Zoom Review – The Trending Meeting Platform in 2021

The entire world is trying to fight it against Covid 19 from spreading due to which the physical existence of meeting has been completely down and for this reason many clients, employees miss important minutes of the meeting. Zoom, which is an online video conferencing platform and one of the market leaders where it allows you to work from home without even going to offices and you can be able to attend or host the meeting as well. This app can work for other kinds of get-togethers from virtual funerals to happy hours. Zoom was developed by Zoom video communications and the initial author of the program which made this platform more successful is Eric Yuan. If I say in terms of features, reliability, and stability, then zoom remains as one of the best apps for video calls that you can avail.  The company has a software called technology stack which grows with over 250 SaaS applications, but the primary goal is to ensure providing valuable tools to accelerate growth, and the secondary goal would be cost management. The key tool of Zoom is the optimize the total experience

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Getting Started With ZOOM Meetings 

At first and foremost, everyone must create an account on Zoom. You can either download the application directly from the Google play store or Apple App Store or if you want you can connect through web site portal which will give you the optimized experience as compared to app-based platforms. The authentication process is simple you can authenticate with Google or you can use Facebook as well, but I would prefer to use Google for the authentication process because if you try to log in with Facebook, your data might get leaked, and so on, but it depends on individual choices.
After that when the account is created, you get your meeting ID which is necessary to start the meeting otherwise it won’t commence. Sometimes it might ask for a login password to start the meeting which is specifically related to corporate meetings (security reasons). In case, if there are some technical glitches arrive, you can use the same meeting link. Similarly, in the case of audio connection, the process is the same after you join the meeting, Zoom asks for the permission of audio connection. You must grant yes to continue with the meeting.
Zoom meetings account is free because you can be able to host up to 100 people and view as many people as possible just like in gallery mode. But the major demerit of Zoom is that it does not provide you the cloud storage option to record the minutes of the meetings lecture neither you can record the calls. You must subscribe for a premium membership to access these features.

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Pros and Cons of ZOOM

Let us talk about the pros and cons of Zoom. They are as follows: –


  • Access to a free account
  • It’s quite easy to operate
  • Good performance
  • Rich features for hosts and participants
  • Software updates
  • Good track record


  • The addition of a meeting agenda or description is not possible
  • No toll-free dial for the US or the UK
  • Video Quality is not good.
  • Bugs are there
  • Subscription features charge more money
  • Track record gets mixed due to security and privacy concerns.

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Experience of ZOOM Meeting

I will be talking about my experience with Zoom. I have been using Zoom since 2018 as both participant and used to host meetings as well. So, when you log in as a guest, you must have noticed an option called waiting room where the participants need to wait for some time until the host allows you to join the meeting. The host who has enrolled for a zoom premium subscription gets a lot of options. The host has the power to set the meeting in such a manner so that there’s no waiting room, everyone who tries to join will be immediately being able to see one another chat together as well before the actual host arrives.

As the participant, you can either enable or disable your video and mic at any point of time until and unless permits you to turn the camera, the mic on, or if the hosts want, he can also disable any participant’s or camera.

Being a participant as well as host I can configure my screen to check and see relevant information panels, chatbox option is also there which is used if you raise any doubts or want to ask the question while in a meeting you can also do that. I think that this option is terrific.

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Functional Features

There are three features through which it makes the video calls much more interesting and enjoyable. They are as follows

  1. Virtual background
  2. Video filters
  3. Touch up Appearance

 Virtual Backgrounds

The interesting and most exciting feature of zoom is that it allows you to change the background of the image as per your choice related to any environment. The ones who use zoom for corporate purposes must add the company logo or brand of other companies. The privacy option is also there if you don’t want people to see any other details, those details will be hidden.

vritual background feature zoom

Video Filters

Video filters are almost as same as adding filters in Instagram or Snapchat and some other specific social media apps. It looks like a sort of stickers that add to your face when the app recognizes your face. Some cool options are also there including virtual animal faces, hair hats, flowers, crowns, holiday vacation themes, etc.

Touch Up Appearance

Touch-up appearance is a unique feature, which is available only on Windows devices and IOS, Mac OS devices but not on Android devices by which anyone can soften skin and hair to smooth over pimples, dimples by tapping on the area that you want to focus.

zoom feature

ZOOM Subscription

The subscription plans of Zoom are:


Small Business Large Enterprise

$14.99 $19.99



I just want to conclude that Zoom is a good video-based conferencing meeting that has a lot of features, and it is very much useful for larger companies to grow. But I think that the smaller companies may take some little to invest money in Zoom. I would recommend using zoom by following guidelines carefully as because the app is owned by Chinese then definitely, they have the right to access data from everywhere. Privacy and firewall issues need to be taken care of.

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Zoom Review – The Trending Meeting Platform in 2021The entire world is trying to fight it against Covid 19 from spreading due to which the physical existence of meeting has been completely down and for this reason many clients, employees miss important minutes of the meeting. Zoom, which is an online video...