Two Dots– Fun-filled Challenges

Sometimes the intense plotlines of Assassin’s Creed or Prince of Persia do not seem that attractive.  You could probably be searching for a more laid-back game. Something that offers you a challenge but at the same time is simple enough to follow. If you are looking for such a game then look no further. Here is just the game you are looking for. Two Dots replicates the popular phone game Candy Crush but adds a new texture to the replica too. The game shows the journey of two dots through various landscapes as they take on new adventures. What are these adventures? They are the different objectives that the player is to fulfill through the game.

This review offers you a better grasp of the game. Keep reading.

two dots game


The game is a simple one. There are dots of various colors and all you need to do is to connect them in one straight line.  You can connect them in any way as long as you connect them in one straight line. However, a diagonal line would not count.

       two dot gameplaytwo dots gameplay

A person who is yet to play the game would have the obvious question- if the gameplay is indeed this simple, then where is the challenge?

The game has a plethora of levels that a player can play. The player cannot choose randomly which level to play through. Only once you have completed one level can you move to the next one. These levels have singular objectives. While connecting the dots the player needs to keep in mind the mentioned objectives and conditions.

two dots adventure continue

The objectives and conditions would keep changing with each level that you play. For instance, while in one level you could be asked to join 15 dots of every color, the next level could be asking you to join 50 dots of every color present there. Some levels would decrease the number of dots to be joined while increasing the types of colors present. The game offers a variety of patterns when it comes to its objectives.

   two dots game level 1two dots game level 1

With each of the levels was in a different aim in front of the players, it decreases the chances of boredom even though the primary plot remains the same. After you finish a level you can also share your progress online and connect with friends online and play with them too.

two dots game feature

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Your phone storage is essential. He would not want to install anything that would eat up your space but at the end of the day would not even be worth it. Well, Two Dots would not be included in that list. But do not go with whatever is being said to you. Here is a list of the features that the game offers. Give it a read and decide for yourself.

  • Fun graphics

The best thing about this game is probably its graphics. They are fun, bubbly, and vibrant. Unban tease when you do not want to exercise your brain much, but just want something to fidget with, the graphics of this game makes it one of the best choices for such occasions. The lines, dots, and all the other visuals in the game are so satisfying and calming. It appeals to your senses and has a smooth flowing nature.

two dots game easy flow
  • Easy to follow

The game is super easy to follow as well. There is no complex storyline that you need to keep up with. Many mobile games offer some very intense plots. You need to keep on moving back and forth between the future and the present. Even though that might seem challenging and worth it at first, after some time it would become difficult to keep up with the plot. This game does not have any such issue. The nature of the game is smooth flowing, simple, fun but at the same time engaging as well.

  • Simple interface

The interface of the game is quite user-friendly. Older people who might not be that well acquainted with technology and its functioning, and more so with mobile games, could also keep up with the pace of the game. The layout of the game is also pretty simple but very concise. It gives you all the information that you need as the player- the number of lives remaining, your objective, number of moves that you can avail, the level at which you are currently, and so on.

two dots game engaging
  • Engaging

One of the above features of the game helps to make the game an engaging one. The game offers an immersive and engaging gaming experience. It is even addictive to a certain extent. The more dots you join, the more interesting the game becomes. You are offered different kinds of challenges and objectives. So, even though the primary plot of the game remains the same, the new challenges come up vibrant graphics, satisfying visuals, and the ease of playing make the game fun, engaging, and addictive.

Pros and cons of the game

The game has its own set of upsides and downsides. Here is a gist of the pros and cons of the game that might help you arrive at a decision faster.


  • The game is easygoing.
  • You can play it at your pace.
  • The interface is simple and offers clear instructions regarding the objectives of the game.
  • The game has a satisfying vibe.
  • The game is free to play. You can get it from the Play Store and install it for free. It does not ask for any in-app purchases either.


  • The game has various popup ads. They keep increasing in number the longer you play and sometimes may break the flow of your gaming sessions.
  • After a time it may turn monotonous. The primary objective always remains the same after all.

Overall, the gaming experience of playing the game has been great. Even if it turns monotonous at times, you can always take a break and come back later. The game is anyway not meant for long gaming sessions. Two Dots is a game that beats boredom in times when you don’t want to rack your brain but at the same time crave a fun gaming session.

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Two Dots– Fun-filled ChallengesSometimes the intense plotlines of Assassin’s Creed or Prince of Persia do not seem that attractive.  You could probably be searching for a more laid-back game. Something that offers you a challenge but at the same time is simple enough to follow. If you...