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One plus 9 pro is one of the flagship smartphones which has been giving brand premium-feeling look for customers for many years in the smartphone industry. They never compromise with the built quality. One plus, who always has one goal is to play in the bigger league and they target the aristocrat, rich class people to sell their phones to earn revenue. It comes with a complete package and that’s why it easily recommends without any drawbacks. It is one of the most expensive smartphones offering by this Chinese company One plus who want to gain trust and brand name in the market. This time, one plus changed the style of hardware integration, software, and built quality to the next level and by this time this smartphone would nail with their fundamentals part. One plus is tied with Hasselblad to give an immersive camera quality result as well as the software issues have resolved. One plus also offers to their customers to avail red card cable membership to fully access the full benefits and warranty status.

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The One plus 9 pro comes with a base model of 8GB Ram, and 128 GB of internal storage, and there is also another variant of 12 GB Ram and 256 GB internal storage, but that model costs $100 more than the base model variant. It is unfortunate news that no memory card expansion slot is available because I think that storage capacity should not be a major concern for all of us to fulfill our requirements. It is more than sufficient. The size of the phone is 6.42 * 2.89* 0.34 inches and weighs around 197 grams. It has got a 4500 capacity battery which is non-removable but as far as I noticed is that it is significantly lighter than the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model. It is easy to operate in a single hand and the color variant comes in two different types which are silver and green. I like the silver variant better than the green variant, but it depends on everyone’s preferences. This has got protected with IP 68 splash-proof water resistance which means that even if heavy droplets of a waterfall are on a smartphone, nothing will happen, and it is an in-display fingerprint mounted. As usual in this model comes without a headphone jack and no headphones also specifically provide in the box whereas the other vendors supply headphones at a cheaper price because of pricing and marketing strategy. It comes with gorilla glass 5 screen protection which is much better as compared to earlier versions. The phone gets charged within 45 minutes thanks to a 65-Watt dash charger.

oneplus 9 pro review



The display of the screen uses some special sort of new technology called LTPO which stands for Low-temperature polycrystalline oxide which helps to reduce power consumption by 50 % and it is installed with a 120 Hz refreshing panel, but it consumes power. So, I would suggest keeping the panel level up to 90 Hz. It is an OLED display which is 5 times better as compared to IPS and AMOLED in terms of color reproduction and pixel quality. The good feature of this display is that you do not have to increase to max brightness and color saturation is also cool and fine, but if you want you can boost or warm the color saturation. LTPO is a power optimization display.

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It has always been given remarkable performance in terms of speed and it is fast. It comes with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G  chipset and its geek benchmark is a bit more gives better results as compared to Galaxy S21 ultra which is a 24% increase on both single and multi-core results. The processor provides an excellent jump in its graphics performance. It runs on Android 11 with the latest oxygen Color OS enhancements. It guarantees 2 years of OS upgrades which means that this device is eligible to get an OTA update of Android 13 and three years of security patch updates. But there are some bugs that One plus needs to resolve quickly. The gamers won’t have any difficulty in playing games such as PUBG, League of Legends, Call of Duty, etc. It is a power-efficient processor.

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The One plus 9 pro supports more than 6 bands across the world because the processor is a future-built 5G chipset and this device supports carrier aggregation of LTE+. It depends on the geographical aspect and mm-wave which is the frequency signal. It has got Bluetooth 5.2 powered by WIFI 6. The ones who use AT &T uses 4G network

I had done the network speed test between One plus 9, One plus 9 pros, and Samsung Galaxy S21, and the following results are as follows: –

oneplus 9 speed


This time One Plus has done a terrific job to improve the quality of the image. Every Model of One plus mobile we have seen that the sensor that they use is the Sony IMX, but this time they made a partnership with Hasselblad lens a subsidiary company of Motorola which improved the quality of photos, and it is quite capable of taking incredible photos.

It is a quad camera setup. The main camera has got a 48MP primary lens which has an f/ 1.8 aperture equipped with EIS Electronic image stabilization and OIS Optical Image stabilization. There is also a 50 MP lens which is used for Ultrawide shots with f 2.2 aperture, 8 MP telephoto lens, and last but not the least 2 MP which is used for taking macro shots and it supports 4K video up to 120 fps and slow motion up to 480 fps in 1080p.

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  • Excellent fast performance
  • Supports Wireless charging
  • Oxygen color OS
  • Built quality gives premium looks
  • Latest snapdragon processor


  • A lot of Bloatware and junks
  • Battery life could have been given more
  • Overpriced
  • Built quality is made up of plastic with metal coating
  • OIS is not optimized and EIS is average


One plus is a nice phone which is available for $970. But I think that it is charging a bit extra money. The rest of the features are excellent, and it is powered by snapdragon 778 G which will give the best performance. But what I observe is that many users find a lot of bugs and I have noticed the same thing. I hope that in the upcoming future they resolve the bugs by using the latest OTA update. One plus must work hard on built quality furthermore as they are still using plastic which looks like metallic but it’s not. Unfortunately, it is their market strategy to minimize the cost.

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One Plus 9 Pro Review – The Premium SmartphoneINTRODUCTION One plus 9 pro is one of the flagship smartphones which has been giving brand premium-feeling look for customers for many years in the smartphone industry. They never compromise with the built quality. One plus, who always has one goal is to play...