Disc driving 2 – The Racing Game for Speed Lovers

Racing games are plentiful in the industry to the point where turn-based Gameplay from other styles is slowly infused with the high-octane style to provide a mix of speed and strategy at the same time, which one can find in the Disc Driving 2 game. It pits the player with a disc (obviously) with the objective being to move it around the track in the shortest time possible while facing off against four other people in a pseudo-NFS paced race, albeit with more strategy and thinking involved into where to place the disc should go for the most efficient route.


Players move the disc around by swipe commands concerning the disc to move around. Although it might seem like a slow-paced game due to its turn-based nature, it is not, allowing you to chain multiple commands one after the other to preserve momentum and be more efficient around the track. The controls do take some time to get used to and might even feel a little wonky and sluggish at first, but with time this is easily overcome, and the controls don’t interfere with the fluidity of the game after that.

disc driving racing game

The chaining of movement after the first input is necessary to do well in the game as it is filled with obstacles ranging from lasers to empty spots where the disc can fall off the map, making it near impossible for the player to dodge everything in one motion. If you hit an obstacle or fall off the map, there are a handful of options to go through which include watching an ad for a free retry, using a limited retry, and just giving up for the trial and spectating others.

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The offline co-op also exists in the form of pass-and-play on the same local device allowing you to compete for the best times across a local leaderboard with your friends without the need for online access.


For the most part, this game is played online against other people competing against their times to be on top of the leaderboard. Signing up online is very easy as it is integrated with the Google or Apple account used on the device’s play store or AppStore. Once in an online game, players have the choice to strategize and plan out their play instead of diving headfirst and blind onto a track. While others are going through their timed laps, you can view and uncover the track in Freeview mode and look where the obstacles or dangers are to better influence your outcome of the race. Other than this, there are not many differences when compared to the single-player mode called ‘speedrun’, where players try to post the fastest possible time around a track to beat people on a global and friends-filtered leaderboard.

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Even though graphics are not a priority in games such as these due to their main draw being their unique mechanics or Gameplay, the graphics in this game are good and nothing to scoff at, with fluid animations present for every type of obstacle crash or falling off the map. It does show its free play though with the repetition of its animations played whenever possible showing the lack of polish or completeness. Regardless, the graphics are not the best, but they are not terrible either, considering it’s less than 100MB on a handheld platform.


MTX is present in this game as is to be expected with 99% of F2P games in the industry with varying levels of influence on the gameplay experience and the Gameplay itself. Other than the aesthetic choices which enhance or alter the look of the disc itself along with its other peripherals, the game does offer MTX options that could be considered on the borderline of pay-to-win. The upgrades and power-ups for the disc take a grind to unlock if playing through it without spending a dime, compared to just spending less than $10 and getting multiple upgrades from the get-go. Not a deal-breaker but certainly something to look out for if spending time on a game equates to some form of tangible value that the player seeks.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely fun to master the mechanics unique twist on speedrun games
  • Online gameplay is satisfactory
  • Simple control scheme to get into


  • MTX is borderline Pay-To-Win


 Disc Drivin’ 2 is what would happen if the pace of a high-octane racer or action game was combined with the strategic and resourceful pace needed for the gameplay of chess. The gameplay and control mechanics are simple but nuanced enough which requires some understanding and getting used to, resulting in more satisfaction after mastering the controls and going for speed runs or straight into online to take other people’s records. Apart from a few improvements especially in the way the MTX is facilitated in the game, Disc Drivin’ 2 is a fun fast-paced strategy game that does deliver on what it promises: The need to push for the fastest time.

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Disc driving 2 – The Racing Game for Speed LoversRacing games are plentiful in the industry to the point where turn-based Gameplay from other styles is slowly infused with the high-octane style to provide a mix of speed and strategy at the same time, which one can find in the Disc Driving 2...