Logitech G304/G305 LIGHTSPEED Review: The Perfect Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech’s new G304 or G305 (depending on the region) wireless gaming mouse might just be the perfect mouse in the entry-medium range as it punches quite above its league with the specs and features it offers. The low price is by no means an indication of a bad mouse as Logitech has outdone themselves with their HERO sensor giving the mouse not only an exceptional sensor but as well as a long-lasting battery.

logitech g305 wireless mouse

Before getting on to the feel and grip and the functionality of the mouse, let’s check out the specs first:

HERO sensor which can be adjusted from 200 to 12000 DPI on-the-fly

Max. Speed > 400 IPS including support for acceleration at > 40G which is way faster than any human can possibly think of moving the mouse at that speed

Wireless polling rate – low-performance mode sets it to 125Hz while the Hi-Performance mode locks it at 1000Hz resulting in smooth and snappy mouse movement.

Weight – Super Lightweight at 99g (mouse only)

Button Lifetime – 10 million clicks (ample amount for the price it is being offered) on all 6 programmable buttons

Battery Life – 250H on Hi-Performance mode and over 9 months if using the lower performance modes


The ergonomics of this mouse can be a bit hit or miss depending on the palm-size and the type of grip players are used to on their previous mice. With an asymmetrical form factor made of matte-finished plastic, it doesn’t really have scoops on the side for the palm to rest on. This is not a major drawback, however, as the mouse is quite small and easy to cup allowing for small-medium hands to grip it easily. The matte plastic is built well and does give it a premium finish and a feel when compared to other cheap gaming mice in this price range made from plastic.

logitech g305 mouse wireless

Symmetrical shape allows for both left-handed and right-handed grips

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Logitech’s Omron Switches are well documented for double-click issues across all their mice whether it is a low-end or the absolute high-end that money can buy. From my personal experience of using this as my daily driver and dumping a lot of hours on CS, League of Legends, and Path of Exile over the past 3 months, I have not noticed a single issue yet regarding the buttons double-clicking or any other issue out of the ordinary.

The placement of the 6 programmable buttons is very well thought out, something to be expected by Logitech, with 2 side buttons resting just above the thumb and a DPI switcher underneath the scroll wheel. My only gripe with this mouse is that the left and right-click depress a bit too much resulting in a higher-pitched tone compared to the other buttons, although it is not a major deal-breaker.

The scroll wheel is easily my most used function, uses ranging from excel and checking mail inbox to binding the jump function to the wheel in games just as CS 1.6. Using the G402, G502 and now the G304, it does feel like the G304 comes at a very close 2nd with its scroll wheel, beaten only by the G402.

Logitech g305/g304 lightspeed wireless mouse

Comparison in size – G402 at 144g (left) v. G304/G305 at 99g (right)

Productivity and Gaming Use: 

Productivity is excellent and works well as a daily driver considering the reliability of the LIGHTSPEED wireless technology which reduces the latency to 1ms, essentially on par with a wired gaming mouse at this point. The 5 polytetrafluoroethylene feet underneath the mouse help it glide on any surface without a hitch, including glass and cheap polymer-based mousepads as well.

For the HERO sensor, the G304 performs as well as the much expensive G502 when it comes to sensor accuracy. Having over 15k hours on a game like Counter-Strike, I could not notice the difference between the two mice whatsoever.

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The G304 does not come with a rechargeable battery inside, instead of the packaging ships with a single AA Duracell battery which is supposed to last 250h on Hi-Performance. You can also buy a Triple-A to Double-A converter to put in a triple-A battery which saves weight (Hardcore users only) and brings the overall weight of the mouse to 83g (3g more than the G Pro Wireless which costs $150). I was a skeptic at first at the claimed battery life, however, the mouse did last 240h~ on a Triple-A battery (so expect more than 300h on a Double-A), so clearly Logitech wasn’t pulling a fast one here with their marketing.

logitech g305 wireless mouse top open

Value for Money? Absolutely. Even though the packaging only comes with the USB receiver, an extension cord, the mouse, and a battery, the specs and the ergonomics of the mouse offer more value than any other mouse priced at the $30-$50 range. At first, I only bought this mouse for its wireless capabilities for productivity usage while my G402 would be the gaming choice. In a month’s usage, it has successfully replaced the G402 as my gaming choice of mouse and I haven’t looked back since. People who need to be wary are the ones with big hands or people using claw grip with big hands as it can get quite uncomfortable if the mouse is too small for you.

Verdict :

Coming in at just $40, this mouse is an easy choice for anyone be it a casual user/gamer or a hardcore mouse enthusiast. This is the cheapest price to pay for entering Logitech’s wireless world regarding mice and sure, there are much cheaper wireless mice available at a lower price, but they do not have the Logitech premium finish or build quality and reliability that we have come to expect over the years. A recommended mouse for anyone to try as Logitech has really outdone themselves this time.

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Logitech G304/G305 LIGHTSPEED Review: The Perfect Wireless Gaming MouseLogitech’s new G304 or G305 (depending on the region) wireless gaming mouse might just be the perfect mouse in the entry-medium range as it punches quite above its league with the specs and features it offers. The low price is by no means an...