LINKEDIN – The Most Preferred Online Platform for Professionals

In today’s world we live in such an environment that information, flow of resources and social media plays an important vital role of our life to develop a great carrier and seek job opportunities by connecting among people. LinkedIn is the number one online network which is used for developing professional network, building a good carrier, and finding new job opportunities to achieve a common goal in our life. By the age of 20, I think that everyone began to think about their career aspirations and for that reason we should have a LinkedIn account which is now became mandatory for all of us to survive in job competition, and even though the services also fall well in short of perfection.

In LinkedIn, to connect with people or apply for any job role or acquired any knowledge, skills and opinions from any famous entrepreneurs, CEO, Chairman, we must send invitations request to connect to them after we know about them, and we must update our resume Up-to-date. But the benefit of LinkedIn is still outweighing their nuisance which makes it a clear Editor’s Choice. The best parts of LinkedIn add advantage only for professionals so that post, its details, and appreciations must be well mannered and diligent. But it is not mandatory for everyone to tend with their LinkedIn accounts because the case of hiring recruiters, managers is something that it adds them the actual real value.


LinkedIn Basics And Profile 

Those users who are opening their account on LinkedIn, it is of free of cost at the first instance and so we can draft an online platform. You can update and make resemble preferences of your LinkedIn profile as per your choice and what I can say is that it helps to emphasize professional affiliations, skills, works experience, job titles and so on.

LinkedIn also provides this opportunity for everyone is what something I did is that you can also even add multimedia to your profile to showcase videos you created or any articles that have been written about you and some other spotlight moments. If you want the profile to use for free purpose, it requires more than email address and password to get started. The profile will be like a normal resume with section of summary and experience of job display on the screen. It allows you to complete the profile process to complete 100 % and apart from that it also allows you to upload a profile picture of yourself and some other information so that people can know some more information and idea about you and based on that they can give some suggestions or if you applied for any post, they can help to guide you through process and I felt that it does have some add value.

Before you connect with any business partners or friends or any co – partners, it suggests whether you know anyone based on shared relationship or any company affiliations and I do personally feel like these suggestions does little nagging. I would recommend using LinkedIn for those users who wants to set a long-term goal in their life.


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Pros and Cons Section Review 

Some users does find using LinkedIn very much useful for developing carrier and seek job opportunities whereas some users does not find it so much useful. I will classify and divide into pros and cons.

Let us understand the major pros and cons of LinkedIn: –

Pros (Liked)

  • Best Online Professional network
  • It has great profile tools which includes ability to add multimedia pieces
  • Improved job listings and excellent job board
  • Good and enhanced search capabilities
  • It offers premium based subscriptions to cater different types of professional users

Cons (Didn’t like)

  • Email communication takes place in an excessive manner
  • The site remains busy as well as pricing is expensive
  • Clarity is not there in sufficient amount on what’s sent when invitations sent to connect
  • Full of spam messages to get filled which is annoying
  • Interactivity level is limited
  • Sale connections and glitches

You can go through this link below for reference: ” https://www.getapp.com/hr-employee-management-software/a/linkedin/reviews/

But it’s true that in LinkedIn I can be able to stay in touch with people who are from past job or any volunteer work, schools, and professional groups and what I like is it keeps their contact information. Similarly, people who are there in my network can also find me easily as because I used to keep my information up to date. LinkedIn facilitates to bridge the communication between professionals and non-professionals as well. It gives privacy option from people you don’t know if you choose.

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Subscription Premium Accounts

LinkedIn is free for everyone but just like many other sites and services it also offers a premium based subscription to upgrade by adding some perks which will help to unlock the power of premium LinkedIn. The one I use it cost around only $20 a month, but users should use four as because there are people who use LinkedIn in different ways which depends on their roles. It has four different account types: –

  • Carrier Job seeker costs ($29.99 per month)
  • Business Plus costs ($ 59.99 per month)
  • Sales Navigator costs ($ 79.99 per month or $ 800 per year)
  • Recruiter Lite ($ 119.99 per month)
linkedin careers
linkedin premium

Settings and Customizations 

So, if you want to use LinkedIn, allocation of time is necessary through all settings and customizations as several of them are important.

As I already mention one cons is that excessive email. I feel that LinkedIn sends a lot of mails which can be more than 20 different types of email notifications to customize but as per opinion their offers are good. It gives you less information that you want such as listing of open jobs that may fit your experience. You can also enable the option to allow important notifications so that you don’t have to investigate further and scroll through every single mail and visibility is also your choice as to whether you want to enable your profile picture visible for everyone or no one or ones who are there in your friends list.

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Verdict/ Conclusion

I feel that that if you are serious in making career, seek the job opportunities and stand on your feet, I think you should be on LinkedIn and having a LinkedIn account adds real value without much of return. You can have the opportunity to explore many features and services and always maintain a handy readymade resume ready up to date.

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LINKEDIN – The Most Preferred Online Platform for ProfessionalsIn today’s world we live in such an environment that information, flow of resources and social media plays an important vital role of our life to develop a great carrier and seek job opportunities by connecting among people. LinkedIn is the number one online network which...