of Walmart Photos

The pros and cons of Walmart Photos are as follows: –



  • Flimsy packaging
  • Choices and preferences are quite less
  • Cost – cutting in reducing pixels of photos

Uploading Photos

It is an interesting feature of Walmart in that it allows you to import photos from social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and some other services. But the only limitation where it arises is that Walmart photos accept the photo quality only in JPG and PNG files. It does not support JPEG, TIFFs, and GIFs. So, you need to be very careful after clicking the photos, you must cross-check and verify whether it came in JPG, PNG, or not. If it does not happen, then you can convert the photos into JPG or PNG in any of the photo converter apps. Once, you finish uploading the photos, the website creates a gallery.

wallmart uploads

Choose and Configure Photos For Printing

The website of the Walmart Photos is clear as well as it is well designed, and it works the way I want. It allows you to select multiple photo prints and their sizes for each photo in just one single step. You can also allow displaying the photos multiple times for printing each photo size just like with Nation’s photo lab. The functionality of the Snap fish app and Walmart is almost the same but there are some minor similarities. The app also offers easy upload photos. You can make customizations, adjust the brightness, and contrast photos as per your needs. The black and white color photo option is also there which can allow you to take the shots in black or white models. This is the real beauty of the Walmart photo.

wallmart photo

During the selection of image print, you will find an option called edit link for every image. By clicking on that link, the simple editor dialogue box appears with varieties of options such as brightness, cropping the size of photos, tilt options, etc. You can also take a full-color option, or I can give you my color combination preference that is black and white with a unique designed sepia treatment. But if you want to decorate your photos a little bit fancy then, then I would suggest you install the software called Lightroom.

It depends on you that how many orders that you want for each print. The cost of four-day delivery will be $ 8 whereas seven-day services will cost $ 4. It is just the difference in efficiency rates is count over here.

Payment Options

Walmart photo allows providing various payments options such as PayPal, VISA, free charge, Chase Pay, Google Pay, and so on. You can easily be able to place your order and with the help of the mobile app, you can also trace the status of the order. Switching the order is also possible.

Print Quality

It delivers excellent photo quality. The color accuracy of the image is terrific. It prints the number code with also the date on the backside of the photo. The images are not washed out nor fades away so easily. There is also image quality comparison which has been shot by many editors. I want you to look so that you can see the actual result. 

wallmart image quality

The Verdict

My conclusion is that Walmart Photo is well capable of delivering excellent image quality without any doubt. It does offer fast shipping and delivery options. The pricing options are also quite cheap as compared to the other photoshoot apps. But I think that they must work really hard in terms of packaging, other competitors such as Amazon provides excellent packaging and uses good quality cartons. This is the only loophole that I found and the rest of the features are good.

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Walmart Photo Review - An Excellent Option for Photo PrintingWe know that Walmart is a multinational retail corporation whose main headquarters is located in the United States. It is very well known for offering its products and services at a lower cost. Similarly, in terms of Walmart photos, it is excellent in taking...