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Mystery and detective genres are two of the most popular ones irrespective of the field in context. No matter how many games or movies there are under the banner of this particular genre, you can always invent more. Here is another such example. Peek a Phone is a game in context today. It is a mystery game that involves the player connecting the various clues as given in the game thereby fulfilling the objective set before the player. It is obvious that you might not have got a totally clear idea about the game from just that one line. You may not have heard about the game before either. You would not be disappointed though if you give it a shot. Here is a review of the game that might help you decide the same.

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The game has a very simple layout. The general plotline that the game follows goes somewhat like this – the player somehow gets hold of a phone which holds various clues to complete the mission that the player is put in. on finding the phone the player is given a short description regarding the situation. Following the situation and connecting the dots with the clues the player needs to reach the objective that the game demands.

peek a phone missions

The first mission that the game proposes is a fairly simple one. It is named and is in fact an introduction as to how you need to play the game.

peek a phone investigations

On getting hold of the mobile phone in the game in each mission the player needs to browse through the phone and look for necessary clues. You can check the different applications that as shown on the phone screen, provided they can be used by the player.

peek a phone review

If you are stuck somewhere and cannot understand where exactly you need to look or what exactly you need to look for, you can always ask the game for hints. The game will then provide you hints regarding where you can look for the next clue.

peek a phone reviews

You need to answer a question that is key to solving the mystery of the phone. You need to arrive at the answer by using the various clues that you collect on the way. The question may consist of two or more parts. All of these parts of the answer can be found out camouflaged inside different applications.


The plotline of the game and how you need to progress in the same are pretty simple and easy. Please make the game a popular choice for many. If you are looking for some of the other such features of the game that make it a viable option for your download list, then here you go. In this section, we are going to discuss some of the salient characteristics of the game that make it popular.

  • Interface

One of the most important features of the game is the ease of playing it. Peek a Phone has a user-friendly interface and layout. As you load the game you are provided with a well-designed homepage. This page would contain all the missions that you can choose from and have completed. It makes it easy for the players to keep track of their progress in the game.

peek a phone challenge
  • Gameplay

Even though the gameplay might seem a little bland at first, the simple nature of the gameplay does not stop it from being an interesting one as well. With every other mission that you complete, the challenges would keep on getting tougher and tougher. The clues would be more difficult to find with each passing level, therefore giving you an actual challenge to overcome with every single step that you take in the game.

  • Plot

The plot is easy to keep up with. With every passing level, the plot keeps on changing making it easier to keep in mind the objectives. The game unfolds in layers. Only after you get to the first clue can you move on to the next one. For instance, if you are to look for the owner of an anonymous phone that you found lying in the park and you are to look for the street name and the house number of the owner, you need to search all the icons available for the required data. While you could find the street name in the messages, you could have to scavenge around a bit more for the house number. You cannot move further without having bought the clues at hand.

  • Graphics

The graphics of the game is top-notch. It is a realistic game and visuals do justice to the same. Be it the icons of the phone or the entire layout, the graphics never disappoint you. Starting from Internet search results to the gallery and the messages, you can often confuse the buttons of the phone displayed in the game with the ones of your actual phone. That is how realistic the graphics are.

Pros and cons of the game


  • Peek a Phone is challenging.
  • Even though it might look easy at first, it keeps getting harder with each passing level.
  • Its realistic graphics make it even more fun to play.
  • The hints that the game offers are authentic and actually help you to forward in the game.


  • The game should have more number of missions on the list for the players to play. The developers of the game are currently working on the same.

If you are looking for a mystery game that would not be too hard on your brain but at the same time challenge you with every level up, then Peek a Phone would be the perfect choice to go to. Want to try it out? Here you go-
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Peek a Phone - Mystery Game Connecting the DotsMystery and detective genres are two of the most popular ones irrespective of the field in context. No matter how many games or movies there are under the banner of this particular genre, you can always invent more. Here is another such example. Peek...