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Amazon.com/Amazon Inc. is an American-based global technology company that mainly deals with e-commerce artificial intelligence, analog streaming OTT platform, cloud computing. U.S. forms five desired tech stocks as an acronym namely GAFAM. GAFAM stands for Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. Among U.S. five big companies known as Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon is one of the biggest information technology companies among these five. Amazon is referred to as “one of the most prominent economic as well as cultural vigor all over the world“, along with it has been dictated as one of the most precious brands in the world.

Amazon is mainly familiar for its non-interference of reputed industries through their technical innovation as well as their mass scale industries and services. Amazon is known for its largest marketplace in the world. In addition to this Amazon also occupied the largest place as an Artificial intelligence assistant providing the app, along with living digital streaming OTT platform and also act as a cloud computing platform by revenue as well as market grubstake.  Amazon has been defined as the biggest Internet organization in terms of revenue in the world. Amazon is now in the position of second biggest Pvt. Employer in the U.S. According to the report of 2020, Amazon gained of 2020, Amazon has the big worldwide brand evaluation.

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Amazon Devices

Amazon administers differently downloadable as well as digital streaming content by its Amazon music, Amazon Prime, Amazon video, audio audible derivative, Twitch. Amazon also handles a publishing arm which is Amazon publishing film, Amazon studios, television studios, cloud computing Web services, IT products, computing derivatives, customer electronics like Kindle, e-books, fire tabs, Fire TV, prime stick, Amazon Echo, and many more other devices. Amazon’s famous acquisitions that they made for few years are Twitch, Wholesale Food markets, IMDb, Twitch.  Recently Amazon is trying to purchase Movies and TV studios namely Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer which is still in the process.

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Partnership of Merchants

In the year 2000, a toy retailer of the U.S namely Toys ”R” US stepped into an agreement of 10 years with Amazon at a value of 50 million dollars per year. Along with it, there was a percentage cut of sales which stated that Toys ”R” US  would be the only exclusive toy and baby products dealer and supplier on the website and the chain’s website would directly redirect to them whenever someone is searching for those particular products in Toys and games category. In the year 2004, Toys “R” Us issued a case on Amazon stating that they had lacked a few varieties of toys and because of that Amazon allowed a third-party seller with their prior consent to sell products in the Toys and Games section in their website which Toys “R” US exclusively granted for themselves only. In the year 2006, the court permitted in favor of the company Toys “R” Us by giving them the right to uncoil the agreement with Amazon. They were permitted to establish their self-made e-commerce website. The company later had to award 51 million dollars in damages.

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There are many varieties of Transportation services available by Amazon to deliver and ship their packages. Amazon-brand assistance is as follows:-

  • Firstly Amazon Air is mainly a cargo air mode delivery service and is the last mile shipping service which is handled either by Amazon flex or Logistics by Amazon or the United Postal Service.
  • 2nd service holder is Amazon Flex, which is a smartphone app. This enables a particular one to act as an independent contractor. This involves shipping parcels to customers by their vehicles without wearing their uniforms. This delivery includes 1 or 2 hours Prime Now subscription delivery, delivery on the same day or the next day delivery of Amazon Fresh vegetables and groceries which is mainly provided from the local shops that have a contract with Amazon.
  • The next service is Amazon logistics. In this service, Amazon makes a settlement with small-scale businesses (it is known as “Delivery Service Partners“) to provide deliveries to their customers. Every business contains a nimble of almost 20–40 branded vans of Amazon, and those who are the employees of the Amazon contractors, wear uniforms of Amazon. As far as the report of December 2020, Amazon operated in different places which include United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Spain, and the United Kingdom.
  • Then comes Amazon Prime Air which is a drone experimental delivery and courier service.

Amazon directly takes people for working at their warehouse, bulk distribution stores, occupied Amazon Hub Lockers at a different location as well as their delivery stations. From here those drivers collect parcels. Till December 2020 Amazon stopped hiring drivers as the employee.

Products and Services

A series of products are available on their website namely Amazon.com. This includes large varieties of media (e-books, normal books, DVD, audio CD, videotapes as well as software), clothing, baby goods, electronics for consumers, glam products, epicure products, food products, grocery items, wellness and self-care goods, scientific goods, household and kitchen goods, jewellery different watches, gardening goods, music instruments, sports products, different tools, automobile items different toys and game products. In August of the year 2019, Amazon started a liquor stop in San Francisco, CA with a preparation to deliver alcoholic drinks and beer within the city. Amazon also formed different retail websites in few countries along with that it also ships internationally some of its products in some countries. In November 2020 Amazon started to deliver prescribed drugs through their online service. This service gives a discount of 80% utmost for generic drugs and branded drugs provide discounts up to 40% only for prime subscribers. These all products can be bought from the company’s website or bricks-and-mortar pharmacies located in the United States.


Amazon Website

The website amazon.com has gained a minimum of 615 million page visitors yearly as of the report of the year 2008. At the beginning of the year 2016, more than 130 million customers visited the U.S. website monthly. The company invested hugely in their server and still, they are updating their website and making it more user-friendly day by day.


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Amazon App ReviewAmazon.com/Amazon Inc. is an American-based global technology company that mainly deals with e-commerce artificial intelligence, analog streaming OTT platform, cloud computing. U.S. forms five desired tech stocks as an acronym namely GAFAM. GAFAM stands for Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. Among U.S. five big...