5 Apps That Can Help You Get Your Next Tech Job (That Aren’t LinkedIn)

The great thing about the tech industry is that technology itself allows you to streamline your job search. This can be a great help when trying to move forward in this competitive sector. 

There are lots of specially prepared apps out there that can help you take the next step in your career, whether you need to improve your resume or expand your professional network.  

We’ve all heard of LinkedIn before so we’ve instead looked at 5 key alternative and tech-focused apps that will be able to assist you in finding the perfect new job for your profile.


Preparing a resume for IT professionals can be a time-consuming process. Modifying all your information to fit the profile of an individual job is necessary to get hired but it can slow you right down.

Luckily ResumeCoach is an easy web app you can use to speed up the process. It features professionally prepared templates that you can easily adjust for any position you target. It’ll do all this without breaking your template design, no matter what text you need to change.

Furthermore, it’s available on your web browser and mobile devices from anywhere. This lets you easily create a smart and optimized document on the go that’ll be able to handle the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) that 98% of Fortune 500 companies use today.  


Dice is a free app that is designed to help you find the perfect job in tech. It allows you to narrow down the parameters to find the precise position that suits your profile and professional interests.

The other big advantage that Dice offers is that it uses data to help you get a better picture of your career options. You can find out the common salaries in your exact sector for your skill-set and the sort of opportunities open to you at your current professional level.


Glassdoor is another job-finding application that can easily be used on multiple devices. Its biggest strength however is the amount of user-sourced data it has on companies you’re aiming to apply for.

Users of Glassdoor provide useful information on what companies are really like from the inside. This can give you a good idea if a prospective employer is able to back up what they’re promising. 

After all, a lot of tech startups present a positive outward image, but the reality might be quite different once you start. This will help you avoid falling for something that’s too good to be true.

It’ll also provide some really useful insights into what the interviewing process will be like and what you should expect as far as salaries go within the organization.


Now, you’re probably rolling your eyes after seeing this entry but stay with us for a second. Facebook may be one of the best-known social networking apps of all but it can really help you with your career, believe it or not.

Where the world’s biggest social network really comes through for job searchers is in its groups. These gather together people with niche professional interests in certain areas and can help you meet potential employers or find out about interesting opportunities.

People post a lot of interesting leads in these groups or may organize professional networking meetings you can attend to get a better view of the current job market. Facebook may not seem like a great option for finding your next job but it can be more useful for that goal than you think.


Getting a job is one thing, working in it long term is another. Luckily Good&Co can help you find out if the place you’re targeting is the right fit for you personally.

This app offers support with almost all the stages of the hiring process. As well as using its search engine to find bespoke positions for you, it can also help you get your interview game on track.

It achieves this by assessing your personality type and uses that information to match you with suitable employers. It’ll also use this data to help you figure out some of the best directions for you to take your career forward in the most personally suitable way.

These 5 apps are just a few of the many helpful tools you’ll find online today to assist you with your search for the best tech jobs out there. Whilst it’s not an exhaustive list by any means these options will give you a head start in negotiating the many different elements of a job search in tech. 

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