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By Twitter, we mean that it is American microblogging as well as a social media networking platform with the help of which each user can interchange and make a post with a caption or a message known as “tweets”.  Users who are already registered can post in their account, like each post, and then can retweet the tweets also; however unregistered users can only watch the posts on their wall. Twitter users can access their Twitter either from their website or from their Twitter app; however, Twitter was also accessible by SMS before April 2020. The Twitter service is run by Twitter, Inc., which is an organization located in San Francisco California. Apart from this, it has more than 25 offices globally. Earlier tweets were restricted to 140 characters but now the words have been doubled to 280 characters in November 2017 for non-CJK languages. For most accounts, usually normal, non-verified accounts, the video, and audio tweets remain limited to 140 seconds.

The main inventor of Twitter was Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams in the year of March 2006 after that it came into the sea on July of that year. From 2012, almost 100 million users started to post 340 million tweets per day, as well as Twitter service operated almost an average of 1.6 billion searches inquiry each day. In the year 2013 Twitter was declared as one of the most-visited websites among 10 websites, as well as Twitter is declared as the “SMS of the Internet”. In the year 2019 Twitter gained above 330 active monthly users. Twitter is a popular microblogging medium which is a vast medium that is used by a small pupillage of users.

Each tweet that a user post is by default visible publicly but the user have an option to restrict its post only to those people who follow the user. A user has access to mute its user if they do not wish to interact with them and also have an access to block Users can mute users they do not wish to interact with and also have the option to block another account from accessing their tweets. Users can able to tweet from their website well-matched exterior applications by which it means smartphone or from SMS, i.e. Short Message Service which is there in certain countries. One user can subscribe to another user which is known as “following” Users may subscribe to other users’ tweets—this is known as “following” and the users who subscribe are called “followers”, another name is “tweeps”, a mix and match of tweets and peeps. One single tweet can be re-posted by another user in their news feed and this is known as “retweet”. In 2015, Twitter again set up a new feature known as “quote tweet” (original name was “retweet with comment”). This is a feature where a user can able to write a comment then retweet, clutching one of their tweets to another one. A user can able to like a post former name was “favorite”. A user can able to update its twitter either by phone number or by direct text messaging or by apps liberated for particular smartphones as well as tabs. In the year 2009 Time” magazine technology author of Time” magazine technology essay Mr. Steven Johnson explained that the mechanism of Twitter as “remarkably simple”:


Structure of Twitter

A user can able to post something like words, lines, or phrases in a group with the help of hashtags affix with a “#” sign. In a similar way “@” sign which is followed by a username helps in mentioning as well as replying to one other user.

twitter structure

Lists of Twitter

Lately, in the year 2009, a new feature named “Twitter Lists were updated, which made it very much possible for a user to follow crude but effective authors instead of individual authors“.

twitter interests

Twitter by using SMS

With the help of SMS, a user can able to connect 5 gateway countries; that is shortcodes for the United States, Canada, India, New Zealand, and the Isle of Man which base internal numbers used globally. There is also a shortcode in the United Kingdom which is only accessible to a user who uses Vodaphone, O2 as well as Orange networks. In India Twitter is only supported by Bharti Airtel, an alternation of SMS Tweet, made for the user to check on all over the global network. Gladly Cast is a similar platform that is made for mobile phone users in Malaysia and Singapore.

twitter suggestions

Twitter Mobile APP

A user can use Twitter as an app in their smartphones for iPhone, Windows 10, iPad, windows phone, android, Nokia s40, and blackberry. Through SMS users can able to post their content. In the year April 2017, a new feature was discovered by Twitter namely “Twitter Lite” a new developing website app. It is made especially for those users who live in an area with an unreliable internet connection and where the internet connection is slow. People having internet less than 1 megabyte can use that and also people having limited space or storage in their device are allowed to use that.

twitter mobile app

Twitter third-party app

Twitter has limited the use of the third-party application by limiting the use of the app to 1, 00,000 users. From the year August 2010, OAuth-an an application that is required to use by the third-party app. In this application, users do not need to enter their password into their authentication application. This is mainly done to develop more security and to present Twitter as more user-friendly.

twitter third party apps


Since May 2021, Twitter started to examine Tip jar method in IOS and Android users. In this feature, a financial salary is given to the users who are making content on the Twitter platform. The Tip Jar feature is optional and a user if want can enable the tip jars option or may not enable it as well. Though by this option the address of the user goes to the recipient when they are redirecting their payment through the PayPal application.

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Review on the Twitter AppBy Twitter, we mean that it is American microblogging as well as a social media networking platform with the help of which each user can interchange and make a post with a caption or a message known as “tweets”.  Users who are already registered...