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Days After Zombie Review: A Game that Keeps You Alert & Engaged

Zombie shoot-em-ups are always fun and a good time-passer. That’s what Days After Zombie Games offers, a simple classic hack and slash game with some MMO elements to gatekeep certain rewards behind progression.

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Plot: The plot of the game is simple: survival. Borrowing elements from desktop AAA games like Minecraft and Ark, it does a good job of simplifying it down for a handheld platform and delivering a solid experience of going through the struggles of first starting a character scavenging for equipment and necessities, ranging from food supply to chopping down trees to procure materials for building a house.

Key Features: 

Provides a good control layout: With a virtual analog stick given for input, the movement feels natural and smooth instead of a clunky mess often encountered with virtual D-pads. All ranges of motion along the axis can be used to move the character which allows for more precise and fine-tuned adjustment of the position required for certain encounters.

Combines MMO with the Survival genre: The survival genre is easy to see in this game as the basic plot is to stay alive and not die for the zombies. What this game does well is integrated certain MMO features like having unique skills such as woodcutting and house-building and having their progression side-by-side to the main character progression, adding a lot of depth and freedom of choice on how to play the game.

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 Not the best by a longshot when compared to other AAA games, but such is the price to pay when a game is free. For a F2P game, the graphics are nothing to scoff at and do not act as an intrusive barrier to the overall gameplay. The simpler graphics also mean that the battery usage is not insane when compared to some other fancy games.

That being said, some of the animations could have been more polished and cleaner and the number of unique animations per swing or chop should have been higher (Again, it’s a F2P game, so these are not to be expected as a given). Watching the same 3 animations over and over when doing a certain activity is never a fun option, however, the range of activities included for a free game is astonishing, which makes up for the lack of depth in other areas.

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Multiplayer and Co-op: 

The only area which could be viewed as the game’s weakest point, is the absence of multiplayer or any social capabilities. Multiplayer features always add another level to the game’s replayability and competitiveness which ultimately results in more fun. The lack of a leaderboard or any other such platform to compare your progress or structures built with your friends is a downside which will hopefully get removed with a later update introducing these features. But for now, there is no multiplayer for this game which can be a good or a bad thing depending upon the person playing.


The basic survival of the character being a given, the game is progressed early on by collecting resources to level up which unlocks a bigger area of the game. After this, it progresses into a sort of mission-based type of game with skills such as woodcutting and crafting, and smithing aiding the player in such needs. Equipment decay is a feature in this game which means that the gear procured won’t last forever and will decay as it is used in missions (from personal experience it lasted only for 1.5-2 missions at best). Based on how the pace of the game plays out, the decay should be slowed down a bit considering the time required to make the gear itself, but the feature being present is an excellent choice that keeps the grind going.

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It is very rare to see a true F2P game where there are no microtransactions as it becomes very hard for the company to upkeep its cost, however, how much the MTX offers to affect and Fastrack the progression does question the game’s credibility when one half of the paying player base breeze through the content while the non-paying player base are stuck grinding the same levels over and over for currency and equipment. Whenever there is a time-based or mission-based lock-in games such as these (Equipment Decay), it can usually be bypassed by microtransactions (MTX), and unfortunately, this game is no different considering it is free-to-play. Microtransactions plague this game a bit too much because even the MTX gears that one might spend 10-15$ on, decays and turns to dust eventually!

The Pros and Cons:


  • Free-to-Play
  • MMO type progression system
  • Graphics are fairly good for F2P
  • Non-linear progression of the game
  • Doesn’t hog the battery
  • Simple controls and gameplay allowing easier access
  • Satisfying crunch sounds when slashing away at the zombies


  • Plagued by MTX and overpriced QoL items
  • Lack of unique animations
  • Lack of Multiplayer or any Social Platform support
  • Can get tedious EXTREMELY fast as materials become scarce very quickly


Days After Zombie Games is not a bad game at all, it has the success formula written all over it considering it combines the classic zombie survival genre with MMO elements. It falls short however in its execution regarding the choice of microtransactions being pushed and their interaction with the core gameplay, as well as setting the artificial difficulty arbitrarily high by making materials a bit too scarce which requires grinding. Overall a very fun game to play and try out, but it has room for lots of improvement regarding its progression pace.

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