Pinterest App – The Pictogram Sharing Platform

Pinterest is used for sharing American pictograms and offers services to social media. It is designed to explore new ideas and add interior design to authorize saving by using images on the internet using images and animated GIFs, short videos in a small scale as a pin boards form.

The creators of Pinterest are Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp and had worldwide agile users of around 478 million as of year March 2021. The operation is done by Pinterest, Inc. located in San Francisco.


Features and characteristics

The reason behind the making of Pinterest for the users was that they will be provided with service like an “index of ideas” which ultimately inspires end users to “go out and transform that idea into a specific work”, however, that do not apply it as an image-based ‘social media. Pinterest also consists of a large fashion profile. After few years, Pinterest is renamed with the name “visual search engine.                                                                  Pinterest has mainly two parts which consist of “pins” as well as “boards”. A pin is defined by an image that is linked via the website or it is uploaded. There is an option or a process of “repining” that a user can save from some other user’s board.

Boards mainly consist of pins that have many quotations, travel blogs, articles on weddings, and many more. Boards also have a collection of various ideas which is divided into multiple sections which are further subdivided into multiple pins. One user can follow as well as unfollow another user; the same goes for boards as well, “home feed” is filled in this way.

Every content can be seen on other platforms and can be uploaded similarly to a board with the help of the “Save” button. Then it can be further downloaded as well to the bookmark bar of the website, or it can be executed with the help of a webmaster that can be saved on the website directly. The original name of the button was “Pin it” but in the year 2016 it was renamed to “Save” due to global expansion so that the site becomes more instinctive to their new user

In the year 2016, in August, a video player was put into the sea by Pinterest in which the users and different brands can able to upload as well as store short video clips which can be of any length directly to their site.

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The exploring nature of the Home feed

The home feed of Pinterest is mainly a bunch of Pins taken from the end-users, boards as well as their related topics that are being followed. Few stimulated pins are for promotion and few pins that Pinterest has chosen. A “pin feed” is displayed on the main page of the Pinterest app which exhibits the sequential order of the Pinterest boards which a user follows.

From 2013 Pinterest started to display advertisements in the form of Promoted Pins. These depend on the interest of the individual user and like this way it is done on Pinterest or maybe an outcome to visit a publisher’s website or app.

In the year 2015 Pinterest updated with a new feature where a user can search for anything with the help of an image instead of typing words. In the year March 2020, a new feature called the “Today” option is displayed in the home and shows the most trending pins.

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A new feature of Pinterest namely “Visual Search”

In the year 2017, Pinterest again put into the sea a new tab named “visual search” which enables users to search anything in the form of images (present pins, present photo parts, or a new picture) and according to users preference they guide with the suggested pins from the database of the Pinterest app. The tools are sponsored with the help of artificial intelligence known as Pinterest Lens, Instant Ideas, and many more.

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Shopping and Product choosing from Pinterest

The platform performs its business generally for the retailers to create pages and to promote their pages online.

In the year 2013 Pinterest implanted a new update known as “Rich Pins” to intensify the searches of the user by the company. These business pages contain many different data’s many information which includes product prices, movie ratings, and cooking recipes.

In the year of June 2015, Pinterest also updated with a new feature known as” buyable pins” where users can able to shop anything which they are visualizing. Then the name is renamed “Product Pin” in the year of October 2018.

In the year March 2019 again Pinterest updated a new feature by adding product catalogs as well as customized recommendations for shopping incorporating the “more tab from brand” menu, which showcases a wide series of products from the option called product pins.

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Pinterest is a website or an app that is available for free to the users and requires registration to access properly. Pinterest can be accessed through a web browser or from an app in iOS, Android and for PCs, it is windows 10.

Reuters and Com score observed that Pinterest had 48.7 million users uses Pinterest globally in the year February 2013.

In the year October 2016, Pinterest gained a monthly regular user of around150 million (Seventy million in the U.S., Eighty million outside the USA), which rises total monthly regular users of 175 million users by the year  April 2017, finally gaining around 250 million users in September 2018.

In July 2020 Pinterest gained 400 million regular users.

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Pinterest highly attracted women largely with its prompt end-user base. It is found over 60% of the regular global users are mostly women as of the report of 2020. However, men were not the primary users of Pinterest still a survey showed that the usage from the male side also raised to 48%. The division with regards to age distribution shows that the users between the ages of 18-25 have bloomed to twice faster than those of the age of above 25. Although it is seen that both of the groups from age 18-25, as well as the age from 25-40, have enhanced their interest in the growth of this app called Pinterest.

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Pinterest App – The Pictogram Sharing PlatformPinterest is used for sharing American pictograms and offers services to social media. It is designed to explore new ideas and add interior design to authorize saving by using images on the internet using images and animated GIFs, short videos in a small scale as a...