6 Creative Storage Ideas For Every Type Of Kitchen Design

Storage spaces for kitchens have almost always been an important part of the kitchen layout. Most homeowners will agree that one can never have too much storage as through the years we always look for ways to find more free space for our innumerable kitchen products.

Whether it is for a new kitchen or an existing one, being smart and creative with your kitchen’s storage will let you leverage the available spaces without compromising on the aesthetics of the place or spending too much money.

Many companies dealing with luxury kitchens in Northampton and other places like Saturn Interiors can help you find different ways you can utilize your kitchen area for storage. However, if you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Six Creative Storage Ideas to Suit Every Kitchen Design 

We’ve put together a list of practical and creative storage ideas that suit every type of kitchen design. With these, you can easily integrate additional storage into your kitchen design in the best way possible.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Section Separators

While many may dismiss this as more of an organization feature, section separators can prove extremely useful in helping you get more storage space. The trick however is to know how to use them.

From using cutting boards to create different slots to adding in removable racks and shelf organizers, there are many handy features available on the market that let you create separate sections in your kitchen. With this, you get distinctive storage spaces that keep your elements and utensils in place.

2. Ceiling High Storage

The space between your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling is always an underrated area that should be used. Many of us approach that area during cleaning and leave it as it is most of the time. However, why not make the most of the space?

From extending your cabinets to the ceiling to adding open shelves for your lesser-used equipment, there’s a lot of ideas and ways you can utilize that ceiling space. While some people do add decor to those areas, with the option of getting more storage, the latter is probably a better option.

3. Built-In Elements

Many kitchens sport built-in elements that promote smooth surfaces across the space. The main reason behind this is to make the most of the available area so that the kitchen stays spacious. However, to take this up a notch, why not consider built-in storage?

From built-in coffee makers and shelves to stoves and ovens, there are many features you can consider. With this, not only do you save on space and sport a clutter-free look but you also have creative storage space that you can make the most of.

4. Open Cabinets

Another great storage idea that suits every type of kitchen design is utilizing open cabinets. While they may seem like an element that needs a lot of maintenance, open cabinets are surprisingly great to save on space and create an illusion of a bigger kitchen.

Simple wooden planks can do the trick and the best part is that you can customize them according to your requirements. Moreover, not only are your utensils displayed in a more organized manner but you can also proudly show off your collection.

5. Repurpose Elements

There are many elements present in every home that can be repurposed and used differently. For example, office supplies like a movable trolley can be used to store kitchen equipment. Older shelves can be painted over and used to store other utensils.

The point here is to get creative and see opportunities wherein you can make the most of what you have available. With this, you can save on money while adding extra storage space in your kitchen.

6. Kitchen Island Drawers

While many kitchens sport a luxurious island in the middle of the kitchen, it’s an element that you can make the most of especially when you consider storage. With this in mind, adding shelves or drawers to your island can serve as a hidden storage area.

You can make this more organized by having separate sections of different sizes to fully utilize the area well. You could also alter it according to your needs to leverage the feature fully.

To Sum Up

While these are only a few of our favorite storage ideas, there’s a lot more than you could consider for your kitchen. The underlying idea is to get creative and think out of the box to make most of the available space and features.

From companies that provide modern kitchen designs in Northampton and other places to DIY projects, there are many ideas awaiting you!

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