Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Review

With the previous Spider-Man movie not ending too well for Peter; fans have long awaited since then for the new Spider-Man movie and the trailer for it is finally here. From the looks of it at a first glimpse, this iteration of Spider-Man looks to be the biggest in the franchise rivaling that of Avengers: Endgame, with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr. Strange and Doctor Octopus (played by Alfred Molina) being present in a big way. There are many more characters yet to be discovered which hints at the launch of the future of MCU phase 4 projects, integrating Dr. Strange’s character along with Spider-Man as the main propellants (compared to the Avengers being the top dog previously).


From the reveal trailer, it is seen that Peter Parker’s secrecy of being the Spider-Man has been thwarted by the doings of Mysterio, ultimately leading to his identity being revealed by J. Jonah Jameson. Initially, it seems bad, but Peter embraces the newfound popularity as the world now knows it’s him behind the mask, and sort of enjoys a pseudo-celebrity status. All is not well through this as MJ and Ned seem to not be taking too well with Peter’s newfound explosion in popularity and fame.


The amazing part (no pun intended) about all of this is that Dr. Strange and Spider-Man are finally going to share the big screen as the main characters in a Marvel giga-budget movie, with the possibilities of what to expect being endless as they have not disappointed us with the Avenger series. Dr. Strange being a character of high morals and uncorrupted willpower contrasted with Spidey’s youth and immatureness should be a fun combination to watch as the recipe is there for the classic contrasted personalities bouncing off each other well.

The synopsis that can be derived is somewhat perplexing and interesting to note that Dr. Strange is hellbent on casting a spell that deletes the memory of everyone who knows that Peter is Spidey. As we know with MCU, any spell of such caliber is going to have ramifications which is why Wong is against it (but as usual, ignored by Strange). It gets perplexing when Peter is against it, but not due to the obvious problems. He does not want the world to know that he’s Spidey after the memory wipe, but on the other hand, wants his close friends such as MJ, Ned, and even Aunt May to know that he is, as he is tired of deceiving them of the fact.

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Fans will be ecstatic to know that the hyped and mythical black-and-gold Spider-Man costume is true and is revealed in the trailer. The exact details are not sown or known as to how Spidey procured it, whether it is a new suit design or just a brand-new ulterior technology that us mortals don’t know of yet.

The trailer reveals three villains along with their brief introductions, which might seem like just another set of villains in a movie for the casuals, but the MCU fans already know that this might just be the reveal for the Sinister Six. Even though Sony hinted at it for a long time that there might be a Sinister Six movie, credit to them for integrating it with Spider-Man on a mega-budget film, giving their characters more exposure and the much-needed backstory behind the formation/motives of the group.

The characters revealed from the trailer are truly mind-boggling not just by the names and hype, but just by the sheer amount. First, we have Dr. Strange who seems to be pivotal in this movie along with Spidey, then there’s the return of Doctor Octopus, a classic legendary antagonist in the Spider-Man verse. Three villains are being revealed in the trailer, signaling the arrival of the Sinister Six in the MCU, and that’s not all (yet). With his signature giggle along with the appearance of a pumpkin bomb, Green Goblin is going to be there in the movie as well. With sparks of electricity shown in one scene with a ball-bomb, not too sure whether it is going to be electro or the return of Sand-Man from Raimi’s series, as the location is set in a sandy desert area with whirlwinds blowing.

Perhaps the moment that sets up the hype in the trailer is the reveal of Alfred Molina reprising his role as the legendary Doctor Octopus. Easily one of the best super-villains to grace the big screen, his greeting of Peter in the trailer is alone to evoke goosebumps out of the scene. Perhaps it is a far-reach but, his “Hello, Peter” is timed right after the explosion by Green Goblin, which might suggest a team-up of the two to take down the Spidey once again. Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin v. Spider-Man is not just an amazing match-up to see, but it rings many bells of nostalgia for the people who have grown up watching Raimi’s Spider-verse series with Toby Maguire.

Easily one of the biggest trailers of the year, and has generated the hype that in my opinion, it deserves. How the movie will turn out is a different issue, but from the looks of the trailer, it does look like it is on the right path and the critics and haters of Sony taking over the MCU will finally shut up after such a strong display from the reveal trailer.

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Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer ReviewWith the previous Spider-Man movie not ending too well for Peter; fans have long awaited since then for the new Spider-Man movie and the trailer for it is finally here. From the looks of it at a first glimpse, this iteration of Spider-Man looks...