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Mythic Quest is the latest Apple TV+ production that depicts the workplace environment with some unique characters which thrive off each other to provide for a situational comedy setting while keeping the central plot serious. The story follows the journey of the two creative directors, Poppy and Ian (pronounced as ‘ion’, one of the many nuances of the show) in the eponymous organization named Mythic Quest. In the show’s world, Mythic Quest is the biggest MMORPG with a massive expansion “Raven’s Banquet” planned to be unveiled. The show follows the workings and workplace functioning across different layers of the organizational hierarchy ranging from the executive head down to the junior programmer associates providing a good range of problems and situations among different social statuses within the same company.

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Characters and Plot

The main characters of the show are Poppy (played by Charlotte Nicdao) and Ian (played by Ian McElhenny). The idea and conception of Mythic Quest was Ian’s idea, which results in conflicts throughout the season with his main ‘rival’, Poppy, the other creative head who has her ideas and looks for approval over Ian’s ideas getting added into the game. Ian is the stereotypical Alpha male in the workplace who must have his way through everything at any cost, although this is a result of him having some deep trauma issues since childhood which is explored later in the episodes and through the seasons. Poppy’s character on the other hand relies on the underdog archetype to draw the audience to root for her through rough and tough times, but the show does not go all out with this plan. There are times where it is seen that her character is a complex mix between her being the underdog conflicting with her feminist “girl boss” persona where the subtle hint is present that she feels depressed because she is a woman in a male-dominated field. This complexion does introduce new layers to her character as one moment she is the sweetest and nicest character who makes the most sense and follows logic, to the other side where she reigns down hell to unleash her wrath on her subordinates not completely realizing what she is doing until it is too late. The two contrasting personas go well against each other with both trying to win the executive and MTX heads’ approval, counting it as a win or loss per project, and being in a state of total competition all the time.

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The side characters also do a fantastic job in having their layers and difficulties and character arcs which give depth to their character and the relevant storylines when integrated with the main characters. For example, Danny Pudi as Brad Bakshi plays the MTX head who is sort of an egotistical maniac, but with his own set of problems that serve as his weak point. Danny’s character can sum up the show’s main focal point being that a lot more can be achieved if it weren’t for people and their egos. He is extremely materialistic and only focuses on the numbers and profits (a satirical take on the self-obsessed number crunching ‘gurus’ in the real industries). The character of Brad Bakshi with his own set of rules and mindset is often pitted against David Brittlesbee (played by David Hornsby), the more calm, logical, and ‘human’ side of the show displaying emotions pandering towards people instead of profits or creative art.

After watching the two seasons I do feel that Mythic Quest had the formula nailed down with its storyline and the sense of writing direction that the creators chose. Even though it is a pseudo-sit-com type show with constant gags and laughs and comedy originating out of the workplace, the character development and layers to each do give off those moments where it feels like a full-on drama as the characters put aside their differences and come along to achieve some common organizational goal.

Characters and plot-driven storyline aside, Mythic Quest does take a jab here and there at many contemporary issues in the real world such as male-domination in certain fields and the ‘faux equality passed out these days where everyone’s equal just to follow protocol, while behind the scenes it’s the ‘petty’ men who call all the shots. Ian’s character, for example, is a total narcissist and egomaniac who considers himself a genius for birthing the idea of Mythic Quest (which is an amazing game, no doubt), but throughout the show, it can be seen just how exhausting it is to work with him as one must work through his narcissism and ego to finally get a point across. Poppy being a woman in a male-dominated field also has her issues, where she is so hellbent on proving to the males that her work deserves more recognition and credit, she sacrifices her self-esteem if someone gives her an ounce of a compliment or calls her a genius, allowing her to be abused as a workhorse without her even realizing.

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After the first two seasons, Mythic Quest does pose a good question when it comes to egos in any aspect of life. In season one, it was Ian who had the massive ego and downplayed everyone else including Poppy. By season two, it was Poppy who inflated her ego to be on par with Ian’s and then went beyond, only to later realize it was too late to save what she had already stepped on and destroyed to inflate her ego in the first place. The character development on the show for each of its characters is phenomenal and is one of the crucial driving factors for the popularity of the show in my opinion. With season 3 being on a high chance to be confirmed (not officially confirmed yet), watch the first two seasons as this show does not disappoint once you’re invested in its characters and story arc.

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Mythic Quest – ReviewMythic Quest is the latest Apple TV+ production that depicts the workplace environment with some unique characters which thrive off each other to provide for a situational comedy setting while keeping the central plot serious. The story follows the journey of the two creative...